A Group Full Of Self Deprecating People

The High Spec Mob, turned the tables on a Deserted Island

Haisupekku Kage kya, Mujintō de Gyakutensuru

Hajime Tamura is a high school sophomore who doesn’t stand out in class.

He has a different sense of values from others, and his words and actions have made him a loner.

One day, he receives confessions from the three most beautiful girls in his high school.

Hajime seriously considers his response and chooses to reject them all, but their confessions are false.

Hajime finds out that it was just a game to see who would be chosen as the “loser,” and he falls into a distrust of women.

However, during a school excursion, a cruise ship sinks in an unfortunate accident. He finds himself adrift on a deserted island, forced to live a life of survival with the beautiful girls who falsely confessed to him.