Chapter 0: Prologue

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雪季 – Fuyu

春太 – Haruta

The ceiling is close. That’s what he always thinks of in the morning. 

From childhood, he has gotten used to this scenery from the upper bunk of the bunk bed. 

But now that he’s a high school freshman, as expected, that bunk bed he used since he was a kid now feels cramped. 

He doesn’t like the feeling of oppression when he’s this close to the ceiling. 

Haruta who felt that way every morning never asked his parents to buy him a regular bunk bed. 

He touches his phone’s screen at his bedside. In a flash, the LCD displays the time, 06:32. 

It’s a little too early to wake up. 

Even if he sleeps half an hour more, he would still be able to reach the school with plenty of time to spare. 

In any case, for no particular reason, he woke up early in the morning. 

Taking the phone with him, he turns around and places his leg by the ladder. 

He raises his body up, but when he’s about to take a step down on the ladder to descend–


That girl was there. 

Long glossy straight brown hair, weaved into a charming braid, along with a red hairclip on top. 

With a well-refined face, delicate shoulders, as well as a huge and expanding chest with a white bra wrapping it up.

Below that is a navy blue miniskirt. Only her right foot has the same navy blue color kneesock. Certainly, she was in the middle of changing clothes. 

Her big eyes keep widening it turns into a perfect circle, she gasped for air and suddenly–. 


“O- oi..!”

A screaming young lady. 

She backed away as if she was about to flee–

“Haah–, I’m surprised. Seriously, I never thought onii-chan would wake up this early”

The smiling girl took a huge breath of relief while saying so in an annoyed tone. 

“Sorry, sorry Fuyu. I woke up earlier than usual today. But… you don’t need to be that surprised though” 

While Haruta puts on a bitter smile, he descends the stairs slowly. 

This room with the size of eight tatami mats is the sibling’s room. 

Accompanying the bunk bed, there are two study tables placed side by side along the wall which have been used since primary school. 

The bookshelf is shared between the two of them, there are shounen manga along with shoujo manga in there. 

They each have half of the closet when fully opened, their clothes were hung up in there. 

“How unusual. You can still sleep for another 30 minutes, you know. I’ll wake you up, so why don’t you sleep a little longer?”

“Though it’s rare, I can wake early once in a while. Nonetheless, sorry for interrupting you when you’re changing clothes.”

“Ahaha, no problem” 

Fuyu turns her back to Haruta and bends over to put on the other kneesock

From the hem of the miniskirt, he saw a fleeting glimpse of white panties. 

“…Fuyu, did your skirt get shorter again?”

“Ah, did you find out?”

Fuyu turns her face around while sticking her tongue out.

It was a deceptively cute gesture 

“I just shortened it only slightly… I make sure to make it in a length that would look cute though. Can’t I?” 

“It’s nice to see Fuyu being cute and all, but if you bend over just a little then it’ll be visible, you know” 

“Hmm, for some reason my middle school doesn’t allow shorts, maybe I should make them a little longer”

“Please do that. Well, in any case, Fuyu’s legs are long, so the mini skirt still looks good on you”


While she makes that weird laughing voice, she puts on the other half of the kneesocks. Suddenly, she spins around in a full turn.

The miniskirt freely flutters around, I see the fleeting white panties yet again. 

“How is it? Onii-chan” 

“Yes, very cute” 

Fuyu herself knows very well she’s cute. 

She had this self-awareness for a long time already, and since becoming a middle school student she devotes herself completely to self-improvement. 

Around the time when she went up to the second year of middle school, she dyed her hair light brown and put on light make-up. 

She looks after her hair and skin passionately, learns about fashion trends, and doesn’t skimp on her underwear.

“I’m happy to receive onii-chan’s praise, I’ll extend the length of my skirt…but, there’s one problem”

“A problem?”

“Here, my chest is getting bigger again, see”

“Hmn…? I don’t really see it”

Ji~~, Haruta is staring at Fuyu’s chest covered by the white bra. (TL: He’s staring at it).

Fuyu is still in her third year in middle school. 

For her age, she has a rather huge inflating chest in an excellent bowl-shaped. 

However, even if it grows about a centimeter, you can’t really notice the difference.

“Look, you can tell just by touching it, right?”

“I wonder, isn’t it difficult to tell even by touch?”

While saying that, Haruta touches the chest covered by the bra.

Though it’s obscured by the bra, he can feel the softness and the size that does not fit in the palm of his hand. 

“Wa- wait, onii-chan”

“Hm, what is it?”

Having her chest touched, Fuyu’s face is turning red as she glares at Haruta. 

“You’re touching it too rough! Even though putting it on was a great hassle, now it’s out of place” 

“That was the reason why you’re getting mad?!” 

He thought she was angry because he rub her chest without consideration, but he was completely wrong. ‘

“Ha~, it’s really difficult to set up this bra so I would look pretty, you know. It’s quite a chore”

“You don’t show that to people anyway, do you? In the first place, if you move around, wouldn’t it slip out of place again?”

“When I’m wearing it, I want it to fit on my chest perfectly”

“I- is that so… Sorry then” 

Even though Haruta is apologizing, he also feels a little dumbfounded by her

Whatever he thought was a good thing, now somehow he’s unsure if it was actually bad. 

Nevertheless, Fuyu’s quite stubborn about all sorts of stuff.

She’s the type of girl who has to decide exactly where to place the TV’s remote and other things, and if they’re even slightly out of alignment, she can’t resist but arrange them again. 

“Apology accepted. That aside, I need to increase the bra size again” 

“Didn’t you just buy a new bra not too long ago?”

He just remembered, Fuyu deliberately showed him her recently bought white, pink, and light blue bras one by one. 

She asked her brother for his approval on whether those bras suited her or not back then.  

“The bra is not cheap you know. I can’t afford it with my allowance, can I? Well, let’s ask mom to pay for it”

“Will onii-chan accompany me to help me talk to mom about this….?”

There’s a demanding little sister with her eyes turned upward. 

“Okay, okay. Mom has a soft spot for Fuyu for some reason anyway, so I’m sure you’ll be fine” 

In Haruta’s home, they give more allowance than average, the rule is that they pay for their own daily necessities.

However, the boy’s and the girl’s underwear are an exception. 

Fuyu’s precious allowance is rapidly consumed due to her growing body, it is quite pitiful. 

If Haruta asked, mom would probably at least pay for her underwear.

But in case she wouldn’t do it, Haruta wouldn’t mind using his own money to help her.  

“I’m glad. Let me finish changing clothes in just a second. I think I’m going with a necktie for today. Onii-chan, can you tie it for me?” 

“Just letting you know, if I do it, the knot will be slightly bigger, okay?”

While having a wry smile, Haruta receives a necktie from Fuyu.

Fuyu wears her blouse and fastened the buttons. 

In her middle school, the girls have a choice of either using a necktie or ribbon for their school uniform.  

In the case of Fuyu, she looks good in either of them, but secretly Haruta thinks the necktie looks cuter. 

Wrapping the necktie around the little sister’s slender base neck, promptly tied it up. 

“Yea, as expected, the knot looks crooked” 

“Don’t worry about it, here. A little rough like this makes it look cute. Really cute”


Fuyu jumps (TL: Like ‘pyon’ thing) to Haruta and clings to him.

“O- oi, after thoroughly tying it up, it’s going to lose its shape, you know!”

“It’s morning hug, okay? Morning hug. I just forgot to do it” 

Fuyu is squeezing him tightly.  

As for the idea of embracing each other with the little sister every morning… Fuyu behaves a lot like a spoiled child at that moment. 

While Haruta has a wry smile on his face, he hugs Fuyu’s delicate body tightly. 

Even though it’s a slender body, she looks bigger overall, including her chest. 

But still, in spite of all that, she’s still just his little sister after all.  

For as long as he can remember, she’s still his cute little sister as alwa-

“Alrighty then, time to make breakfast. Onii-chan, how do you want your eggs?”

“Since we had fried egg yesterday, then it would be nice to have a scrambled egg for today”

“Leave it to me. I’ll make it tender and delicious” 

Fuyu boldly claims, and she firmly clenches her fist.

Not only she’s cute, she even makes breakfast. 

I wonder if there are any other sisters who is as capable as this one. 

For that morning, Haruta was the happiest brother in the world.

At that time… he was the happiest in the world. 

This chapter was sadly had to be edited/censored a bit on 01/18/2023 for overlord google has been angered, we shall see if this is enough
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