A Group Full Of Self Deprecating People

cute childhood friend is my ex-sister

When I was reincarnated, my cute childhood friend was a younger sister who died with me. What should I do?

A heartwarming, sisterly romantic comedy. It’s a little awkward story about an ex-sister and an ex-brother who can’t be together due to their ties of being an ex-sibling.

I, Yukiya Ooyama, was killed in a bus accident on the way back from shopping with my sister Risa. When I came to realize, I was given another life as Yukia in a different world, which I guess is called reincarnation. Moreover, the memories of my previous life remain. I gave up when I couldn’t help it, but there was at least one good thing while I’m there. It was my neighbor’s daughter, who was born on the same day as me, she’s cute! I’m lucky to have this childhood friend! And so on and so forth, but then I was confronted with an unexpected fact…