Chapter 4: First Night In My Little Sister Misaki’s Room

TL: Oayo

After turning off the light in my little sister Misaki’s room, I enter the futon quietly. 

…I’m not sleepy yet, it’s still 21:30 

Usually, I sleep way after midnight…

Staying with Misaki like this is a punishment mom gave me.

“Onii-chan, sorry. You’re not used to sleeping early, aren’t you?”

All of this happened because of my fault, and you’re still worried about me…?

“Don’t worry about me. This is on me” 

If I had lived an earnest and orderly life, this wouldn’t have happened.

“…onii-chan, do you want to return to your room?”


Considering Misaki’s room situation, I couldn’t bring my game console here.

That’s why I can’t play any game today, I feel a little unsatisfied.. 

And it’s also dissatisfying that I couldn’t play my song at a loud volume since now I’m worried about the sound leaking through the walls. 

“As expected,… of course…”

She said that in a somewhat somber tone. 

“You don’t want this too, right? Me staying in this room…”

Even though she said she had no problem with this, she will change her mind in the long run. 

…come to think of it, mom didn’t say anything about the duration of the punishment. 

Does it depend on my lifestyle improvement?

“That’s not the case. Exactly because we’re staying together like this that I can talk a lot with onii-chan for the first time in a long while. While you’re here in this room, let’s chat a lot more, okay?” 

I don’t know how much of that are her real feelings, but what she said made me feel happy. 

With this punishment as a trigger, I should probably reform to be a better person as well.

“Onii-chan. It’s time for me to…”

Did she reach her limit of drowsiness? Guess I have to let her sleep. 

“Is that so, well, good night”

But I still don’t feel like sleeping…

“Yea…, good night”

After that talk had passed, I could hear Misaki’s breathing as she sleeps away…

Although I couldn’t sleep, I can’t let her be woken up by the sound of me turning and tossing around. 

Even if making as many moves as possible is my motto, I begin to close my eyes and wait until I fell asleep…

“…onii-chan, onii-chan, wake up”

Misaki’s shaking my body. 

In the end, I could somehow sleep after all? I remember I closed my eyes for a long time…

“Wake up, please~”

She said that while stripping my futon away from me. 

The warm feeling that futon gave me was escaping all at once…

From that alone, there’s no reason for me to continue sleeping 

However, I’m still sleepy. My body is sluggish, and while trying to open my eyes–

“If you’re not waking up, I’m going to do a prank on you ♡”

A prank? Just as I’m trying to understand that, something touches my crotch. 

“What the?!”

I was attacked by an unexpected sensation and I woke up right away. 

“Good morning, onii-chan. Finally, you’re awake”

“Oi-oi, that prank was way too far, don’t you think?”

While it’s still covered by my pants, I feel like this is way past the limits.

“I saw it grows big, so I can’t help but touch it ♡”

…I had a morning wood. Misaki was curious, so it can’t be helped…? 

“In case you’re having trouble waking up, then am I allowed to touch you in various places as well?”

I asked her that as a simple joke. 

She touched me now because I had trouble waking up. So in retrospect, it should be fine for me as well. 

“Of course, it’s fine. UnIess, I get up earlier” 

I will take those words to heart. Shall I make a payback to her later sometime?


Together with Misaki, we exited the room to the living room, the breakfast is already prepared on the table. Mine and Misaki’s tableware had distinctive colors so there was no chance to make a mistake. 

“Misaki. How was Shou yesterday?”

Mom was asking about my lifestyle changes.  

“There was no problem. He slept around the same time as I was” 

“I see, Shou was able to wake up at this time because he slept at the same time as Misaki. Can you continue this from now on?”

Although she woke me up, what I did this time was thanks to the earlier bedtime. If I sleep at my usual time, clearly I wouldn’t be able to move away from my futon…

“Of course” 

I don’t think it’s going to end only in one day anyway so this much development is expected. 

“If Misaki goes to school by herself, Shou might fall asleep again, so I’d be happy if you two went to school together…”

Mom… You’re too worried! 

Misaki and I go to the same high school. That’s why we could go together, but it’s not necessary. When we’re going to school, please let me be alone…

“That’s great! Onii-chan, can we?”

Misaki’s looking at me with upturned eyes. 

Just by looking at those eyes, I can’t refuse, can I?


“Yatta ♪”

She said so with a smiling face. Is she that delighted? 

This girl, she’s like a spoiled child, isn’t she… Looks like there are still childish parts in her.


After breakfast, I went back to my room to change clothes. 

It’s my own room, but I enter the room only when I change clothes or when I had to bring my personal belongings into Misaki’s room.

If I took my change of clothes as well, then there wouldn’t be enough space in her room. 

It can’t be helped.

When this punishment ended, I could finally say goodbye to this inconvenience…

I’m ready to go to school and I head to the entrance, Misaki’s already waiting. 

“Well then, shall we go? ♪ Onii-chan? ♪”


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