Chapter 9: Identity of the Maid

|| TL: Tori ||

Made Cafe・Madeream

“So many people.”

“Well, it’s a well-known chain.”

The maid cafe Madeream was established about a year ago and is close to my house, so Manabu and I have been frequenting this place.

It was originally my plan to spend the summer holidays here with Manabu and talk with the cute maids, but since I’ve been working out so hard, I’ve never been to this place since I was reborn in this world.



“Keisuke isn’t coming, is he?”

“Yeah. He’s tired from being stared at at school.”

“I was hoping the three of us could come.”

“Well, he’s working hard in his own way, so I don’t think there’s any hurry.”

“I guess so.”

Keisuke is not good with crowds, so I have invited him to go to a maid coffee shop a few times, but he has turned me down on all of them.

“Manabu-Goushujin-sama! Tatsumi-Goushujin-sama! Please come inside.”

Our turn came, and after a small nod to each other, we went inside.

“It’s been a while! We have been worried about you since we didn’t see you during the summer vacation.”

The familiar maid attendant, who never broke into a smile, rolled her eyes and opened her mouth half open as soon as she saw our faces. Then she opened her mouth in surprise.

“Uh um, excuse me……but aren’t you the VIP’s Tatsumi-sama and Manabu-sama who always use this place?”

It seems that they misunderstood that we were different people. So, in order to clear up the misunderstanding, I open my mouth to the maid who is in charge of guiding us.

“Well……you are right. We worked out during the summer vacation and got a makeover…..”


When the maid heard my words, she opened her mouth with a pout and let out a loud yell. This caused the people around us to look at us.

Among them was the blonde, cocky maid who has always been a great help to us.

We were shown to our seats and sat down on chairs.

“This place is always so relaxing, isn’t it? Tatsumi.”

“Yeah, it is.”

“Just looking at the beautiful and cute maids working like this blows away the fatigue from my mind.”

“Just looking at them won’t fill you up. Let’s order something.”

“I guess so.”

Manabu smiles and looks over the menu. Then the blonde maid we saw earlier comes toward us.

Usually she welcomes us with a “thank you for coming” in an unmaid-like tone of voice, but this time she is clutching her skirt tightly as she looks at us with a jittery look in her eyes. Maybe it’s my imagination, but her cheeks are a little red.

“Oh, is that……Miss Maririn?” [TL/N: It’s actually Marilyn, I just changed it into Jap accent.]

Manabu asked Maririn, as if she couldn’t stand being there anymore. She seemed to come to her senses, made her usual expression, and replied to us.

“Amazing, really, you and Manabu. It’s really you and Manabu, isn’t it?”

“Yo, yo……it’s been a while.”

I returned with an awkward smile, but for a reincarnated me, it’s the first time we’ve ever met…….


Maririn puts her hand on her chin and stares into my eyes. I don’t know why I feel as if I’m being pried. 

As if to make fun of my confusion, she came even closer to us and bent down to talk to us at the same level as us.

“You both look great, I was worried that I hadn’t seen you for a long time, but it’s a relief to see your handsome faces like this.”

“I’d like to say that it’s thanks to Tatsumi pulling me……into this, or rather it wouldn’t have been possible without him………Tatsumi thought of everything from muscle training plans to how to change my makeup…………”

“What are you talking about? You could have gotten a makeover because you put in the sweat and effort, right?”

Manabu looks away and scratches the back of his hair in embarrassment.

“I’m not going to do that. I’ll be embarrassed too…….”

“Heh…’s all thanks to you…….”

The first time I saw her, she was a little devilishly poking me in the chest with her fist, and then she opened her mouth again.

“You can do it if you put your mind to it! Hehe!”



Her soft blonde hair shook and her emerald eyes reflected our bewildered appearance. Her huge breasts, even larger than those in Kondo’s past memories, are enhanced by the unique construction of her maid’s uniform. And her pale wheat-colored legs, stretched out from her small skirt, showed off their beautiful shape as if to prove that she was a healthy beauty. She is one of the most popular maids in the store. She is a little cocky, but even that is sublimated into her personality. The aura she exudes and her skill in capturing people’s hearts are probably one of the best.

Incidentally, this girl gets fucked by me a lot in “Hypnotizing a childhood friend of a handsome boy who looks down on me in class – extra edition.” It was really spectacular to see her, a little devil, being thoroughly degraded by me in the past as a fat boy. It was a short story, but the impact was huge.

As we gawked at Maririn with bated breath, she seemed aware of her surroundings and brushed her hair out of her face before standing up.

“By the way, what would you like to order?”

“Chu Oh, that’s right. I’ll have the moe moe omelette. And you, Manabu?”

“Oh, I’ll have……I’ll have one with Tatsumi too!”

“Yes, two Moe Moe omelets. It’s a double omelet, so let’s have a double moe moe kyun, shall we?”

“Yes, yes! I’ve been waiting for Miss Maririn’s moe moe kyun!”

Manabu said excitedly with his hands around his head, breathing hard.

He seems to be more of a nerd than I am.

Well, it was me who made him fall in love with anime and video games……before my reincarnation.

I thought to myself, and gave a warm look to Manabu, who was giving an impassioned speech to Maririn-chan.


Maririn side

“Hmmm ♫ fufufufun ♫ I’m home~”

It was a beautiful blonde girl in school uniform who entered her own house through the front door while humming. She took off her shoes before entering the living room. The usual person is sitting on the sofa in the living room, staring at his cell phone. The beautiful blonde girl looked at him and frowned in disgust before opening her mouth.

“Brother, if you’re at home……please try reacting instead.”


“What’s with the scowl? That’s funny. Just because things aren’t going well with you and Kanna doesn’t mean you have to look like a man who lost his whole world.”

“Shut up.”

“Oh, you think I’m right?”

“Damn it…….”


“You’re in a great mood, aren’t you?”

Hayama probed toward his own sister who was humming and heading to the washroom to wash her hands.

Marin Hayama happily began talking to her own brother.

“Because I found a super cool guy at my part-time job!”

“Heh, better than me? You work at a maid cafe full of creepy geeks, right?”

[TL/N: I swear to God, this mf is so full of himself.]

“Haah!? What are you talking nonsense? That’s disgusting. Of course he’s better looking than you, brother. There are all kinds of people in this world.”

“But even if they were, how could they communicate with you if they were customers or something?”

“Hee hee! But, yes, I can.”

“You…..well, even if you do, they are most likely to be a pervert. Be careful.”

“I think you’d better stop talking like that. You’re going to get your foot in of your mouth someday.”

“Shut up……! You’re my sister, and you’re talking to me like shit.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Marin, the younger sister, gave her own brother a fitting dismissal and went into the washroom. Then she tried to remember what had happened today.

[Thanks for coming over today! I’ll be mad if you don’t come just because you’ve become a handsome guy.]

“Ha, yes! Miss Maririn, I’ll do my best not to give up my VIP position! Right? Tatsumi?”

“I’ll do my best to give up my VIP status. It was fun.”

In this vein, the two would be leaving. But Marin’s goal has not been achieved yet.


[Well then, Goushujin-sama, please come again….kyaa!!”


She steps (deliberately?). She stepped off and stumbled toward Kondo Tatsumi. Kondo holds her in his arms as she falls.

Kondo then took her in his arms and held her up, “Are you okay?”

“Uh, yeah……. sorry.”

“I’m glad you’re okay.”


The maids around her rushed to her and bowed their heads to Kondo, expressing their gratitude. As attention was drawn to his face, Marin sneaked a piece of paper with her RINE account on it into Kondo’s pocket.

Marin checks her reflection in the vanity mirror and smiles.

The hardness of Kondo’s tight muscles that I felt the moment he hugged me. Every time I remembered that feeling, I felt something like electricity coursing through my body. But this is not a bad feeling.

A change accomplished in just a month or so.

She knows his past times well. That is why she also knows how hard Kondo worked.

It is not that she is satisfied with her current self and refuses to grow, but that she has the ambition to identify her shortcomings and use them as a foothold for growth.

Marin Hayama is still in her first year of high school.

But her pale wheat-colored cheeks are cherry-red as she licks her tongue.







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