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  • Chapter 10: Bless the writer who created the character that she is.

    || TL: Tori || “No, Maririn-chan was really an angel last night, wasn’t she?” “She wasn’t an angel. She was more of a devil.” The three of us got together and talked about what happened at the maid café yesterday while going under the main gate of the school in a friendly manner. Of course, […]

  • Chapter 9: Identity of the Maid

    || TL: Tori || Made Cafe・Madeream “So many people.” “Well, it’s a well-known chain.” The maid cafe Madeream was established about a year ago and is close to my house, so Manabu and I have been frequenting this place. It was originally my plan to spend the summer holidays here with Manabu and talk with […]

  • Chapter 8: Promise

    || TL: Tori | We set up in our usual quiet little spot, getting ready to eat lunch. But first, I decided to ask the two of them what was bothering them. “So, what was it like?” “”Scary.”” Manabu, a diligent student, looked dejected, and Keisuke, a communication disordered kid, looked anxious. Something must have […]

  • Chapter 7: I’m not a Freak Anymore

    || TL: Tori || Normally, summer vacation would be over as I devote myself to video games, anime, and idols, and I’d be heading off to school with everyone giving me bleak looks as I got fatter and fatter……. “Hey, who are those three hot guys?” “Well, they look like sophomores in their uniforms, but […]

  • Chapter 6: She is looking Forward to it

    || TL: Tori || The moment the words uttered by the fashionably dressed Kanzaki entered my ears, my body froze. To Kanzaki, I was merely a kimmo fatty in the same class, but she had definitely mentioned my name. So I turned on my heel again and faced Kanzaki. “Y-yo ……it’s been a while…….” I […]

  • Chapter 5: Bad Role

    || TL: Tori || One day left until the end of summer vacation. I have been really busy with Manabu and Keisuke, doing homework at a tremendous pace, then getting my hair cut at a hair salon and buying school uniforms and other things. Today, I am coming to the shopping mall alone, not with […]

  • Chapter 4: Summer Vacation Results

    || TL: Tori || The exercise began for us. In the morning when it is relatively cool, we do aerobic exercise outside; in the hot afternoon, we do muscle training at home; and in the evening, we have a review meeting. At first glance, the routine I set up seemed harsh, but I knew it […]

  • Chapter 3: Start of the Intensive Training

    || TL: Tori || Summer vacation is here. “Hey, h-honey……l-look at my Tatsumi……H-He is working out with two of his friends…..” “Oh, you really don’t know what life is like. …… I was worried he was going to stop going to school.” “We’ll do our best to support our Tatsumi!” “Of course.” I used to […]

  • Chapter 2: Someone that I don’t like

    || TL: Tori || I’m having lunch with two of my regular companions (a scrawny, too-thin, hard-working guy and a communication disordered, negative person) at our usual inconspicuous, secluded spot. “Tatsumi.” “Hmm?” After eating his lunch, which his mother seems to have made for him, Tsutomu shines his glasses in a circular motion and speaks […]

  • Chapter 1: When I realized I had become a creepy fatty

    || TL: Tori || I died. Looking back, it was a short life. But I have no regrets. I have no childhood friends or loved ones. My parents passed away a long time ago, so I was just scraping by on my inheritance and salary, but my life ended when I was hit by a […]