Chapter 4 – The Rock Castle

|| TL: miyakriko ||

“Um… I’m Adonis,”

Adonis said, bowing his head to the giant dragon, Tiamat.

“Yes, my lord. Anything you need~”

Tiamat replied in a relaxed tone that did not match her appearance. Grant and Scosia, who were standing behind Adonis, were frozen in shock.

“Hey, I’ve never seen such a huge monster before, let alone one that talks,”

Grant said, causing Scosia to hit his leg with her staff.

“Idiot, it’s not a monster! That’s a dragon!”

“A dragon? Like the ones from fairy tales? Are you kidding me?”

Grant said, making Calessa laugh.

“Kukuku…yes, you’ve all forgotten… that dragons actually existed, and they left their mark on history many times. The truth is shrouded in the darkness of history,”

“Calessa-san, so my skill, ||Dragon King||, means I can summon and command dragons?”

Adonis asked, and Tiamat replied on Calessa’s behalf.

“That’s right, my lord. We, the Seven Dragons, are bound by an ancient covenant to lend our aid to those who possess the Dragon King’s mark. Use it as you please…but it may be a bit difficult for me to move around in this body,”

Tiamat said as her body was enveloped in light.

As the light faded, a beautiful woman appeared in front of Adonis. Her long, rich hair, which was a mix of blue and white, flowed in waves and she wore a crown resembling horns. She wore what looked like a revealing swimsuit, and her huge breasts were impossible to ignore. Adonis immediately recognized her as Tiamat due to the overall color scheme and crown.

“This form is more approachable, isn’t it~?”

“Yes…I didn’t realize you could do that…”

“That’s one of the reasons why the name of the dragons is not well known in history. We all like to transform into humans”

Calessa said, sighing. Her tone was as if she had struggled a lot because of it.

“Other than when we go on a rampage, human form is more convenient. This world is a little too cramped for us”

Tiamat said, placing her hand on her cheek. Adonis trembled with fear as he heard her words.

“Um… Tiamat is a dragon who can manipulate water, right? Is this water also Tiamat’s power?”

“Yes, that’s right. I can do just about anything related to water.”

“So, you can also make this land lush?”

“Of course. This water was just brought up from an underground water vein. There’s probably enough water down there for a few hundred years.”

“I see… Well, can you start drawing this water for us for now?”

Grant and Scosia nodded vigorously at Adonis’ words. They were at a loss in the current situation, surrounded by water.

“Sure thing. Oh, by the way, my lord. Are you planning to build on this land?”

“Build…? Ah, yes, that’s right. I came to develop this land. So, I’m looking for a base, and the most important thing right now is water.”

“I see~. Then the rocks at your feet will serve as a temporary base for now~”

“Well, if we can take shelter from the rain and wind and have water, then yes.”

“Well then, while we draw the water… witness the power of water~ Oh, and if you enter that bubble, it will take you down to the bottom.”

With that, Tiamat dove into the water, and the surrounding water swirled and the sound of complex currents scraping something in the water echoed. Adonis and the others entered the bubble that appeared in front of them, and it gently floated up and slowly descended to the ground.

And then, when the water had completely receded and the original scenery had returned, Grant murmured in awe.

“…It’s beyond compare.”

“More importantly… that…”

Scosia pointed with her mouth agape at the spot where the ruins she had carved into the rock were. There stood a building that could be called a castle, but was more like a mansion or a villa, built as if it had been designed down to the smallest detail.

Considering that all the walls were made of the original rock and that part of the original ruins remained, Adonis speculated:

“Was it made by cutting it with water…?”

To Adonis’ speculation, Tiamat replied with a smile.

“Yes~ It’s like a sculpture. Not only the exterior, but also the interior is carefully made to look like that.”

“Speaking of which, how did you manipulate the magic to create such precise movements with the water…”

Scotia muttered, unable to close her open mouth. Water manipulation was a common form of magic, but being able to create such precise movements on such a large scale was abnormal.

“Water carves the earth. Mountains, rocks, soil… everything,”

Calessa explained, to which Adonis nodded. Water was an essential element of life, but it could also be a significant threat. That was why flood control and effective use of water sources were essential for development.

With this, not only were they able to resolve their concerns about this particular area, but they also realized they could accomplish even more advanced things. Finally, Adonis smiled.

“Perhaps… this development might be successful after all!”

Grant and Scotia agreed with his words, and Tiamat smiled happily.

“At any rate, the base is established. How about giving it a name?”

Calessa suggested, to which Adonis immediately responded.

“‘Rock Castle’.”

“Not bad. I prefer straightforward names like that”

“I agree. I think it’s a good name, Adonis-sama”


Hearing their words, Adonis nodded.

“Now… from here on out.”

“So… what’s next, future Dragon King?”

Calessa asked, to which Adonis thought for a moment before responding.

“We’ll create a canal to connect here and the village in Mirmoos.”






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