Chapter 11 – Experimental Farm

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Draglake – formerly known as the Rock Castle and now called the “Great Tree Castle” – was located near the Experimental Farm.

“Prince Adonis… what is this?”

The young man named Luke, who had been elected as the new village chief of Mirmoos Village through the votes of the villagers, could not find words to express his amazement.

“This is an experimental farm where we cultivate vegetables and grains that can grow even in this region’s weather conditions,”

Adonis explained, spreading his arms with a smile. Beyond him, fields supplied with water from a mesh-like waterway connected to a central spring stretched out.

What was particularly distinctive was that trees were lined up at regular intervals around the outside of the fields, and the branches that grew out of them arched over the opposite side to cover the entire field like a natural roof – a column and roof structure, as Luke saw it.

Thanks to this natural roof, the scorching sunlight was mitigated, and the temperature inside was so suitable that it did not feel like it was in the middle of a desert.

And various types of vegetables, fruits, and plants that looked like grains were planted in the fields.

For the villagers of Mirmoos, who were plagued by drought, lack of sunlight, and above all, water shortages, this was an unbelievable sight.

“But… it hasn’t even been a week yet,”

Luke said, he had heard about the Experimental Farm from Adonis beforehand, but that was at the time of his appointment as village chief a week ago, and he never thought he would be shown results so quickly.

Somewhere in his heart, Luke still didn’t fully believe in this prince, but he could finally feel that the prince was truly determined to develop this barren land.

“My subordinates are hard workers. They are currently researching which types are most suitable for production… but this takes time. However, we believe that some of the types are already ready for mass production,”

Adonis said, showing Luke some ears of a certain plant. It looked like wheat, but the grains were much smaller and more numerous on each ear.

“What is this…?”

“This is a grain called Sorukam. It is a plant that grows in the desert regions of the Destruction Continent and is strong, nutritious, and can also grow in the environment of Draglake,”

It was a plant that could be reproduced thanks to the knowledge of Scosia and the power of Yggdrasil. The Destruction Continent was a continent located south of this Erya continent, with a harsh environment and different values and culture of sub-human races that had rejected human advance.

People called it the Destruction Continent, which meant “the land that the gods destroyed.” There were very few people who had knowledge about it, and without Scosia, a rare collector of books, they would not have been able to obtain information about it.

“Is this a crop that can also grow in this land!?”

Adonis nods in surprise.

“Yes. It’s thanks to the efforts of my subordinates.”

Through this research, Adonis had learned a little about the characteristics of dragons. While they certainly possess immense power, there is something lacking in them. For example, if he were to suggest something like this to them, they would be able to make it happen quickly if it is possible. However, there were never any suggestions from them like, “How about this?”

When he asked Yggdrasil if there were any crops that grow in this land, she replied, “I think there are, but I don’t know their names or characteristics, so I can’t reproduce them.” However, when he talked about Sorukam, which he had learned from Scosia’s knowledge, she immediately grew it in front of him.

Adonis realized once again that the power of dragons is all-encompassing but it depends on how you use it, and that you need to have the ability to control them. It’s strange that they are overly eager to act autonomously only when it comes to hostile acts against them, though…

“By the way, doesn’t Mirmoos village buys all of its grain and other food from the lord of this Sariel region?”

This was one of the food situations in Mirmoos village that Grant and Taretto had investigated over the past week.

“Yes… Because hardly any crops grow in this land. Only grass that can be used as livestock feed grows around the village, but even that is only enough for self-sufficiency and can’t be called an industry. So, we sell salt and ore excavated from the salt mine and ore mines near the village to the lord and buy food such as grain in exchange.”

“But it seems like we are being looked down upon quite a bit.”

This information was also obtained by Adonis through the Taretto. The representative of the village, who goes to the city of Sarieldo, where the local lord lives, every month as a merchant, complained while drinking. He said that they were buying salt and ore at less than half the market price and selling food at more than double the price.

“Yes… In the first place, even though this is a village in the wilderness, the lord of Sariel and the capital city interfere excessively. When I tried to sell salt secretly in a different land before, I was immediately caught and suffered a terrible punishment,”

Luke shook his head vigorously, as if he didn’t want to remember.

“As with the previous village chief and all the former village chiefs, this village was a convenient place for the royal family. So they kept it neither developed or in decline, and kept it as a captive. However, I’m different. I plan to build a large city centered around Draglake. And of course, I want Milmoose Village to be the foundation of it. After all… we are outsiders”

“That’s… quite a dream… but is it possible? Several villagers were executed as an example just for going against the lord before. I’m honestly scared that the same thing will happen again,”

Luke said anxiously, and Adonis tightened his face and made this statement.

“Leave it to me. We will protect this land and Mirmoos Village as well. So let’s declare independence from the Sariel lord, no, from the Klondike Kingdom,”

he declared with a loud voice, and Luke nodded silently.

They were tired of living only to be exploited.

That was the wish of everyone who lived in Mirmoos Village, and it would come true in the near future through Adonis’ efforts.






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