A Group Full Of Self Deprecating People


The Case of the Salaryman and His Beautiful Boss

地味な平社員の俺が何故か歳上の美人上司に迫られてる件 This is the story of the daily battles between a plain office worker who wants to separate his work and private life, and his beautiful female superior who has taken a liking to him. How far will he withstand her advances?And how far will she make her advances? Have a look at this romantic […]

My Daughter Is the Final Boss

My daughter destroyed the world. At the end of the divergence, I died helplessly. When I opened my eyes again, my five-year-old daughter was in front of me. Stop Seol-ah Lee’s five misfortunes. (0/5) Chance given once again. If I raise her incorrectly, the world will perish.

Miya-sama ni TS Tensei

宮様にTS転生したけど、第二次大戦が目前の日本で既に詰んでる気がするMiya-sama ni TS tensei shitakedo, dai ni ji taisen ga mokuzen no nippon de sudeni tsunderu ki ga suru https://ncode.syosetu.com/n4960en/ The protagonist TS reincarnated into a royal princess which doesn’t exist in historical fact. In a chaotic era where militarism gained momentum. Sakurako-san struggles to avoid the historical history, even though she is about to […]

Maou Reijou no Kyouiku Gakari

魔王令嬢の教育係 ~勇者学院を追放された平民教師は魔王の娘たちの家庭教師となる~ Frey has been fired from the academy after being set up by his colleague.He receives a job offer from a mysterious maid.The job offer is to be a tutor to the five daughters of the Demon King!At first, they didn’t trust him to be taught by a human, but as he demonstrates his […]

I’m a Realist, but I Get Caught up in a Youthful Romantic Comedy

現実主義者の俺が青春ラブコメに巻き込まれる The main character, Kazuma Sasahara, a realist, leads a rational high school life in order to enter a good university, but he is caught up in various adolescent romantic comedy events. What choice will Kazuma make? And what is it that makes an ideal high school life? The story pursues this question through Kazuma’s […]