Category: — I Ended Up Staying In My Sister’s Room As Punishment, And I Became A Siscon

  • Chapter 4: First Night In My Little Sister Misaki’s Room

    TL: Oayo After turning off the light in my little sister Misaki’s room, I enter the futon quietly.  …I’m not sleepy yet, it’s still 21:30  Usually, I sleep way after midnight… Staying with Misaki like this is a punishment mom gave me. “Onii-chan, sorry. You’re not used to sleeping early, aren’t you?” All of this […]

  • Chapter 3: Sister Who Got Out Of Bath Is Erotic

    TL: Oayo I stayed in my little sister Misaki’s room, and the person herself is still in the bath.   “A girl who just got out of the bath is erotic”, is something I had in mind, but the person I referred to is my sister. This line of thought is definitely out of line. It’s […]

  • Chapter 2: Is My Sister A Brocon?

    Mom gave me a punishment, and that was I have to stay in my sister Misaki’s room. But this girl… why didn’t she refuse? I didn’t ask so I couldn’t understand it at all. I enter Misaki’s room. When was the last time I enter this room, I wonder? I don’t find any cute stuff […]

  • Chapter 1: The Punishment Begins

    TL: oayo After making up my mind, I left my room and headed toward the living room. I know mom is going to be mad about this. I am somewhat prepared for that.  To be honest, my daily habit isn’t good. I used to stay up late, so I’m often late for school. My homework […]