Chapter 2: Is My Sister A Brocon?

Mom gave me a punishment, and that was I have to stay in my sister Misaki’s room. But this girl… why didn’t she refuse?

I didn’t ask so I couldn’t understand it at all.

I enter Misaki’s room. When was the last time I enter this room, I wonder?

I don’t find any cute stuff in there, it looks similar to my simple room. 

Thanks for that, staying in the room wouldn’t be a problem 

“Misaki. Why didn’t you refuse mom’s order?”

“Because I don’t have reasons to refuse” 

“You don’t have reasons… to refuse?”

“Yeah. Unless for times like this, I don’t get to spend much time with onii-chan, right?”

Spending time together with me…? Compared to when we were kids, we certainly have less time to meet and talk. It’s more fun to shut yourself up in your room and play games or listen to music 

“You’re saying it as if it’s a good thing, but what about when you have to change clothes or have a call? We’re in the same room, so it’s easy for me to hear and see things” 

If by any chance the honest and honored student Misaki didn’t notice that, then I’ll have to tell her in advance 

“I’m totally fine with that, though…?”

…eh? Did she really say that? I’m not overthinking this… am I? Whichever way you think about it, Misaki’s the weird one here, right?

Be that as it may, I feel like it’s useless to say anything more from this point on forward.  

It’s impossible to change her mind now.

“I’m going to take my futon from my room” (TL: Futon is that bedding you put on the floor… just google it)

I told Misaki that and leave her room

I can only lay the futon in the space next to Misaki’s bed.   

Her bed is a single size, so it’s impossible for me to sleep together with her. 

I used to sleep on a bed before as well, but my sleeping posture was so bad I fell from the bed, and after that, I used a futon. If I’m going to place down the futon, then I also need my tablet, the charging brick, and headphone. 

If I have them, I can already do most of the things I need. 

I took my futon and went back to Misaki’s room. 

“Sorry, now the room feels cramped, I’m going to spread the futon now” 


I spread the futon when I got her permission. …As I extend the bedding, the space in the room is now practically non-existent. There’s space next to the study desk, but there’s no way I’m going to disturb Misaki while she’s studying, am I?

“As expected, the place is really narrow. You can step on it as you go by” 

“Got it” 

I’m really causing trouble for Misaki. This isn’t acceptable. 

After that, I went back to my own room again to get my tablet, the charging brick, and headphone and threw them all onto my futon. At that time, I remembered that I didn’t have my cell phone at that time, and I went back again

Making a roundtrip between my own room and Misaki’s room is kind of a hassle, but our room is next to each other so I don’t have to go far. 

Misaki is studying at her study desk, while I roll around on the futon with a tablet in hand but then there’s a knock on the door. …Mom, what does she want?

“You two, dinner is ready!”

After announcing that passing the door, her presence went away. 

Who would realize it was that time already? I was flapping around so much that I forgot about that at all. 

There’s a study desk in the room, also a bed, and a futon next to each other in the middle of the room. In that case, it would be difficult for Misaki to go out if I don’t leave the room first.

It’s a little bothersome, but I still get up soon after and leave her room.  

After dinner, I came back to Misaki’s room. I still feel like a bother to her. I feel like it’s impossible to remove this feeling, I should just sleep for tonight…

“Onii-chan. You really helped yourself with today’s dinner, huh”

“Aa~, my stomach was empty. Carrying my futon and necessities really took a toll on my stamina”

Even if it isn’t what I usually do, this simple stuff is unexpectedly tiring. 

“I see”

Misaki’s smiling

This girl, she’s quite observant of the little things. If it weren’t for the current situation, I wouldn’t even have this chat with her…

It’s time for a bath, I should get in the bath.

There’s an order in entering the bath, I’m the first one, then followed by Misaki the second one, and lastly mom. Dad is currently away from home, so he’s not here. 

I only have one reason to be the first one. “It’s time for you to enter the bath,” said Misaki in the past, mom was mad about it as well. 

In this particular case, it should’ve been fine if the two of them entered first, but I couldn’t say it because mom was too scary. 

“I don’t want to be seen in my underwear when I’m changing” she explained, and I didn’t ask any further. 

Leaving the bath, I enter Misaki’s room again.

She’s reading something on the bed.

…I checked the cover, it’s a manga.

Huh?  That manga, isn’t that popular!

I didn’t know Misaki has this sort of hobby.

In the period of time when I’m not with her, her hobby increased huh?

You could’ve told me about it anytime, you know? It should be fine if I know what’s inside the bookshelf, right? 

“It’s my turn now for the bath, right?”

She returned her manga to the bookshelf and brought her change of clothes outside the room.

…wait a minute. When she returned to this room later, she probably just got out of bath.   

“A girl who just left the bath is erotic”, that’s the common sense I had in mind

But, that girl is my sister. So I guess this is the only exception…right?

I change my mind soon after and immersed myself in my tablet game


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