Episode 15 – The Head of the Ministry of Navy Is Staring at a Child’s Graffiti

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 Tokyo, Red Brick Building of the Ministry of Navy

[We Seek for The Warriors of the Skies!]

“That’s a nice phrase.”

“Well, I suppose so….”

“Warrior of the skies”, The phrase sounds heroic, which is a good thing.


“Couldn’t you have done something about this drawing?”

Illustration (By Mitemin https://12348.mitemin.net/i277955/)

“It’s just  a drawing.”

“But it looks like a child’s drawing.”

The head seems to be dislocated, and I can’t help but feel that the buttocks isn’t drawn properly

“In fact, it must have been drawn by a child.”

“Is there something wrong about it?”


Would an adult normally use an “X” to cross over the word “ship” because it was incorrectly written and was supposed to be “aviation”?

I wouldn’t do such a thing. This is just like drawing from a Kindergartner…

‘It’s a decision made by the Aviation Department.”

“I can’t stand it when other departments does things on its own without permission.”

“The recruitment of aviation trainees is under the jurisdiction of the Aviation Department after all.”

“But, still..”

“There are a lot of things you can do to get around the situation, like asking for help and such.”

“This is a rumour, but it seems that apparently, Fujimiya-sama is the one who drew this picture.”

“What? Fujimiya-sama?:

“It’s just a rumour.”

I’ve heard that …… Fujimiya-sama is involved in various activities, but I’m surprised that she also created this poster.

“Hmmm…… If Fujimiya-sama drew this, then it is a tasteful picture.”

“Sir, that was a quick change in opinion…”

“Huh? never mind then.”

We military personnel are nothing more than officials who receive a stipend from the state, so we can’t afford to disrespect the Imperial family.

“So you think it’s necessary to show our royalty some respect?”

“Well, that’s what I’m saying.”


 Don’t sigh! You’ll let your happiness slip away.

“But wait, what is this?”

“What’s what?”

“Hey, look here. Isn’t this a joint recruitment by the Navy and the Army?

“It says ‘Imperial Army and Navy Aviation Headquarters, joint aviation trainee recruitment.’”

Isn’t this an abuse of command authority?

“It seems that the aviation department is in a good relationship with the higher ups, being an external department”

“Ever since Prime Minister Matsui and Vice Minister Nagata took over, the aviation department’s atmosphere has changed.”

“I see. I didn’t expect such a change just by removing the “Imperial Way” faction from the center of the army.” [1]

“Was it that surprising?”


I was surprised too. I thought it was impossible for the Army to become moderate even if heaven and earth were turned upside down.[2]

“The army seems to be moving to change the throttle lever of their aircrafts to the navy style.”

“Oh? You mean the Army has given in?

“They may be trying to unify the way aircrafts are operated.”

Come to think of it, there was a movement to create an separate air force, although it has drifted away.

As a remnant of that movement, it may be that the Army and Navy are jointly recruiting air trainees.

If this can improve the efficiency of training, it would be mutually beneficial.

“And while you’re at it, teach them how to navigate at sea.”

“Japan is an island nation, and if it can’t fly alone to Okinawa, Taiwan, and the South Seas Islands, then it’s pointless.”

No? As expected, it’s impossible to reach the Inner South Sea, right?

“How many trainees were admitted this year?”

“204, I believe.”

“That’s not a lot…”

“Too little, sir?”

In a war, it is not only you who shoot, but the enemy also shoots. Naturally, soldiers on your side also die. With the current enrollment of trainee airmen, it is highly likely that replenishment will not be able to keep up with the pace of deaths in battle.

Airmen are a special profession. They are different from infantrymen who can shoot a gun simply by being drafted and given simple military training.

This also applies to warships and merchant ships. Hmmm… Do we need more reserve officers? Shall we create a short-term officer system in which people with higher education are made temporary officers?

This is something worth considering.

“We should try to double, or even triple, the admissions for the next term.”

“We’ll also have to consider the budget, but I still think we should look at increasing the number of admissions.”

“We can’t lose to the Army.”

We can’t just let the army take the potentially excellent personnel.. The navy, which is a group of engineers, is the one that requires excellent human resources..

“But at the moment, it is still peacetime. Can we get such an abundant budget?”

“It is too late to start training pilots in a hurry after wartime.”

It takes two to three years at the earliest for a pilot to become a full-fledged pilot. If it takes two to three years at the earliest, the war may be over. Or the Empire is about to lose the war and the situation is critical.

“But we can’t make any moves until we have a budget.”

“Budget! Budget! Budget! Everyone is fighting for the budget with their eyes wide open!”

“But we can’t do anything without a budget.”

“I know, I know, but it’s hard.”

I know this and understand it in my head, but I can’t help my emotions.

All I can do is sigh.

Haa~ …

Prince Chichibu’s residence, Tokyo

“Ms. Fujimiya, why have you been holding your head?”

“Nn… Wait…”

I never thought that a picture I drew just for fun would be used for a poster to recruit pilots!

Did you?

If I have to make an excuse, I didn’t push it myself or apply for the job at the aviation headquarters.

I just wrote it down and left it out there, but before I knew it, it was gone.

I thought, “That’s strange.” – I thought it was strange, but I had forgotten about it, and then it was announced to the world and I finally remembered it!

“Hey Natsuko-san. Do you know my scribbled drawings of planes and pilots?”


Ah, she turned her head away. So it was her! [TLN: UOHHHH SO CUTE AND FUNNY 😭😭😭]

  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imperial_Way_Faction

“a political faction in the Imperial Japanese Army active in the 1920s and 1930s. The Kōdōha sought to establish a military government that promoted totalitarian, militaristic and aggressive expansionistic ideals.”

  1. The military during this period in Japan was very aggressive and radical

I severely underestimated the research i had to do to pick this up again… also yeah, im baack

I hope i can get back to my own novels soon too lol






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