Maou Reijou – Chapter 47

|| TL: miyakriko ||

“i’m screwed…”

on a night off, i groaned in my room

after bragging to look cool, i still haven’t found Fia’s talent

there’s not much time left until the exam

while not everything is all about the exam, it’s true that if they don’t pass it, there’s a good chance they won’t be able to move up

i’d like to ay that there’s no such thing as a talentless child, but the frustration of finding nothing is just increasing

don’t worry too much you’ll find her talent eventually…

before i knew it Isuna who’s somehow completely settled into my room, talks to me from across the desk

though she goes back to her own room when going to sleep, but i still dont like the idea of a young woman going to a man’s room at night

however i don’t have the energy to tell her off right now

“come on, let’s do that for a change of phase. hey!”

Isuna said that with a smile after taking a sip of tea as if she knew or didn’t know of my current state of mind

“huh? oh… that thing…”

the thing that Isuna points to is a board game widely played in the human world

“nee? it’s fine right?”

she begs with a sweet gesture and hint to her voice

“geez, just a little bit…”

i take out a set of pieces from the shelf and place them on the desk

i line up various pieces inspired by armies, such as kings and foot soldiers on the board

the rules are simple, move the pieces alternately and the first person to capture the king wins

Isuna seems to have been completely absorbed in the game after learning the rules, i wonder if this is a completey new thing for the demons

“i’m gonna win today…”

Isuna’s getting fired up as she rolls up her sleeves

as i watch her, i think about how much i should hold back today…

there was a knock on the door


“ah, yes… is it ok for me to come in?”

i hear a voice respond to me on the other side of the door

“ah, it’s fine”

“excuse me”

Fia opens the door and enters the room

perhaps she’s starting to get mentally exhausted from the constant failures as there’s a slight shadow on her face

“that’s it, Fia why don’t you try it too”

“that’s it, Fia why don’t you try it too”

maybe having her use her head will distract for a bit

“eh? what do you mean?”

“fia asks confused with my sudden invitation”

“this. it’s a famous board game in the human world”

“board game…?”

seems like FIa’s not familiar with the term itself, as she tilts her head and looks curiously at the pieces arranged on the desk

“ah, it’s a game that two people play by competing against each other. so how about it?”

“uhm, in that case since im here…”

i don’t know if she’s interested or just can’t refuse the invitaion but she readily agrees

“well then, Fia. let’s play together first. i’ll teach you”

“y-yes. please”

at Isuna’s suggestion, Fia sits down a little hesitant

she then receives a simple explanation from her on how to move the pieces

“the basics are easy so you should be able to memorize them right?”

“uhm, i think i can…maybe…”

“well then, let’s do it. since it’s your first time, i’ll let you go first”

“yes, uh…let’s see… this small piece can move forward…”

Fia hesitantly moves a pawn piece with her shaky hand

when it’s Isuna’s turn, she moves a piece without any sign of thinking

while it’s a strategy game, the movments in the early stage are organized into several systems so there’s not much need to

Isuna’s already skilled enough to be considered to be at lower dan by human standards

the game would have been over already if she didnt’t go easy on her

it’s Fia’s turn again

this time she moves the piece after thinking for moment

it’s a formation i’ve never seen before, but it’s probably because she’s a beginner

“knight, take it down!”

“ah… it was eaten…”

Fia’s knight piece which she was just holding was eaten in a instant

“oi oi, give her a break it’s her first time”

“i-i did…”

doubt it

she might have fogotten that her opponent is a complete beginner

“uhm, this can move diagonally…”

ignoring the eaten piece, Fia leisurely checks the movments of the pieces

her face seems to have lost a bit of the heavy look she had unlike when she just entered the room

“fufu, the game has been mostly decided. remember to keep your pieces seperated and attack when you can”
[TN: isuna’s gonna get uno reversed isnt she]

Isuna advises Fia with a triumphant look

“i see…”

Fia nods impressed, while staring intently at the board

after that the battle between the two continued with Isuna still in the lead

“hm? why are you moving in some weird places?”

“ahaha… i still don’t really understand this…”

Fia placed a wizzard piece on the edge of the board

Fia looks towards Isuna with a embarrassed smile, who’s having a hard time reading her moves

however, i have a strange feeling from that move

i stare at the board, trying to understand her intention

one move, then another, and it continues on

after about five moves, i realzed

hm? could it be… fifteen moves later…

as the sound of pieces being placed and moved on the board echoed inside the room

Isuna and Fia seems to be following a pattern i had imagined as if being controlled

“eh? wha…what…?”

as the turn continues, Isuna also notices this

her expression gradually grows impatient

“no…no way…”

it’s clear that Isuna’s king lost it’s escape route






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  1. Coolman Avatar

    Her Talent is intelligence not physical or magical.

  2. touchoflemon Avatar

    Back line war strategist/logistics master in the making

    I was hoping honestly that somehow she had power only at night time but no one knew

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