Maou Reijou – Chapter 42

|| TL: miyakriko ||

when frey was teaaching femu

the sound of a wooden door lightly being knocked on echoed in the corridor of the Lux Martial Arts and Magic Academy

“Who’s there?”

a muffled voice of a middle aged man can be heard from the other side of the door

“it’s lily hershel. i was told by the dean that you need me for something”

“come in”

the voice of the middle aged man can be heard again behind the door

lily holding the handle slowly opens the door

“excuse me”

“take a seat”

A middle aged male teacher with slightly protruding belly, greets lily, who has just bowed and entered the room

after confirming the identity of his visitor, the man urged her to take a seat across his desk

“i’ll cut to the chase, you’re currently aware of the martial arts tournament being hosted by Lord Vuildanes will be held again this year right?”

“yes, i’m aware”

without pausing to think, lily answers immediately

in this academy there’s only one thing that those words can mean

the feld martial arts tournament

it’s a martial arts tournament named after the warrior Feld Vuildanes, a member of a group of heroes led by Lux Messiah who once dealt a massive blow on the demon army and brought the chance of a counterattack for humanity

while only the promising youth within the country can participate, it’s a tournament that’s well know not only to those at the academy, but also to anyone who aspires down the path of martial arts

“as you know, this year marks the 10th anniversary of the tournament. it seems they’re planning on holding the event at a larger scale than usual”

“is that so”

“aah, it was suddenly announced so im in a bit of a panic myself”

“what does this have to do with you calling me here?”

lily wanting to get to the point asks the teacher to get to the point

in presponse to her attitude, the man furrows his brow while holding his chiin

“the first matter that concerns you is that you’ve been selected as one of the academy’s repesentatives”

“WHA- is that true!?”

in response to his worsd, lily quickly stood up from the chair and yelled loudly

“It’s true, now sit back down and calm down”

“M-my apologizes…”

lily sat back down, her face slightly red, due to the excitement caused by the sudden news

almost 3 years have passed when she first entered the academy

while she had always been at the forefront of the academy in terms of practical performance, she was never been chosen as a representative for the academy before

This news was a complete surprise for her, as she thought that coming from a commoner background, she wouldn’t get selected this year

“normaly another candidate was selected… but Lord Vuildanes insisted that it be you, so you should be honored”

“Lord Vuildanes… yes!”

lily gave a genuine smile for the first time since frey left

naturally she felt that she’s one step closer to fullfilling her promise with Frey

If she’s able to win this tournament, the reputation it carries will be enough to have the nobility to pay attention to her

or maybe, if she catches the attention of his grace the duke, she might even be appointed as a knight

if that happens she could proudly meet frey again

a dream that seemed distant has suddenly become achievable

her heart flutters in excitement

however, the following words of the man shattered these thoughts

“but, i have a condition”


“Yes, during the final match between our students, and if you’re there…”

the amn stares at lily’s face

without saying anymore, the atmosphere that he gives out is obvious

“you’re saying you want me to lose on purpose?”

lily understood his intentions quickly

she knew all too well that this was how things worked at this academy, in this country

essentially, the tournament was nothing more than a demonstration by the aristocracy

a way to prove that no matter how hard the commoners trained, they could never match the aristocracy, who had been educated with an abundance of money and time

in the first place, during the first tournament, almost all of the top performers are all students of the academy

even exceptions like Lily, who appear from time to time, have been swallowed up by powerful wealth and power, but she has no way of knowing this

“i didnt say something of the sort, but do understand you’re only allowed to participate. keep that in mind”

its clear that the words of the man in front of her is not that of a teacher, but rather an offer of someone wealthy

lily believes that accepting the offer would go against Frey’s will

jowever, she also thinks that even being a runner-up would bring her closer to her promise with Frey, and her heart begins to be tortured by this choice.

there’s still time until the tournament. Take your time and think it over

the man says while implying lily to leave

“can i ask one thing?”

“what is it?”

“what if the opponent of the finals wasn’t from the academy…?”

“not from our academy…hahaha! if their not from our academy, i see…”

the man laughs and thinks for a moment as he didnt consider the posibility

i dont think is likely to happen, but if it did do as you please

“understood. then if you’ll excuse me…”

lily stands up and heads towards the door that she entered through

“make a decision with your future in mind”

as she walked out with dignified steps, the man said to her one last time






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