A Group Full Of Self Deprecating People


I’m cohabiting with the most beautiful girl in school, but she’s too much of a yandere!

学校一の美少女と半同棲状態だがヤンデレ過ぎてヤバい!Gakkō ichi no Bishōjo to han Dōsei Jōtai da ga Yandere sugite Yabai! Enomoto Iruka is an ordinary first-year high school student. For some reason, he is living together with Hamamiya Kaya, a beautiful girl who is famous at school. It’s the perfect situation for a high school boy, but Kaya is a complete and […]

I was reincarnated as a creepy fat guy, then trained myself without sleep. And then, for some reason, the heroines start approaching me

キモデブの竿役に転生した俺は、寝取ることはせず、体を鍛える。すると、なぜかヒロインたちが寄ってくるんだけど When I woke up, my body had changed from a thin macho to a highly obese, grossly overweight high school student. This is impossible. I was in despair, but then I realized that I was in the world of an erotic manga I had read long ago. In the story of this world, I, […]

I decided to share a room with my childhood friend

幼なじみとルームシェアする事になりました。。。 My childhood friend Mayo. She is a beautiful girl in the eyes of the general public. But in my eyes she’s just my younger sister. Both of us decided to go to a university far from home and share a room. Both of their parents are close friends and wants to stick them together. […]

cute childhood friend is my ex-sister

転生したら可愛い幼馴染の中身が一緒に死んだ妹だったんだが、俺はどうしたらいい?When I was reincarnated, my cute childhood friend was a younger sister who died with me. What should I do? A heartwarming, sisterly romantic comedy. It’s a little awkward story about an ex-sister and an ex-brother who can’t be together due to their ties of being an ex-sibling. I, Yukiya Ooyama, was killed in a […]

Becoming a God starts from Kingdom Building

In this world, the power of faith is the omnipotent authority. Odin, who accidentally obtained the pseudo-artifact, was able to collect the power to convert beliefs, so Baron Odin, as a small lord, started a conscientious way of farming…