Category: My Cute Childhood Friend

  • Chapter 17 – The storm has ended

    Translator: oayo That stormy night has ended, and a calm morning has arrived. Sleep-deprived, I’m being held tightly on both arm sides, my body is paralyzed.  I have a mental age of a high school student, although I have no lust towards these two who are looking like 10 years old kids, I’m starting to […]

  • Chapter 16 – If you think about it carefully… 

    Translator: oayo While wiping her wet hair, Murina approached us. “Nii-sama, did something happen?” She tilted her head and stared into my eyes. Is she suspecting something? She’s sharp. Right now, I don’t know what to say as I looked at Lilishella’s trace of tears.  “No, nothing happ-… Did you see anything?” Am I showing […]

  • Chapter 15 – For the first time in this world 

    Translator: oayo After the horrifying dinner time, Murina is taking a bath and Lilishella is cleaning up. Lilishella told me to sit down for the time being, so I sat while reading a book with one hand.  Seriously, being swayed by these two sisters is enough to ruin my body’s health.  “Now, if my dad […]

  • Chapter 14 – Thunder from outside and sparks from within 

    Translator:oayo Even though Murina’s reincarnation is now revealed, we decided to put off any further relevant talks, Lilishella somehow puts up with it and helps prepare our dinner.  With the plate and fork carried to the dining table, I’m getting excited. It has been a while since I have eaten pasta! …but that merry feelings […]

  • Chapter 13 – Lilishella’s monologue (Side: Lilishella) 

    Translator: oayo After that incident, I, Lilishella, was born in this world.  And I had a question. I wonder why I was born with Risa’s memory My new life isn’t bad, but whenever I remember my previous family that I loved, I felt sad, and naturally I spilled tears. Seeing me cry, my parents tried […]

  • Chapter 12 – Don’t tell me…

    Translator: oayo | Proofreader TheDoru “What? What happened?” Did Murina make something weird and waste the ingredients? I panicked and headed toward the kitchen.  I saw the thing that was in front of Murina, who was holding a kitchen knife. It was white, flat, and thin, next to it was a well-cut noodle-like product. “What’s […]

  • Chapter 11 – The beginning rain

    Translator: oayo | Proofreader: TheDoru On the day when my parents went away. Despite the early morning rain, our parents took Cies and Lilishella’s parents out early in the morning. They didn’t say anything noteworthy when they left, as if they weren’t worried about their children. I believe it would be better if they at […]

  • Chapter 10 – Yukia and his two sisters

    Translator: oyao | Proofreader: celutic I know Murina is cute. No, I definitely believe she’s cute, I said this even though she’s my relative. Ignoring a few flaws within her personality, she’s a perfect girl.  And she’s not my biological sister, she’s my cousin by blood. There’s no problem if I want to marry her […]

  • Chapter 9 – Lilihshella’s wicked scheme

    Translator: oayo | Proofreader: celutic I’m worried  Lilishella is aware of Murina’s brother complex. No doubt about it.  But even if I know that, I still don’t quite understand it. For all the things she does to encourage Murina’s brocon tendencies, she still checks on her to ensure she doesn’t get too close to me.  […]

  • Chapter 8 – Murina is scary

    Translator: oayo | Proofreader: celutic If I think about this calmly, no one would seriously consider a nine-year-old child saying “I’m your girlfriend”.  I have no idea what Lilishella was thinking, but I don’t feel like being swayed around by her, so maybe I should assume she was just teasing me.  She’s already been like […]