Category: I’m a Realist, But I Get Caught up in a Youthful Romantic Comedy

  • [Chapter1] Morning Routine

    Translator: Tori *beep-beep-beep-beep-beep-beep*  [T/N: basically this ピピピー, I don’t get onomatopoeia much.] I open my eyes at this slightly annoying sound, just enough to wake me from sleep, before reaching for the source of the sound, my smartphone. I pick up that smartphone and press the stop button on the screen to stop it. Nowadays, […]

  • Prologue: What is the ideal high school life?

    Translator: Tori What do you imagine an ideal high school life would be like? Club activities in which students sweat through hard work, give it their all, sometimes compete with their friends, encourage and cooperate with them, and share the thrill of victory they have achieved. Confessing your feelings to the girl you like, getting […]