Chapter 53 – Attack

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It was a holiday morning, and the day of the exam was approaching.

As the exam drew near, the girls trained even harder. But while training was important, rest was equally important.

I told them to rest their bodies properly on the holiday. Especially Fia, who was too serious and tended to get too stressed, so I asked her to be careful not to push herself too hard like her other sisters.

And I, too, came to the garden today to heal both my body and mind from the fatigue caused by my regular teaching.

I walked slowly through the garden that Rose takes care of every day. I couldn’t see her, but the garden was still well-maintained as usual.

After looking around the garden, I sat down on the chair placed in the center.

I just gazed blankly at the colorful and beautiful flowers without thinking about anything, while the pleasant scent filled my nostrils and the gentle scenery gave me more of a healing effects than I had imagined.


I took a deep breath.

I thought about the upcoming day while silently thanking Rose for creating such a good place.

If everything goes as planned, there are only a few days left until the exam day, which can be counted on both hands.

I have done most of what needs to be done, but there are still some concerns.

One is that the type of exam to be conducted is still a mystery.

According to Rose, the content of the exam is decided based on the report she reccived.

The Demon Lord is a reckless man, but he said that the content of the exam is based on fairness, so we should be fine.

However, it’s not easy to feel at ease even if you’re told to.

As the day of the exam approaches, the indescribable anxiety that cannot be expressed in words is increasing.

Furthermore, there is another concern…

“Hellooo! Is anybody there?!”

I was trying to confirm my other concern when I heard a loud voice from the opposite direction of the mansion.

It was the first time I heard such a voice.

I had a memory of a similar event before.

At that time, I was forced to deal with a very troublesome person just because I responded poorly.

I didn’t want to deal with someone like that again, but there was no other choice.

I stood up and headed towards the entrance.

“If no one’s here, I’ll break through! Is that okay!?”

As the gate to the entrance comes into view, the figure of someone shouting menacing words can be seen on the other side of the gate.

He was a tall and savage-looking man.

His unkempt, messy hair made it hard to tell if it had ever been properly managed.

His body was covered in similarly rough clothing, giving the impression of a person who doesn’t take much care in their appearance.

He appeared to be in his late twenties, a few years older than me, but given what happened with Eshuru-san, he could be older than he looks.

In short, he looked like a young thug.

There was nothing particularly distinctive about him, but he was likely a demon if he was here.

No one else could be seen in the area.

It was a hassle, but it seemed like I was the only one who could handle this situation.

“What are you doing? It’s a magic barrier, if you try to break it, you’ll only hurt yourself.”

I approached the man with a clearly inappropriate appearance for this place and informed him.

Even Eshuru-san, the wife of the Demon King, struggled to get through this gate on her own.

It wasn’t something that could be easily dealt with by a thug-like man loitering in the back alleys of a slum.

“Huh? Who the hell are you?”

The man noticed my presence and glared at me through the bars.

His eyes were like those of a wild animal.

Combined with his appearance, he was even less suitable for an academic environment.

“I work here. Who are you?”

I stated firmly, keeping in mind the need to drive him away by force if necessary.

“Work here, huh? I see…So, it’s you…”

The man looked at my face as if evaluating me through the bars.\

I feel an inexplicable anger.

I feel on a cellular level that there is something fundamentally incompatible between us.

“So, what do you want?”

“I see… He looks so much like you, it’s infuriating.”

The man doesn’t answer my question, but stares at me sharply with his eyes.

“Like me…? Anyway, if you don’t have permission, leave. This isn’t a place for someone like you.”

I tell the man, who seems like he doesn’t know the first thing about education.

“Permission? Whose permission do I need?” he asks.

“Well… the person in charge,” I reply.

Come to think of it, who is in charge here?

It’s definitely not me.

So, those kids? No, maybe it’s Rose? Or…

“Permission from the person in charge, huh? Heh heh heh… Then I don’t need it!”

Immediately after he says that…

A deafening sound. Impact. Wind pressure.

A large object passes by me at high speed.

I realize a moment later that it’s on one side of the main gate.

It makes a loud, high-pitched sound and jumps up off the ground, flying all the way to the front of the garden.

“Whoa! Ah, that was close… I almost got a severe scolding just now,”

The man stops with one leg raised and shows an anxious expression for some reason.

The gate, which seems to have been kicked open, is now in a pitiful state.

The man calmly slips through the now unjustly opened gate and enters the premises.


Who is this person and what is their purpose?

Before thinking, I quickly draw my sword that I had at my waist.

“Hey! You’re feeling feisty? Fighting you seems like it could be fun!”

He says that while walking towards me without even preparing himself.

And then, he disappeared!?

No, he’s on the right!

I feel a powerful killing intent from my right and instinctively bend down.

Immediately, a powerful attack passes just above my head.

It’s incredibly fast and powerful, but the aim is too straightforward.

I counter with a horizontal slash, sensing the location of my target without relying on my eyes.

“Whoa! That’s dangerous… are you trying to kill me?”

However, I didn’t feel any resistance to my counter-attack, which I thought was perfect.

I jump back from my spot and once again, visually locate my opponent.

The man who had also jumped back was yelling while checking his torn clothes with his hand.

This guy is strong. Very strong, even compared to the demon king’s daughters or anyone in that academy.

In other words, I can’t afford to let him pass through here.

I’m the only one here who can protect those girls from him.






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