Category: My Daughter Is the Final Boss

  • Chapter 11

    Translator: Acteus | PR: celutic Golden holiday. Lee Jae-hwan got up earlier than usual. Today was the day his son, Lee Seo-joon, came. It is said that his son, who had never contacted him before, suddenly called. He gave him a phone call, but he probably had something to do. Tick tock, tick tock. He […]

  • Chapter 10

    Translator: Acteus “It’s trash.” “It seems so.” Mimic was full of all sorts of junk. Junks that were in very bad condition, all kinds of junk. Eun-hye was visibly disappointed, and Cheol-yi rummaged through the inside of the plate with the Mimic open. “Everyone expected treasure, but it’s always junk.” Even if you pick something […]

  • Chapter 9

    Translator: Acteus | [not yet edited] His eyes met with Eun-hye. He knew that Seol-ah used magic. But according to Eun-hye, it’s because of her losing control of her emotions She said she had never used magic of his own will. What do you mean, you can feel Mana? “Seol-ah you can feel mana?” “Yes, […]