Chapter 51 – Indecent Books

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She threw out a word that makes Isuna realize what her weapon was, abandoning her dignity.

“What are you talking about…all of a sudden?”

However, it didn’t seem to reach her properly, as she looked slightly puzzled.

Even for Isuna, who’s usually very composed, being told directly seemed to make her embarrassed.

She covered her chest with her arms, which she usually flaunts.

“Don’t you understand?”

“How could I understand? Even if you suddenly say that having a big chest is a talent…”

“Oh, I see. Then let me change it a bit. I’ve never seen a woman your age who has more sex appeal than you!”

While placing a hand on her shoulder, I looked into her deep green eyes and told her.

Her body is not only perfectly balanced like a statue made by a god or devil, with everything in the right place, but she also has a natural seductiveness that seems to be inherent in every gesture she makes, perhaps inherited from her mother.

Her sex appeal is not that of a girl who is not even twenty years old.

“Ar-are you…inviting me?”

Just when she seemed puzzled, she blushed and asked me that.

Even such behavior had a bewitching quality that would make any average man lose his sanity.


“Then what is it?”

“Your sex appeal is your extraordinary talent.”

“No way! I don’t want that kind of talent! I want to be like the others!”

She started throwing a tantrum again.

But no matter how much she said it, it was just a matter of wanting what she couldn’t have.

“Isuna, you have half-demon blood, right?”

While placing a hand on her shoulder, I spoke gently in a persuasive tone.

“So what? Sniff…”

“Do you know what demons are called in the human world…?”

Rather than an alias, it might be more famous as a term in the human world.

“I don’t know…sniff…”

“Incubus and succubus.”

“I don’t want that kind of thing!”

She started on another tantrum again and now started hit my chest with both hands.

The sisters who were training in the plaza turned their attention towards us, wondering what was going on, but I signaled them continue, reassuring its all fine.

“Listen, the magic of mental interference that demons use, it’s important to stimulate the target’s instincts. In other words, your sex appeal is an incredibly powerful weapon.”

When demons target someone, especially of the opposite sex, to steal their life force, they almost always take advantage of their target’s desire.

That is one of the most fundamental desires of living beings, and it is vulnerable to attack.

“But I don’t want to use something so indecent…”

Despite always wearing clothes that exposed her shoulders and chest, Isuna is now showed a maiden-like shyness.

She didn’t seem to realize that the contrast between her appearance and her behavior was also tickling to men’s hearts.

“Isuna, when combined with the demon’s characteristics, seduction is also a respectable combat technique. It’s on par with San’s martial arts and Femu’s magic.”

“Is that so…?”

“No doubt about it. I guarantee it.”


Just when I thought she had stopped crying, she started fidgeting and playing with her fingertips in embarrassment.

“What’s wrong?”

“If you’ll teach me everything in detail…I’ll do my best too, but…”

“That’s not allowed.”

“Why not?!”

“No, that’s obviously unethical”

I answer without a second thought

It’s definitely not okay to make advances towards a student

That’s just inappropriate conduct.

“Well then, how am I supposed to learn?! Even if you talk about seduction, I have no idea how to do it!”

she shouts while hitting my body again.

Even if I tell her to learn from her mother, it doesn’t seem like she’ll listen. It can’t be helped. I have no choice but to rely on her…

“Alright, then come with me.”

“Huh? Come with you?”

“Just come over here.”

I grab her hand and lead her into the mansion.

Our destination is her room. She undoubtedly has the reference material we need.

“Hey, wait a minute… Where are we going?”

“You’ll see when we get there.”

While still holding Isuna’s hand, we walk deeper into the mansion.

Isuna’s hand is a bit sweaty, possibly due to nervousness.

“Y-You’re taking me all the way back here… What are you… Huh!? You said that thing, but could it be… you’re taking me to an unused room and… ehe, ehehe…”

She goes from being angry or crying to giggling.

However, what she is thinking will never happen.

As we continue, we finally reach our destination.

“Huh… Is this…?”

“Hey, Anyone here?”

I knock on the door and call out to the one inside.

At this time, the maid, Rino, who has pink fur and cat-like ears, should be taking a break after finishing her morning cleaning.

“Whoa, Frey-sama? What brings you here so early?”

“I have a small request.”

“Wait, are you asking for a morning visit instead of a night visit? That’s a no-no! Even if I was curious about where my tail grows from and couldn’t sleep, I’m still sweaty and unprepared. Besides, I have onee-sama-“

She suddenly goes on a tangent and talks nonstop.

“Calm down. I’m not interested in you, so don’t worry.”

“How rude! So, what do you need? Are you asking for cleaning services?”

She suddenly calms down and responds calmly, throwing me off guard.

“No, it’s about Isuna.”

“Wait, what are you doing with Rino?”

“Forget about it and just wait.”

“Oh? Isuna-sama is here too? Good morning!”

“Y-yes… Good morning.”

Isuna responded with a stutter, then moved slightly behind me to hide.

Perhaps she’s a little uncomfortable around Rino.

Their personalities don’t seem to mesh well, though…

“So, what do you need?”

“It’s about Isuna. I need something for her.”

“Oh? What could that be?”

I whispered in Rino’s ear, telling her that I need the item she has as a teaching aid to teach Isuna how to seduce.

“I-I don’t have anything like that… I-I’m a pure maiden… I don’t have anything indecent…”

“Just give it to me.”

“I-I don’t have it.”

She started to stutter and look around nervously.

She’s a terrible liar.

I had already guessed it from the content of our first conversation, but as expected, she had the item I was looking for. And not just one, but a lot of them.

“Don’t worry, if you give it to me, I won’t tell Rose about it.”


“Yeah, I don’t tell pointless lies like that.”

I propose a deal. Refusing and facing the consequences would only hurt the other party. The initiative is on my side.

“O-okay, then please come in…”

The deal is settled easily. Leading the quiet Isuna as instructed, we enter Rino’s room.

Contrary to the impression I get from her, the room is sparsely furnished and neatly organized. Surprising, but now that I think about it, she is a maid, so it’s actually natural.

“Now, let’s get that item out…”

“Okay, okay… You’re so forceful…”

Rino gets down on her knees and starts rummaging under the bed, wiggling her tail and furry legs like a cat.

“Hmm… Let me see… there it is.”

A large storage box was dragged out.

“What kind of guy are you looking for…? The trendy type that’s all the rage?”

“No, just a normal one.”

“What, a normal one…? That’s a difficult choice.”

“And a women’s one, please.”

“Okay, got it!”

“Hey… what are you guys talking about? What’s this ‘thing’?”

Unable to stay silent any longer, Isuna asked with a puzzled expression.

“Well… you’ll understand when you see it.”

At first glance, it’s easy to tell what it is.

“A normal one… for women… alright, this must be it.”

Saying that, Rino took out a book from the storage box.

On the cover, in suspiciously large lettering, was the title “Winter Night Succubus.”

“Here you go! Please take it, Isuna-sama!”

Rino handed the obviously inappropriate book to Isuna with a friendly smile.

“Please take it? What is this… a book?”

Isuna asks suspiciously as she took the book from Rino

She opened it and began flipping through the pages, checking the contents, and then suddenly her face turned bright red as if a fire had been lit inside her.

“W-what the… what is this?!”

She stammered, flustered and blushing as red as Anna’s hair.

“It’s the erotic book you requested,”

Rino replied with an indifferent expression, as if asking what the problem was.

“I didn’t request something like this!”

“But Frey-sama asked for it… is this some kind of play you’re into? You’re quite twisted…”

“No, absolutely not,”

Insisting that she had no such perverse interests.

“What is this…?” Isuna muttered, still glancing at the book with a mix of anger and curiosity.

Although she was at a sensitive age, she couldn’t hide her growing interest in the book.

“You learn about people’s desires through this,”


“That’s right. It’s desire,”

“Frey-sama, you’re saying something outrageous with such a serious face,”

Reno chimed in, but I was completely serious.

It was a novel that depicted the subtleties of things related to men and women in explicit detail. \

Normally, it would be inappropriate for an educational setting, but it should be the perfect teaching material for a naive succubus.

Sometimes, it’s important in education to deviate from norms and be flexible.

“But, this…this is just…just…”

Isuna trembled as she continued reading. I couldn’t tell what kind of emotions she was feeling, but her black tail was more agitated than ever before.

“Hey, hey…Reno…what does this mean?”

Isuna occasionally gestured towards Rino while keeping her eyes fixed on the book.

“Let’s see…which one?”

“This one…this…what does this mean?”

“Oh, that one…It means to stimulate a certain part of the body with another certain part,”

Rino whispered into Isuna’s ear in a volume that I couldn’t hear.

I’m curious about what she’s explaining, but for her sake, I won’t ask.

“D-Do people really do that!?”

“Of course they do.”

“T-Then…what about this one?”

“That one…it’s when a man does something with his certain part to a woman’s certain part.”

“N-No way…is that true…?”

“That’s just the beginner’s level. There’s much more to it than that,” Reno said with a smile.

“I can’t believe it…that such a world exists…”

In front of me, Isuna and Rino are excitedly wagging their tails and having a fun conversation. At first, I thought Isuna seemed to dislike Rino, but they might actually get along surprisingly well.

“Okay, I’m heading back, so I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“Huh? Oh, understood. And how this, Isuna-sama?”

“W-What? Which one!?”

“This series right here…”

Completely engrossed and not noticing me trying to leave, I quietly exit the room and feel a refreshing sense of satisfaction after giving good guidance.

I then return to the square, enjoying the pleasant feeling of having successfully accomplished my task.






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