A Group Full Of Self Deprecating People

Ryuou-sama no Saikyou Kokka Senryaku ~Ryuhime wo Shitagaeta Moto Ouji wa Skill [Ryuou] no Chikara de Hanki wo Hirugaesu~

竜王様の最強国家戦略 ~竜姫を従えた元王子はスキル【竜王】の力で反旗を翻す~

Adonis, the third prince of the Klondike kingdom (クロンダイグ王国), the largest country on the continent, was troubled. He didn’t had any idea about how to use his skill, which everyone in this world is born with, or how effective it really was.

In the Klondike kingdom, it’s common knowledge that those who cannot use their skills are considered incompetent. Moreover in this world where dragons are already gone and forgotten since a long time, his [Dragon King] skill it’s also treated as a trash skill and labeled as incompetent by both the king and his brothers.

As soon as he becomes an adult, he is banished to the frontier under the pretext of developing the territory.

On that land that has nothing but withered earth and rocks, Adonis is forced to live with his few companions, however he meets there a beautiful red-haired woman called Kalessa (カレッサ), who claims to bea “Dragon Witch”.

And from her, Adonis learns the true worth of his [Dragon King] and how to use it.

“With the power of [Dragon King], you can create or destroy nations as you wish.”

Thus, Adonis used the power of his skill [The Seven Dragons Summoning], as Kalessa taughs him to…

Create an Oasis with the power of the water dragon…
Create a fertile land to start agriculture thanks to the blessings of the earth dragon and wood dragon…
Develop weapons and other stuff thanks to the resources of the golden dragon and the fire dragon…

Using outside the norm methods, he develops the frontier territory into a country that will eventually rival the Klondike kingdom.

Meanwhile, at the Klondike Kingdom that exiled Adonis, the demons that had been suppressed thanks to Adonis [Dragon King] start to become more active, and the Klondike Kingdom starts to fall slowly.

This is an of out of the norm kingdom building story done by an exiled prince.