Chapter 6 – Foolish Choices (Petit Zamaa)

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Kingdom of Klondike, the royal palace.

Prince Verano was feeling irritated in his room.

“A monster appeared in the Deral region? Are you sure you’ve confirmed it?”

“That’s just the testimony of the villagers…”

“Did you consider the possibility that it might just be a regular animal or the work of bandits?”


“Then provide a more thorough report!”

“I-I’m sorry! I apologize!”

The subordinate left the room, and Verano sighed.

“All this fuss about monsters… it’s ridiculous.”

For the past few days, reports like this had been popping up suddenly, especially from the western border. Verano believed that information was everything, and therefore ordered his subordinates to report any incidents that occurred in any remote areas.

“It’s troublesome when false information spreads like this.”

Monsters – they were said to be fearsome creatures that roamed this land in ancient times, both beasts and humans alike. However, such things were now merely fantasies that existed only in fairy tales and legends.

But just in case, Verano had some doubts about his younger brother Adonis’ exile this time. Of course, he had no intention of protecting him, and had already sent the “Shadow of the King” to take care of him as a good opportunity.

“Even so, Father’s methods are a little too forceful. It’s as if he’s afraid of him.”

Verano shook his head at his own words. It couldn’t be, especially not with their father.

There was no way that their father was afraid of that useless brother.

“Then let’s consider the opposite possibility. What if it’s actually true? What if Father is afraid of Adonis? Why? Because his skills were not useless? Is it just a coincidence that reports of monsters started coming out around the time Adonis left?”

The more he thought about it, the more suspicious it seemed.

At that moment, the magic communication device that he had placed in various locations throughout the land for emergencies – the one he was most concerned about right now – lit up with an incoming call.

“Its Bellwood in Mirmoos. Could it be…”

While feeling a premonition of something, Verano activated his communication device.

“What’s up, Bellwood?”

“Oh, Prince Verano! Good day to you!”

His voice was mixed with static, making it hard to hear, but it was indeed the voice of the village chief, Bellwood.

“What do you want?”

“Well, it’s about Prince Adonis.”

At those words, Verano grinned. As he suspected.

“What about Adonis? He must be despairing after seeing the rubble of Draglake.”

“Yes! He has requested to stay in Mirmoos Village…and he plans to use the usual house.”

“Has Adonis shown any strange behavior or movements? Anything suspicious, no matter how small?”

“No…nothing at all. He returned looking as if he had lost all hope after inspecting Draglake.”

“I see. So nothing has changed.”


“Then as usual, the ‘King’s Shadow’ will be dispatched. You only need to handle it as usual.”


“That’s all.”

Verano cut off the communication device and chuckled at how he had been overthinking things.

“That useless guy…there’s no way anything could happen. Oh well, I’m feeling a bit tired.”

He took out a bottle of wine from the cellar and began to drink.

The suspicion he had of Adonis was eventually forgotten and left as just a suspicion.

Later on, he would deeply regret this and it would ultimately lead to his demise.


Mirmoos Village, Village Chief’s Residence

“Is this… is this okay?! Have I been found out?!”

The village chief looked at the Taretto with sweat pouring down his face, clinging to it with pleading eyes.

“There’s no problem. At this distance, the magic communication device will have interference, so they won’t be able to detect any lies.”

“I… I’ve betrayed Prince Verano! That’s why I have no choice but to rely on Prince Adonis! Please… don’t kill me!!”

Seeing the village chief crawling on the floor, Taretto sheathed her hidden blade.

“Fine. But if you do anything suspicious… remember that your life is on the line.”

With those words, Taretto silently left.

“Aah… my… future… is screwed… screwed…!”

While swearing, the village chief thought about what he should do next. Prince Adonis’ power to connect the canal in less than a day was abnormal. Above all, the maid – no, she couldn’t be simply dismissed by such a word, she’s like someone lives in darkness – whats more the skill to manipulate people. It was a skill that was on the level of Prince Verano.

In that case… he had no choice but to cooperate with Prince Adonis… but…

“But… there’s no reward for me…”

He was already starting from a negative position. He probably wouldn’t even get a satisfactory reward.

What should he do… while the village chief was lost in thought and staring out the window, he suddenly noticed something – an unexpected shower for this land in the dry season.


The village chief finally noticed the sound of the rain hitting the thin roof.

“Well, that’s not important… There’s no benefit to siding with Prince Adonis either… so I guess I should just…”

The village chief remembered the item that had been handed over by Prince Verano. an alarm device to be used only in a true emergency. It was a one-way communication device that would only convey the message that an emergency was occurring, but would not provide any further details. However, in the current situation, it would be more convenient to use than the magic communication device, and the maid would not suspect anything.

“If I use this… that maid won’t notice.”

Thought the village chief as he reached for a ordinary looking small bell next to the magic communication device.

“If it’s Prince Verano, he should understand what this means.”

As the village chief was about to ring the bell in the correct manner, water suddenly dripped from the ceiling onto his face.

“Hmm? A leak? Damn, I’ll have to get it repaired later.”

The village chief wiped the water off his face and resumed his work, oblivious to the water droplets that continued to fall behind him.

However, he was too focused on ringing the alarm device that he didn’t notice the creeping mass of water behind him.

“Oh dear…no matter the era, humans are truly foolish,”

That was the last words Bellwood, the village chief of Mirmoos Village, heard.






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