A Group Full Of Self Deprecating People

I was reincarnated as a creepy fat guy, then trained myself without sleep. And then, for some reason, the heroines start approaching me


When I woke up, my body had changed from a thin macho to a highly obese, grossly overweight high school student.

This is impossible. I was in despair, but then I realized that I was in the world of an erotic manga I had read long ago.

In the story of this world, I, a gross fatty, am supposed to hypnotize a kind childhood friend of the handsome protagonist who looks down on me and sleeps with her with all my might.

But I am not a bad person who would commit such a crime.

Okay, I’ll work out and lose weight first.

The protagonist and heroine should live happily ever after.

That’s what I thought.

Why is the heroine bothering me?