Chapter 1: The Punishment Begins

TL: oayo

After making up my mind, I left my room and headed toward the living room. I know mom is going to be mad about this. I am somewhat prepared for that. 

To be honest, my daily habit isn’t good. I used to stay up late, so I’m often late for school. My homework submission rate is not ok too, maybe it’s only around 60%?

I sleep in class more often than not. I’m wide awake when the lesson is taught by a scary teacher, but when there’s none then…

When that time comes, then my grades won’t be in a good shape. Well, I’m just reaping what I sowed. 

In the parent-teacher meeting, my homeroom teacher would point this out to my mom, and she scolded me after we were back home. I knew it was bad, but I had no intention of changing anything, so I’ll just have to make the right excuse later…

My tardiness today has snapped my mom’s patience. And now we’re back to where we were when I came to the living room. 

On my way to the living room, mom is sitting beside the dining table… with a terrifying face.

Hm? For some reason, my little sister, Misaki is also sitting there.

If your demon-looking mother is by your side, you usually run to your room, right?

I sit in front of my mom side-by-side with my little sister. 

“Shou… can you stop being so irresponsible!!”

It’s only natural for her to be this mad since I continued to ignore what she said.

“Seriously… Misaki’s being the earnest one, why are you like this…”

My little sister, Misaki is a year younger than me and she’s a freshman in high school. 

She has excellent grades and even an award for perfect attendance. She’s the complete opposite of me. 

“How can I make you more diligent, I wonder…?”

She folded her arms and thought to herself. 

I don’t think it’ll go very long even if I listened to mom’s rambling. I can already see how I wouldn’t be able to stick to anything. (TL: This could just be a wordplay, the original word is 三日坊主 which literally means three-day monk, so in a way, it could also be interpreted as “I’ll go back to how I was after 3 days”) 

“..I wonder… what if Shou lives together with Misaki, wouldn’t he be able to change that way?” mom mutters to herself

Lives together like what? We’re already living in the same house, aren’t we?

“Mom, about that, do you mean to let onii-chan stay in my room?”

“That’s it. As expected of Misaki. You’re quick to understand, that really helped” 

“Oi! What do you mean!?”

I have to stay in Misaki’s room?!

Even if we’re siblings, to have a boy and a girl of similar age in the same room is…

“Shou. You don’t have the right to speak. Be quiet!”

“Even so… wouldn’t that be a great inconvenience for Misaki!”

I continued to push back on mom’s one-sided demand

Wouldn’t this be the end of Misaki’s privacy?!

If my position with Misaki were to be reversed, then I wouldn’t accept her in my room, right?

…I’m not weird, am I?

“It’s fine, you know. Onii-chan can stay in my room” 

“Misaki. Are you sane!?”

Misaki has not a single gain from this, you don’t really need anything from me, do you?

“Of course, I’m sane” 

Having Misaki’s permission, I guess it’s already decided…

“Misaki’s really a good kid, isn’t she?”

Mom looks relieved 

“…I forgot to mention this. Misaki must not turn into like Shou, Shou is the one supposed to follow Misaki. You two understand?”

Mom is looking at me and Misaki

“Fine, I get it”

Trying to be earnest now wouldn’t be so bad.

“It’s okay, mom. You don’t need to worry about anything”

 “I’m relieved to hear that, Misaki”

After that conversation, Mom stood up. 

“I’m going to prepare dinner now, so this talk is over, okay? I entrust this to you, Misaki” 

“Okay, I understand” 

After Misaki gave that reply, Mom went back to the kitchen. 

“Onii-chan, let’s continue our talk in my room” 

Misaki also stood up and left the living room, soon I follow her…


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