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  • Chapter 54 – Conclusion

    || TL: miyakriko || Facing the man with a steady gaze, I raise my sword. “So you’re serious. It looks like fighting with you would be fun after all… huh!” The man envelops his body with immense magical power. Instantly, he disappears again with swift movement. This time, he’s in front of me! I use […]

  • Chapter 53 – Attack

    || TL: miyakriko || It was a holiday morning, and the day of the exam was approaching. As the exam drew near, the girls trained even harder. But while training was important, rest was equally important. I told them to rest their bodies properly on the holiday. Especially Fia, who was too serious and tended […]

  • Chapter 52 – Sleeping Together

    || TL: miyakriko || “Phew… it’s about time to go to bed.” At night, after finishing preparations for the next day in my room, a comfortable drowsiness crept up on me. As I stood up from my chair and headed towards my bed, the entrance door was knocked on a few times. Before I could […]

  • Chapter 51 – Indecent Books

    || TL: miyakriko || She threw out a word that makes Isuna realize what her weapon was, abandoning her dignity. “What are you talking about…all of a sudden?” However, it didn’t seem to reach her properly, as she looked slightly puzzled. Even for Isuna, who’s usually very composed, being told directly seemed to make her […]

  • Chapter 50 – The Second Daughter’s Talent

    || TL: miyakriko || The morning after moving a large amount of books into Fia’s room “I never would have thought that airheaded girl had such talent.” “We still don’t know for sure.” Isuna and I are sitting on a bench, watching the ongoing training. I had told Fia last night that her ability was […]

  • Chapter 49 – Genius Strategist

    || TL: miyakriko || “Fia, you’re amazing!” Isna’s voice echoes in the room, as Fia stands there, still stunned. Finally, the tense air in the room dissipates. “But I lost…” “What are you talking about? You’ve only played a few times and you pushed me this far. I never thought you had such talent.” “Talent… […]

  • Maou Reijou – Chapter 48

    || TL: miyakriko || “uh-? Isuna-neesan?” Fia peeks at her sister’s face in front of her meanwhile, Isuna seems to be frozen in place her tail too she stares at the board with wide eyes “mo…” “mo?” “one more time! i held back too much in this match!” Isuna extends her finger and challenges FIa […]

  • Maou Reijou – Chapter 47

    || TL: miyakriko || “i’m screwed…” on a night off, i groaned in my room after bragging to look cool, i still haven’t found Fia’s talent there’s not much time left until the exam while not everything is all about the exam, it’s true that if they don’t pass it, there’s a good chance they […]

  • Maou Reijou – Chapter 46

    || TL: miyakriko || the next morning after listening to Fia during morning practice i offered Fia that i’d teach her one on one for a while same as i did with Femu however, Fia declined saying she shouldn’t take up my time instead focus on San and Femu i accepted and respected her choice […]

  • Maou Reijou – Chapter 45

    || TL: miyakriko || “Fia, whats up why are you up at this hour?” i greet the second girl who came to visit me at this hour as soon as i opened the door, her face appeared as i expected from her voice “well… i wanted to talk with sensei about something…” “talk about something? […]