A Group Full Of Self Deprecating People

I Ended Up Staying In My Sister’s Room As Punishment, And I Became A Siscon.


As a punishment, the main character, who has a bad lifestyle, spends his time in his diligent sister’s room.

The main character opposes this punishment because she cares about her sister, but she is surprisingly welcoming.

“I’m with my sister 24/7”

TL: Haha, yes. It’s me, Oayo, and I’m back again with another incest imouto series to tl, which I assure you it’s totally wholesome and family-friendly.. hehe. Thank you Akamatsu Noa-sensei for this peak fiction

Chapter 1: The Punishment Begins

Chapter 2: Is My Sister A Brocon?

Chapter 3: Sister Who Got Out Of Bath Is Erotic

Chapter 4: First Night In My Little Sister Misaki’s Room