Chapter 3: Sister Who Got Out Of Bath Is Erotic

TL: Oayo

I stayed in my little sister Misaki’s room, and the person herself is still in the bath.  

“A girl who just got out of the bath is erotic”, is something I had in mind, but the person I referred to is my sister. This line of thought is definitely out of line. It’s not something I normally would’ve imagined. 


…the door is open, Misaki who just got out of bath is entering the room.

And as expected, I can smell the pleasant smell of her shampoo.

Just from that smell alone, it wouldn’t be strange for me to get infatuated to her. 

But because she’s my sister, I’m holding myself back so much. 

Even though she’s my little sister, just leaving the bath like that is erotic.

If it weren’t for my punishment, I probably wouldn’t be able to experience this in my entire life. 

For the first time, I’m grateful for getting a punishment. 


Misaki who just entered the room is currently stepping over my futon, then she sits on the chair over the study desk. She pulls out a small mirror and something that looks like a lotion. 

Skin lotion or skin milk, or something like that…

I look from over a distance, so I’m not entirely sure what she is applying to herself

“Onii-chan, what’s wrong?”

Misaki said so over her mirror while using her lotion. 

“No, it’s just…, you’re using that now, huh…”

The way I see it, she looks like an adult. 

I don’t think a high school freshman would need to do that… 

“Obviously. This much is normal”

Really…? Girls are having it tough. 

“Onii-chan… you’re not doing this, aren’t you?” 

I asked the obvious, so it’s natural for her to think that. 


“I think you should do this as well. I heard boy’s skin could turn rough quickly if they don’t use something like moisturizer” 

“Is that so…”

Having my a-year younger sister teaches me about skin, is kinda sad to think about. 


“Onii-chan, what do you usually do in your room?”

She said so while applying the lotion

“That was sudden, why ask?”

“Because onii-chan, except for mealtime you’re always in your room. And while eating, mom told you to be silent…  We don’t talk since we were kids, so I’m just curious”

Misaki’s unexpectedly interested in my private life.

“Rolling around on my futon while playing the tablet like what I’m doing right now, playing games or reading manga. Other than that…, maybe listening to music” 

“I could hear onii-chan’s music from my room, you know”

“Eh really?! If so, you should’ve told me that…”

I didn’t know the sound was leaking… 

“I didn’t want to bother onii-chan. And also, the sound didn’t leak that bad” 

If I were in Misaki’s position, I would’ve complained about it. 

But this girl is still worried about me…

Misaki has finished applying her skin lotion or body milk and she wiped her hand with a towel. After that, she took a manga from the bookshelf and start reading from her bed. 

…right. About that manga, should I ask her about it? 

She’s reading the same manga that I’ve read before. 

I glance at Misaki, she’s reading intensely on that manga. I don’t think this is the right time to ask.



Misaki yawns cutely. 

“Onii-chan, I’m going to sleep, okay”

After returning that manga to the bookshelf, she went back to her bed. 

I wonder what time it is, I checked immediately… It’s still 21:30.

The night is yet to come, but mom strictly told me to follow Misaki’s example. 

Then, if Misaki has to sleep, I can’t help but to follow along. 

“Okay then. Should I turn off the light?”


The room turned pitch black, but I’m not sleepy at all. I still feel like an intruder in Misaki’s room… This is going to be a long night…


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