Chapter 50 – The Second Daughter’s Talent

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The morning after moving a large amount of books into Fia’s room

“I never would have thought that airheaded girl had such talent.”

“We still don’t know for sure.”

Isuna and I are sitting on a bench, watching the ongoing training.

I had told Fia last night that her ability was only theoretical, and it was unknown if it would actually be useful on the battlefield.

However, the fact that their father who summoned me is having these kids train for combat suggests that there is a high possibility that they will be called to fight soon.

I primarily teach them techniques for fighting.

Of course, I had expected this to happen.

Even so, sending my students to the battlefield always makes me feel complicated, no matter how many times I experience it.

“You’re with her, so it’ll be okay.”

“Huh? Oh…you mean Fia…”

“What else could I be talking about?”

For a moment, I panic, thinking she can read my mind.

“Right…Hey, San, your transitions between attacks are a bit weak!”

While answering Isuna, I urge Sun to improve.

There’s only about a month until the exam.

It’s time to start pushing them harder to finish.

“Hey, can I ask you something?”

“What is it? Femu, make sure you focus on building your stamina for magic!”

While answering Isuna, I now urge Fem on.

Femu is running around the plaza to build up her stamina.

Her magic is undoubtedly powerful, but her fuel efficiency is currently too low.

“…What’s my talent?”

“Huh? Why are you suddenly asking?”

“It’s not sudden. You never teached me anything.”

“…Is that so?”

“Yes. You always focus on the other.”

When she says that, I realize I haven’t taught Isuna anything outside of class.

But it’s not like I have ignored her.

In fact, she’s so capable that I didn’t need to focus on her as much.

“Um, about your talent…isn’t it magic?”

After some thought, that’s the answer I come up with.

Being able to use sixth-tier magic at her age is quite impressive.

“I used to think that too, but…do you think I can beat her?”

Isuna points her finger towards the plaza where Femu, wearing a large robe, is desperately running around.

“It’s impossible.”

I answer honestly.

By normal standards, Isuna can be said to have sufficient magical talent. However, compared to Femu, who can manipulate even the mysterious existence known as negative mana and perform strategic-level magic alone, it is too much of a gap.

“But your academic performance is great right?”

Although there are only five people in the group, Isuna’s academic performance is almost the best, second only to Anna. Even compared to the top performers in that academy, her intelligence is not inferior.

“But in that board game, I couldn’t even compete with Fia…”


I recall last night’s events and stumble on my words. Indeed, that ability to see beyond the conventional rules could be described as the ability of a genius that would make even a prodigy sneer. Although it may be a skill with a slightly different focus from academic ability, it is clear which one is irreplaceable.

“In that case… what about… martial arts…?”

“If I had a mock battle with San right now, I’d be knocked out in an instant…”

I watch San practicing her form against the empty space a little way away. Isuna has relatively high physical abilities as a succubus, but catching up with the innate abilities of an elf is an almost impossible task.

“Weapons, then…?”

“I’ve already been shown the difference to the point of hating them by Anna…”

“Is that so…”

I haven’t actually seen Anna use weapons seriously. However, if Isuna, who is usually so confident, says so, then it must be quite something.

“Wait, cooking! You’re definitely the best at cooking, right?”

“Yes, I suppose I am the best among my sisters… but you seem to enjoy Rose’s cooking more, don’t you?”


Unable to come up with a response to Isuna’s suspicious gaze, I remained silent.

Both of their cooking skills were impeccable, but the truth was that my unsophisticated palate slightly preferred the nostalgic flavor of Rose’s dishes over Isuna’s refined cuisine.

“Even if it’s a lie, just say that my cooking is better! Please!”

“Sorry, sorry. But it’s not a big deal, you’re skilled at everything you do. In fact, that’s the hardest thing to achieve, you know?”

I tried to pacify Isuna, who’s now sulking. San, Fia, and Femu were not particularly exceptional in anything other than their specialized skills. So, on average, Isuna was undoubtedly superior.

“No, no, nooo! That’s just being versatile! I want to have something amazing too!”

“Okay, okay, stop it! Actually, I didn’t mention it earlier, but you have an incredible talent!”

I had no intention of hiding it, but I didn’t want to be the one to say it. Isuna possessed a huge talent that, if properly utilized, could combine with her racial traits to produce incredible destructive power.

“Really?! What is it?!”

Isuna stopped and looked at me with hopeful, innocent eyes.

“Listen carefully, okay?”

Facing Isuna, I placed both hands on her exposed shoulders and felt the soft, moist skin unique to women on the palms of my hands.


I could hear the sound of her swallowing nervously.

“You’re the one with the biggest…,”

As I spoke through my palms, a mixture of nervousness and anticipation was conveyed.

“…chest among your sisters!”
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