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  • Chapter 7: Water Dragon

    || TL: miyakriko || In the end Adonis was welcomed by the villagers of Mirmoos all night long, but he fell asleep before dawn and was soon awakened in the early morning. “Ugh… Grant, what’s going on?” “I’m sorry to wake you up, we need to report it to Prince Adonis immediately, the village chief’s […]

  • Chapter 6 – Foolish Choices (Petit Zamaa)

    || TL: miyakriko || Kingdom of Klondike, the royal palace. Prince Verano was feeling irritated in his room. “A monster appeared in the Deral region? Are you sure you’ve confirmed it?” “That’s just the testimony of the villagers…” “Did you consider the possibility that it might just be a regular animal or the work of […]

  • Chapter 5 – The Canal and the Maid

    || TL: miyakriko || In the eastern edge of the Kingdom of Klondike lies the village of Mirmoos, where the village chief’s house is located. “So, I want to connect a canal,” Adonis said seriously, but the village chief Bellwood looked at him with disdainful eyes as if he was crazy. “Are you out of […]

  • Chapter 4 – The Rock Castle

    || TL: miyakriko || “Um… I’m Adonis,” Adonis said, bowing his head to the giant dragon, Tiamat. “Yes, my lord. Anything you need~” Tiamat replied in a relaxed tone that did not match her appearance. Grant and Scosia, who were standing behind Adonis, were frozen in shock. “Hey, I’ve never seen such a huge monster […]

  • Chapter 3 – Summoning the Seven Dragons

    || TL: miyakriko || “Goodness… what an ill-mannered sorcerer. But the precision and power of her magic are not bad. For a human, that is.” Saying so, the red-haired girl who appeared was tall and wore a black pointed hat on her head. She was clad in a tight-fitting black robe that showed off her […]

  • Chapter 2 – The Gravel of Draglake

    || TL: miyakriko || Before Adonis lay a vast expanse of sand and rock. The scorching sun beat down on him, and heat waves shimmered in the distance. “This is… even worse than I expected,” said the muscular man with short, brown hair who stood beside Adonis, sounding exasperated. His body, toned by repeated combat, […]

  • Chapter 1 – Exile

    || TL: miyakriko || Chapter 1: Exile Klondike Kingdom, Throne Room. “So Adonis, you have turned sixteen and become an adult, yet you still cannot use any skills?” The voice that uttered these words belonged to the middle-aged man wearing a crown – King Klondike. Among the three people kneeling before him, the youngest and […]

  • Chapter 54 – Conclusion

    || TL: miyakriko || Facing the man with a steady gaze, I raise my sword. “So you’re serious. It looks like fighting with you would be fun after all… huh!” The man envelops his body with immense magical power. Instantly, he disappears again with swift movement. This time, he’s in front of me! I use […]

  • Chapter 53 – Attack

    || TL: miyakriko || It was a holiday morning, and the day of the exam was approaching. As the exam drew near, the girls trained even harder. But while training was important, rest was equally important. I told them to rest their bodies properly on the holiday. Especially Fia, who was too serious and tended […]

  • Chapter 17 – Rule Britannia

    || TL: Quertzy || [AN: We have cut out the parts that might be problematic.] London, England, May 1937 Good day, ladies and gentlemen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. I, Princess Chichibu Sakurako, a member of the Imperial Family of the Empire of Japan, on behalf of all people of […]

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