Chapter 17 – Rule Britannia

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[AN: We have cut out the parts that might be problematic.]

London, England, May 1937

Good day, ladies and gentlemen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

I, Princess Chichibu Sakurako, a member of the Imperial Family of the Empire of Japan, on behalf of all people of Japan, extend my greetings to the people of Great Britain.

[Rule Britannia, Britannia, ru~…]

By the way. It’s Sakurako, with ‘Rule Britannia’ echoing in my head.

Rule Britannia, Britannia, rule the waves

In other words, Britain rules and governs the world, so Britain rules.

And Britons never, never, shall be slaves

In other words, from a certain point of view, “I am the owner, you are the slaves.

You can see it this way, can’t you?

Off topic: ……

“Congratulations to His Majesty King George VI on his accession to the throne…? Is that right?”

    Can this gentleman produce dark matter or something?

From the looks of it, I don’t think he’s fallen into the dark side.

“This child! …Sakurako-san, you’re being rude to His Majesty the King.”

“Ha-ha-ha, this child is very honest.

As expected of His Majesty the King. He understands.

“Please accept my sincere apologies for my daughter’s rude behaviour.”

Father and mother needn’t have been in such a panic. It’s a joke with a British spirit.

The British dark jokes are the best in the world, so they should have just laughed it off. [TLN: Guessing it’s about self deprecating jokes]

Even the famous song “It’s A Long Way To Tipperary” which was popular during World War I, had lyrics that made fun of an Irishman who went to London. [1]

But I heard that the Irish were also happy to sing it, so I wonder if the lyrics of “It’s A Long Way To Tipperary” didn’t go beyond the line.

Also, when foreign countries make fun of the fact that the food in their  country tastes bad, Britain is a country with a broad-minded attitude, to the extent that its own ministers affirm, ‘That’s right’.

That’s the kind of attitude that the British Empire, the world’s most prestigious empire, can afford to have!

Even in the future, the BBC can openly talk about racism as a joke, and the country called England will be forgiven.

I hope that Japanese broadcasters, which broadcast on the opposite side of the world, can learn a little from the BBC.

“I don’t know, to tell you the truth, I also thought that this succession to the throne was a bit of a disaster for me because I was forced to inherit the throne that my brother suddenly threw away.”


Oh, I knew it. He didn’t really want to be king. why the stutters though.

I’m not a native speaker, so maybe it’s just that I can’t hear properly. [TLN: Confused by this: あー、やっぱりね。本当は国王なんかにはなりたくなかったんだね。でも、吃音は気にならないけどなぁ。


But it’s amazing how smart children are. In my previous life, I could barely speak English, but in this body, I learned English like how a sponge absorbs water.

They say that all children are geniuses, and that their brains are neutral.

However, I assure you, my brain itself is not a sponge! Definitely!

Because this is important.

By the way, I feel that the King’s Oxbridge-style  English is easy for Japanese people to understand. I think it is similar to Katakana English. I feel that they do not use curly tongues so much.

It would be different in downtown London or in American English.

 “Dangerous!” in Japanese sounds like normal English enough to be acceptable in downtown London.

To sum it up, “Where the hell are you looking! You little bastard!” I guess it’s something like this.

“Eyes something…” Is that what you’re saying?  But I really doubt Eyes will come to my head.

However, in my previous life, my parents said that when I was about to be run over by a car and yelled, “Dangerous!” the taxi driver came to apologise, so I guess it actually worked. [TLN: no idea what they’re talking about here too ngl ]

‘Well, then, since children are supposed to get along with each other, could I ask Princess Fujimiya to be my daughter’s companion?

‘Yes, it would be my pleasure, and I would be happy to be her companion.”

I was asked by His Majesty King George VI, so I hurriedly grabbed both hem of my skirt and politely bowed in curtsy while answering, but my thoughts were flying in the direction of the day after tomorrow, so it was dangerous.

It seems like I’ve grown accustomed to the gender of a woman and the behaviour of a nobleman to the point that I can take a curtsy action in an instant..

For some reason, I feel like something is missing from my soul, but I’m sure it’s just my imagination. Yeah, let’s think so…

Even so, I feel that curtsy is a difficult movement for those with lower back pain.

I need to work on my abdominal and back muscles so I don’t have back pain.

The girl who is looking shy and sobbing there seems to be the daughter of His Majesty King George VI.

She is sobbing, but she can still wait with good manners, which proves that she has been well disciplined and educated. It is indeed the royal family of England. It is very different from me, a commoner in spirit.

I’ll just have to enjoy the international friendship between the children of Japan and England!

“Please, Sakurako, be polite.”

“Please do not be rude.”

Both father and mother are very anxious, aren’t they? But don’t worry, I’m also aware of the TOB!

Huh? Was it PTO? TOP? Or was it TPO? [TLN: Time, Place, Occasion, Sakurako]

Well, whatever.

Americans take the first letter of everything and abbreviate it to three or four letters too much.

I feel like I can understand why my great-grandfather in my previous life went insane and quit the GHQ. [TLN: General HQ ig]

I am totally bummed out.

[TLN: Bro there’s so much obscure references in this novel whyyyy

Also hi im back, im not sorry, i like procrastinating.



     The dialogues in this novel is a pain]






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