Chapter 3 – Summoning the Seven Dragons

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“Goodness… what an ill-mannered sorcerer. But the precision and power of her magic are not bad. For a human, that is.”

Saying so, the red-haired girl who appeared was tall and wore a black pointed hat on her head. She was clad in a tight-fitting black robe that showed off her body lines, making her appearance frighteningly bewitching. Even Grant, who had a weakness for beautiful women, was not focused on her indescribable aura.

“…How come she’s unscathed after taking a hit from Scosia’s magic?”

“It definitely hit her… Did sge use an anti-magic spell?”

“Then… maybe a blade will work!”

Grant put on a ferocious expression and held up his curved sword in both hands.

“Wait, both of you.”

Adonis spoke up and dismounted from his horse. Somehow, he was convinced that the witch was not an enemy.

However, he also knew that it was hasty to assume her to be an ally without caution.

“I’m sorry that my subordinate attacked you so suddenly. My name is…”

Before Adonis could finish speaking, the witch had moved in front of him and grabbed his chin with her right hand.

“What a cute face you have, Adonis Klondike, the third prince… or should I say, the former prince?”

The witch, Calessa, stopped Grant, who was about to strike, with her hand. Adonis looked straight into her bright red eyes.

“Why… is that?”

“You’re slow. Your thought process is too sluggish. Remember my first words to you, what did I call you?”

“The next Dragon King.”

“That’s right. My name is Calessa. Some call me the ‘Dragon Witch Echidna.’”

“Eh… That’s… No, that’s impossible.”

Scosia exclaimed in surprise, but Adonis continued to gaze at Calessa without turning away.

“What are you doing here?”

“Of course, I was waiting for you. That’s my duty.”

“Why did you know I was coming?”

“It’s because it’s fate. You didn’t come to the land of Draglake by coincidence.”

“Let’s cut to the chase. Are you on our side?”

“Well… it depends on your… your future, as the next Dragon King.”

With a smile, Calessa steps back a few steps behind Adonis.

Immediately, Grant steps forward and readies his sword. He doesn’t believe that the witch in front of them is an ally.

Observing his reaction, Calessa smiles.

“You have a good subordinate. Now… since you won’t trust me without any proof, I’ll give you a demonstration. Adonis, I’ll teach you how to use your skill.”

“…Use it? Isn’t the effect of this skill to suppress the emergence and activation of monsters? We haven’t been attacked by any monsters on our way here.”

“Hahaha… no, not at all. That’s just a side effect. Oh well, hold out your right hand.”

“My right hand?”

Adonis holds his right hand up in the air, puzzled.

“Let’s see… Adonis, what’s the most important thing you need to survive in this land?”


As Adonis considers the question, he remembers his plan to develop the land, but realizes that every plan requires something essential for all living beings. And that’s why this land, which lacks that essential element, is barren.

“That would be… water.”

“Correct. And with the power of your skill, Dragon King, you can revive the water in this barren land. I’ll teach you how to do it. All you need is your name.”

“My name?”

“Rpeat after me “O serpent that sways in the primordial sea’.”

Adonis repeated Calessa’s words while extending his right hand.

“O serpent that sways in the primordial sea’.”

“O wielder of the blue armor and white blade, who has scraped the earth’”

“O wielder of the blue armor and white blade, who has scraped the earth’”

With those words, a blue-white crest appeared on the back of Adonis’s right hand.

“‘Answer my call, based on the covenant of seven and eleven’.”

“‘Answer my call, based on the covenant of seven and eleven’.”

For some reason, Adonis knew what would come next before Calessa even said it. No, he remembered it. Why did he forget such an important word and name?

“‘Seven, dragons, summon’.”

And Adonis spoke that name aloud.

“‘Appear – Tiamat’.”

With those words, blue light overflowed from the back of Adonis’s hand and at the same time, the earth shook.

“What is this magical power…!?”

“What the hell is happening!? Something’s coming from beneath us!”

Grant grabbed Scosia and Adonis’s bodies jumped to the side just in time.

“It’s pointless. She’s just a little extravagant, after all.”

At the moment when Calessa laughed, the ground exploded.

What spewed out from the ground around the ruins was a massive amount of water.

It became a gigantic water column that reached high into the sky. Then, a giant black shadow ascended from the spewing water column at high speed and emerged into view as it danced in the sky.

It was a snake with crown-like horns on its head and a long body with multiple blade-shaped fins that resembled wings. It swam through the air as if it were in the sea, and then descended in front of the ruins.

A rainbow arced along its swimming path.

“Think a bit more about your entrance, Tiamat. Your new master might drown,” said Calessa with a bored voice.

The entire area around the ruins sank due to the fountain, creating a huge lake, and only the upper part of the ruins protruded like an island. Calessa sighed as she saw Adonis and the others struggling to avoid drowning in the lake.

“Oh my… did I go too far?”

As a nonchalant female voice spoke, the water around Adonis and the others was gently manipulated by an unseen force and transported them to the island on top of the ruins.

“Um… what is this…?” Adonis, who had finally stood up on the island, began to understand what had happened and grinned through his dry heaves.

Then, Tiamat, the giant snake with only its head protruding from the lake, spoke to Adonis in a surprisingly gentle voice despite its appearance.

“Nice to meet you, master. I am Tiamat, the dragon who controls water, which means regeneration and destruction. So, please take care of me from now on~”

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