Category: The High Spec Mob, turned the tables on a Deserted Island

  • Chapter 6

    Translator: Tori As soon as Uemura spotted me, he put his arm around my shoulder and said “Hey, hey, hey, don’t stare at me like that. We are going to live together for survival, aren’t we? Just take it easy on me. By the way, you didn’t tell Murama-sensei about that, did you? I’m actually […]

  • Chapter 5

    Translator: Tori “……ra-kun, Tamura-kun!” “Ha!” Someone’s call brings me back from the dream world. I woke up to find Muruma-sensei there, shaking me with a desperate look on her face. “Sen…sei…?” “Thank God! You finally woke up.” “Wait!” As soon as she saw that I was conscious, she hugged me tightly. The first time I […]

  • Chapter 4

    Translator: Tori I rush to Uemura’s room with life jackets for four people in my hands. The corridor is already filled with seawater. It’s only a matter of time before we sink. I’m not sure why I’m doing this to those guys. I’ve been thinking about it over and over again. I’ve got the room […]

  • Chapter 3

    Translator: Tori I stuff the life jackets into a bag and go back and forth to my classmates’ rooms as much as possible. I usually don’t get a good response: some people snicker, some feel bad, and some give me a hard time. But I don’t care. This is not the time to be concerned. […]

  • Chapter 2

    Translator: Tori Immediately after the crew’s announcements are made. With a tremendous roar, the ship begins to tip heavily. “””Kyaaaah!!!””” The screams of the female students were heard. I saw an unbelievable scene. “The ship is tilting. It’s really incredible!” “Let’s take a commemorative photo. It’s not often you get to experience something like this!” […]

  • Chapter 1

    Translator: Tori “I’m so glad you’re here. That Tamura guy is really funny, isn’t he? No matter what anyone thinks, it’s a false confession. What’s with the “I’m sorry. I’m glad you guys like me, but I can’t do it.” How can such a shy guy be popular?” [TL/N: First line and I already hate […]