Maou Reijou – Chapter 43

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San faces a tree twice the size of her own body

“alright, let’s see it”

i said to San

now show me how much you’ve grown when i wasnt around

“hmn! Watch me! …fuu”

San begins relaxing her small body

As the strength of her body fades she exales a deep breath–

“Enchanced Crux”

She chants a magic spell that combines two runes

the surrounding mana is absored into san’s body

the absorbed mana flows towards san’s legs without being released


San lightly jumps on the spot twice


with a loud voice, she roundhouse kicks the tree

Her thin slender brown legs struck against the tree which was many times bigger than her

the tree received the kick and it broke apart as if their roles have been reversed

it lays flat on the ground making a loud noise

“hehe~! how was it!”

as the tree hit the ground, San turned around and gave a proud grin

“its amazing!”

while i was teaching Femu, San also made grea progress that i didnt expect

Even though i only taught her the basics, she really is the daughter of the demon king

combined with her youth, her growth is on another level

“right right~” so you know? can you make something for me too like with femu? please~?

she rubs up against me like a well behaved dog

“as much as i want too…its a bit too early”

“ehh~ why? you said it was amazing”

it’s certainly great progress to combine magic and martial arts… but it’s still not enough to stop and chant at the second step

no enemy would wait for someone chanting during combat

i wont say go for a chantless one, but at least chant without stopping your movements

“you’re at the point where you can apply magic and martial arts together. but its still to early for you to use tools”

“eeh- stingy…”

San narrows her eyes unhappily

“you finally reached the point where you can efficiently switch between chanting and strengthening your body during combat”

“Uhee, i still have a long way to go”

“yep, its a long rough road ahead”

i said this because San’s the type that wants to be pampered, at this rate she wont be far behind the others

as i think on how i wont be able to sleep properly for a few days again, i look at the youngest of the sisters who i just finished a making a staff for

femu who stopped hiding her face even in front of her sisters, was now sitting on bench smiling as she polishes the black staff with a piece of cloth

as for her i’ve already seen her progress so i dont need for to do the same

“you did well too Isuna, you saved me by taking care of them for me”

“you dont need to thank me for that, you did ask me to do it after all. besides…mufufu…”

as i thank Isuna, who’s been clinging to my arm since earlier for some reason she’s giving me a mischievous smile

i’ve gotten used to her clinging to my arm for some reason, but as always i cant understand what she’s thinking

“why are you laughing…”

“of course, you promised. PRO.MI.SED”

“Aah-… promise… yeah that promise”

“what. whats with that response…you didn’t forget did you?”

“i remember so relax, how many times are you going to do this”

i feel like Isuna asks this everytime i face her

i wonder if she finds this fun…

but no doubt she helped train both of them, so i cant just ignore her

“Isuna-ane is still a kid”

“shut up! i dont want to hear that from you!”

Isuna counters in response to San’s teasing

“so what, what do you want me to do? you want it now?”

“no! not yet! not now!”

“as i try to touch her which she’s still clinging to me, she quickly jumps back”

“not now… then when?”

“i want to mentally prepare myself… so i’ll tell you when…”

“huh… well it is a promise so say it anytime when your ready”

“y-yes, i’ll say it when im ready… ready… nfufu…”

Isuna says wrly

i still seriously dont know what she’s thinking

honestly its embarrassing for a girl to cling to me so i want this to be over with

“now them…”

i turn my gave to Fia

the fourth daughter, Isuna should have trained her when i was busy

she mutters to herself like she’s casting a spell while staring blankly at the void, her body tense

“well then, Fia show me how’s your progress going”

“eh…? h-hwa!!”

this is worrying

Fia starts fidgeting on the spot where San was standing earlier

im getting more worried as i watch her hand and foot move in the same direction at the same time

“Fia, calm down and take a deep breath. take slow deep breaths”

“h-hwa! deep breath… deep breath… pheew- pheew-“

“i wonder if she’ll be alright…”

as Isuna looks on worried, Fia starts to focus after finishing some odd breathing exercise

just like san did, she relaxes her self and starts drawing mana from the surrounding

“iguni ranshia!”

she casts the spell

the combined chant was supposed to release a simple flame spell

…however, nothing not even a single form of mana was released from Fia’s hand


“it’s fine. dont panic and try it again”


after that, Fia takes a concentrated deep breath this time

then she rpeats the same thing again-

“iguni ranshia!”

nothing happens

“thats it…blood, i think i didnt use enough blood?”

the sun is out today

maybe its weakening their powers as vampires because of it

“t-that might be it. if so let me replenish it a bit”

as Fia said, she takes out a blood clump that looks like candy from her pocket and throws it inside her mouth

after making a crunch sound and chewing for a bit she swallows it in one go

“Alright, lets do this again”


“Fia~ you can do it~”

a cheer came from San who’s watching a distance away

Femu who’s sitting a distance away also stops polishing her staff and looks on at her older sister worriedly

“here i go! iguni ranshia!”

however, nothing happens still

“hey Isuna… how did it go yesterday?”

i ask Isuna who’s been teaching them until yesterday

“it was somehow working yesterday…”

“what do you mean ‘somehow’?”

“well… she was able to light a candle… or something like that…”

Isuna mutters with a slightly disappointed expression

“a candle…”

i predicited it’d be worse to some extent…

but this was something i didnt expect

even after that, Fia repeated the chant several times, but no flames came out of her hand only the occasional smoke

“looks like its just not today. thats fine it happens”

i gently say to Fia, who’s exhausted and panting

“yes… sorry…”

even i know these words arent comforting

even the other sisters dont know what to say and just stare at her silently

“i’m going to the bathroom for a bit…”

“ah, okay…”

Fia starts walking towards the mansion her eyes and shoulder dejected

not knowing what to say to Fia in this stat, all i can do is silently watch her for now

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