Maou Reijou – Chapter 46

|| TL: miyakriko ||

the next morning after listening to Fia

during morning practice i offered Fia that i’d teach her one on one for a while same as i did with Femu

however, Fia declined saying she shouldn’t take up my time instead focus on San and Femu

i accepted and respected her choice which is typical of Fia

instead we decided to hold morning practice the same as usual and instead use the time between dinner to bedtime to help Fia

it would eat up time for me to prepare for classes, but it won’t be a problem if i sleep late

at the end of the day

Fia and I are alone in the plaza, which was moderately lit thanks to the lighting

“alright, let’s go!”


a lively response, unlike yesterday

what we’re about to do is simply touch on various subjects and try to find what Fia’s good at

no doubt it’ll take a toll on both her mind and body

she may be low on energy, but if she could pull through that’ll be great

first up, archery

it has a low dependence on physical ability

maybe Fia could do it

“uuh… it wont launch forward~”

it didn’t

“its okay! there’s still more we could do!”

i pat Fia’s shoulder who’s surrounded by scattered arrows on the ground to help encourage her

although it didnt work out, something might come up in the long run

however, its more important to let her experience as much as possible

next up, swordsmanship

it might be hard physically, but who knows she might have some hidden talent–

“hm? what are you two doing at this hour?”

while i was explaining to Fia how to hold and stand with a sword, someone called out to us just out of reach of the lights

“ah…. Anna-neesan”

Fia calls her sister’s name towards the darkness, perhaps she has good night vision

then a few moments later, the owner of the voice appears in front of me

“i thought it was someone else, but it’s Anna”

the girl with bright red hair that stands out even in the darkness stares at us curiously

“what are you two doing?”

“uhm, i was having sensei teach me about swordsmanship…”

“Fia with swords…? fumu…”

Anna stares at Fia even closer who’s holding a sword

“it’s beter to stop before you get injured, there’s just some things your not suited to do”

she say’s flatly, as if to cut her off

“but… i won’t know unless i try…”

“no, i can see with how you’re holding that sword. you’ll just get swung around by it”

indeed, you can tell its dangerous by how she’s holding it

Anna’s way of speaking is a bit too straightforward, but she’s not wrong

“in that case, Anna what do you think Fia is suitable with?”

“for Fia…? hmm…”

Anna puts her hand on her chin and thinks

she usually takes a steb back in regards to the other sisters, but with her prespective she might be able to give an interesting idea

“she’s cute unlike me… she might be more suitable to be someone’s bride”

Anna said with a mischievous grin

“b- b- bride!?”

“how about… someone… like Frey?”


“hey, don’t take it seriously now”

i said to the fourth sister, who’s taking the eldest’s mischievous joke seriously and is now turning red

“haha, well i’m not half joking either”

“don’t tease your younger sister too much. so what were you doing at this hour?”

“me? as you can see, i’m also practicing my swordsmanship”

although she said that, there’s no sign of a sword anywhere on her

“i still have some things to do, so i’ll be leaving now”

“ah, it’s dark so be careful”

turning her back to us, Anna waved her hand lightly and disappeared into the dark

i thought she would turn down training outside of classes if invited her, i didn’t think she would be training alone at this hour


even after Anna left, Fia’s still holder her red cheeks with her hands and muttering those words as if in shock

by the way, swordmanship was a complete failure as expected


the next day, we try something that we can do indoors

first we’ll try making magic tools

this is also one of the things im good at, so if there’s even a faint chance of something, i might be able to expand it out

“uhm… if i mix this with… this and then… over here… eh? the color turned purple… wha! its starting to swell! ah!”

“maybe we should stop before it explodes…”

it didn’t work

we change our approach a bit and tried cooking

the ability to make delicious food is a great talent to support

“uugh… my fingers…”

“let’s stop before your fingers become four…”

it didn’t work

over the next few days, i had Fia try everything that came to mind at random

however, no matter how many things we tried, nothing seemed to work and time just passes by






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