Maou Reijou – Chapter 44

|| TL: miyakriko ||

16 years old, height 1.56 meters, weight —

after dinner, i’m in my room rereading files about Fia

in the end, Fia didn’t show up for morning practice after that

she did attend the afternoon class, but it’s obvious to anyone that she was in a gloomy mood

i still cant stop thinking about her walking back to the mansion dejected

i’d be lying if i said i dont regret not calling out to her at the time

but its also true i dont know what to say to her

the files about Fia i have right now outright says she doesnt have a affinity to martial arts or even magic

based on what i saw this morning its certain this information is correct

i’m not saying that effort can’t surpass talent, but that’s only if you have a certain level of affinity

first i have to admit Fia lacks any talent for martial arts and magic

of course that doesn’t mean Fia has no future on these

but rather to find her real talent

i need to narrow down her race’s characteristics

like with Femu’s case i might be able to find something out

with that in mind, i read the books i got about the vampire race

unlike the ghost race, the vampire race has more books about them thanks to them being widely known in both the human and demon world

however, no matter what i read i can’t find anything useful

they’re smart

weak to sunlight

they use human blood for their life force

they share blood to others to turn them into their kin

these are the only information listed here

the second chapter is conveniently missing

as i’m half way turning the page of the book–

“hey~, i’m free so—“

i feel a light weight on my back with two soft things press up against me

“then go back to your room and sleep”

“aah~ how cold~ your words make me tremble in delight”

i feel the soft body clinging to my back tremble as it spoke

i ignore it a pick as i pick up another book

it was a report on a vampire from 20 years ago

i’m slightly interested, but i dont think it has any information related to Fia, as im about to move on to another one–

“ah, is that Noin-sama?”

Isuna said behind as she looked at the book

“Noin-sama? you know her?”

“i don’t just know her, she’s Fia’s mother”

“i see… i’ll read it then”

i pick up the book again, which i skipped and read the contents again

its a record about warriors from different races being defeated by one female vampire and them being turned into her kin

“is this really Fia’s mother…?”

the female vampire described in this is in a word, fierce

or rather a tyrant who has no other goals and just runs around rampaging with her kin

one day she defeats an elf warrior then turned him into her kin, the next day she beats up a beastman warrior then turned him too into her kin

it’s unbelievable she’s the mother of such a gentle girl

“i’m not lying. its true”

“you met her before?”

“yes, many times”

“what was she like?”

Isuna sit’s down on the chair next to me, probably she judged it’s going to be a long back and forth talk

“well… to put it simply she’s the female version of father…”

what’s with that description… a female version of your father…

“sorry, could you explain it more clearly?”

i don’t even know what kind of person the demon king is to begin with

even if she gives examples i still wont get it

“well… she not only just strong, she also has a reckless personality with some kind of strage charisma or something…”

“i see…”

the more i listen to her to more i see that FIa is the complete opposite of her mother

“in the end, i heard that 500 people became her kin until they were all stopped by father”

“the demon lord stopped them?”

the book in front of me doesn’t say that

“yes, i heard it’s a story before she reached her current position when she was still younger. it’s a battle still talked about by those who were still alive at the time”


sadly the book in front of me doesn’t go into much detail

i’m curious, but i’ll look into it another time

however, in the end they both married and had a child, it seems both of their personalities was a match for both of them

as i was thinking im getting further away from the image i had of Fia, there was a knock on the door

the force on the knock was something i would have missed if we contunued the conversation

“hmm? who’s there?”

i call out to the person on the other side of the door

who could it be

the only person who would visit me at this time would be Rose, who’s in the room next to me

“uhm… it’s Fia… there’s something i want to talk about with you…”

a weak voice that sounds like its about to disappear came from the other side of the door






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