Category: I’m Cohabiting With The Most Beautiful Girl In School, But She’s Too Much of a Yandere!

  • Chapter 3: Peaceful discussion with Yura Kanase (First Part)

    || TL: Draco || Iruka returned to class in the middle of the sixth period, said a few words to the teacher and sat on his seat in the middle row by the window. I was never told anything about the counseling. By the way, Kaya, who went to the classroom first, is not here […]

  • Chapter 2: Hamamiya Kaya is a yandere.

    Translator: Tori Because of his concussion, Gotou was able to accompany him, but Iruka’s gait was so steady that it seemed as if he really didn’t need any assistance. The fact that Iruka was not injured in any way was a blessing in disguise, Gotou breathed a sigh of relief in her chest. “I hope […]

  • Chapter 1: Me and Her-Epilogue

    Translator: Tori I would even give my life for xx. If I were a person who could say such a thing with impunity, would anything have changed? No. I am sure nothing would have changed. I cannot change, and nothing can be changed. I am always fed up with my helplessness, and something breaks. Something […]