Chapter 8 – Summoning of the Seven Dragons [Wood]

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Draglake – The Rock Mansion.

“I see… that’s how it is,” said Calessa with a smile at the entrance to the Rock Mansion.

“Yes, that’s why I wanted to learn how to summon the next of the seven dragons,”

Adonis said, seeing Calessa understand the situation upon seeing Adonis and Tiamat, who had come this far riding the Water Dragon.

“What about that big guy and the little one?”

“Grant, Scotia, and Taretto were left in the village. There’s something we need to be a little cautious about”

“The king’s assassins are coming, right?”

Adonis nodded at Calessa’s prediction.

“Yes. It seems they were not satisfied with just exiling me and were secretly trying to eliminate me,”

“That’s foolish. I wonder if it’s okay to just sink the entire capital into the water,”

Tiamat ominously said, causing Adonis to smile wryly.

“We can’t sacrifice innocent people. Anyway, Taretto predicted that the assassins would come tonight or tomorrow, so I have asked everyone to prepare a little something,”

Calessa nodded in agreement with Adonis’s words.

“It’s a good idea to use the Water Dragon Lusalka as a means of transportation for the canal and as a guard”

“It was Tiamat’s suggestion,”

“I suggested it because Master asked if I could do something like that. Besides, my power is Master’s power. I can boast about it without worrying,” Tiamat said.

“Hahaha, thank you, Tiamat”

Watching them, Calessa narrowed her eyes, It seems that Tiamat was able to handle the dragon without any problems. With that in mind, Calessa extended her hand to Adonis.

“Well, since you have used Tiamat so beautifully, I will unlock the summoning of the seven dragons for you,”

A faint light emanated from her hand and enveloped Adonis’s head. Then, the names of the six dragons and the incantations to summon them echoed in Adonis’s mind.

“This is…”

“Now, you can summon all the dragons. However, if you use the Seven Dragon Summon recklessly, you will end up destroying yourself… so use it carefully. Call them one by one and assess their abilities and personalities before calling the next one. There was a fool who tried to summon all the remaining dragons at once and caused a huge disaster in the past”

“That’s so nostalgic~. Thanks to that, one continent disappeared, and four more were created~”


A continent disappeared… and four more were created? He had never heard of such a history. Calessa smirked, seeming to have read Adonis’s thoughts.

“The history you know is only the last few pages of the history book,” Calessa said.

“I see… I’ll keep that in mind”

“Alright then… well, I’ll be heading off now”

Calessa said as she placed her hand on Adonis’ shoulder. Adonis was surprised that she was leaving when there were still many things he wanted her to teach him.

“Huh? W-wait, where are you going?”

“My job here is done for now. I have something else I need to do… well, see you later,”

Calesa walked off towards the desert without another word.

“Wait, Calessa-san!”

Adonis shouted after her.

“Thank you so much! The next time we meet, I’ll definitely… become a splendid dragon king!”

Calessa didn’t respond to his words, but Adonis could hear a voice in his ear saying “Do your best.”


“Well then… shall we summon Yggdrasil? Just to be sure, when it appears, it won’t do anything flashy again, will it?”

Adonis asked Tiamat nervously, and she chuckled.

“Hahaha… I think it’ll be fine… probably.”

“I’m not so sure… well, at worst, I’m the only one who will be affected here, so it’s okay…”

That was also the reason why he returned to this base to perform the summoning. If something similar happened to what happened with Tiamat, Mirmoos Village would not escape unscathed.

“I will protect my lord, so rest assured~”

“Got it. Let’s get started then.”

With those words, Adonis aimed his Sage’s Staff at the ground and began his incantation.

“Oh mighty tree that supports the world, with your deep green branches and thick roots that strike the heavens and earth.”

As Adonis spoke, a green emblem appeared on the back of his right hand.

“Answer my call, based on the covenant of nine and three.”

Light overflowed from the staff through his hand, forming a single fruit…

“Seven Dragons Summoning… appear before us―― Yggdrasil!”

As the fruit fell to the ground, light overflowed from the earth, and new buds began to sprout one after another. They grew at an unimaginable speed, intertwining with each other and reaching towards the sky. Then, they spread their branches horizontally…

“This is… on a completely different scale.”

In front of Adonis stood a gigantic tree that had grown to swallow up the Rock Castle. Its branches and leaves covered the entire area around their base, and thanks to this, the sunlight that had been shining so brightly was now dimmed, making it feel cool with the water from the canal.

And slowly, the massive trunk began to transform into the face of a dragon, and its eyes opened.

“Mmm, it feels like it’s been a while since I’ve sensed someone!”

Despite its huge appearance, the voice was that of a young girl, and Adonis immediately realized that it was the voice of Yggdrasil.

“You are Yggdrasil, right? I am Adonis, your master.”

Adonis smiled as he spoke, and Yggdrasil slowly nodded, causing the enormous tree above them to sway.

“My master… in other words… my big brother! I am the Wood Dragon Yggdrasil! It’s a long name, so feel free to call me Ygg!”

“Oh, your big brother? Well, never mind that. Nice to meet you, Ygg. By the way, is this tree your body?”

“That’s right! But if you think about it, you could say that all the plants in this world are Yggdrasil!”

“I see…”

Adonis pondered as he looked at the giant tree that had swallowed up the Rock Castle. He thought it would be perfect for shading, so he wanted to leave it as it was if possible. The Rock Castle itself was unharmed, and it seemed to have grown stronger thanks to being surrounded by roots and trunks.

“Ygg, can you stay like this and transform into a human form as well?”

“Of course! Ygg-chan, transformation!”

With those words, the dragon’s face on the trunk disappeared, and instead, a short girl appeared before Adonis. She was a beautiful girl with green hair cut short, wearing a dress made of plant leaves, vines, and flowers, with fruit-like earrings on her ears.

“Ygg-chan, human mode! Nice to meet you again, big brother!”

“Hahaha… Nice to meet you again, Ygg.”

Adonis couldn’t help but loosen up at her innocent and lively demeanor. He had always secretly longed for a younger sibling, and he was terribly weak when it came to children.

“Hehehe, this time big brother looks kind and reliable! Oh, Tiamat is here too!”

“Long time no see, Yuguyugu.”

“Yeah! Sorry about killing you last time?”

“That hurt a lot~”

“Will it be okay this time?”

“Let’s trust our master~”

Adonis tried not to think too much about the dangerous conversation they were having, as he realized that taking every word of the dragons seriously would be too much for his heart to handle.

“Now then, Ygg. I want you to make a wooden ship that can be pulled by a water dragon for transporting goods and people.”

“Got it, I’ll do my best!”

“Also, can you make it so that plants, especially vegetables and grains, can be grown in the surrounding area?”

“Well, with Tiamat around, there’s nothing we can’t do. Although the variety may be limited.”

“Hehehe, I wonder what we’ll do next, my lord~”

Tiamat smiled happily, and Adonis answered with a smile as well.

“We have a base now. We’ve secured water. So, next is of course… land development and agriculture!”






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