Chapter 3: Peaceful discussion with Yura Kanase (First Part)

|| TL: Draco ||

Iruka returned to class in the middle of the sixth period, said a few words to the teacher and sat on his seat in the middle row by the window.

I was never told anything about the counseling.

By the way, Kaya, who went to the classroom first, is not here in Class 1-3.

It was simply because she’s in Class 1-2, which was located besides my classroom.

I took out my textbook while listening to the fluent English and Japanese language. The blonde girl in front of me turned her body to the side towards me.

“You’re late, is it because of Hamamiya?”

The girl who whispered to my ears is very well kept. Short blonde hair and angled eyes, the smile on her lips gives the impression of a mischievous child.

However, one could see that she was a very fashionable girl from the messy hair and light makeup. Not to mention the piercing in her ears and the necklace hanging from her neck.

She is Kanase Yura, one of Iruka’s few friends.


“What did you do this time? A punch to the face? Or is it a knee kick straight to the guts like before?”

[TLN: Before!? Feels bad for the MC ngl.]

“Unfortunately, it’s a stair-don this time, you know I went goro goro dokkan! I can only thank my parents for giving me this strong body.”

I’m just making fun of it.

[TLN: boy you better do it, the thanking i mean.]

“……… Huh.”

He sensed a deliberate pause, but Iruka ignored it.

“But you’re doing well isn’t it?”

“What did?”

“No, no there’s no boke1 in this flow.”

She erased her smile for a moment and lowered her voice and said.

“I’m talking about Hamamiya.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“No matter how you look at it, she got some loose screws in her head doesn’t she?”

I won’t deny Yura’s unreserved words.

“If there’s something she doesn;t like then she’ll act violent and emotionally unstable.”

“She’s also very charming.”

Yura said “pervert” when I said it out loud.

“Well… You think it’s funny to say that, don’t you? Just the other day I saw you get beaten up. I began to wonder if i did something stupid. And when I asked you the next day, you dare say it?”

[TLN: My man, why are you being stupid, there is literally a top tier girl in front of you. Why did you decide to stick your dick in crazy.]

“What? Why don’t you just concentrate in the English class?”

I look at the old man teacher who continues to explain in fluent Japanese and English. There are many relative pronouns.

Yura sighs without even looking at the teacher.

“He can’t hear us, so it’s fine. It’s not like you don’t understand what I’m saying did you? I mean you saying ‘Kaya-chan isn’t bad’.”

Was there such a thing?

Getting beat up by Kaya is a daily occurance so I don’t know what she means.

Furthermore, remembering each cause of violence would never end.

“It’s disgusting.”

Such unreserved words pierce my heart.

[TLN: There’s still a chance! Can the MC wake up from his stupid hormone filled simping!?]

“Isn’t the way you say it makes it sound wrong? How about this, ‘Iruka who did the best for the person he loves is the best! Suki!’ like that.”

[TLN: and it’s gone…]

“It’s disgusting. Don’t try to change the topic. Anyways, even though you got beaten up for such an incomprehensible reason you kept apologizing. Repeating “Kaya chan is not bad” feels really disgusting.”

[TLN: Iruka, my man, please. Just please. Don’t refute her. Finding a true friend is hard, I speak from experience. And you’re going to lose her if you keep going.]

She speaks from the bottom of her heart while nodding. The tears in her eyes are about to fall.

“The way you say it makes it seems ba-”

“Don’t make fun of me.”

[TLN: God. Fucking. Kill. The. MC. You know what the MC didn’t deserve me calling his name. Imma refer to him as idiot.]

With a serious tone the smile that Yura has been wearing until now disappears.

[TLN: reader’s i’m sorry, but i gotta write my TLN, idk how to cope with this shit anymore. Alexa play bakamitai.]

“Idiot (MC), why do you go that far with Hamamiya-”

This time, Yura began to choose his words carefully, but— “Ahem”. When I turned around, there was an old English teacher beside us.

“Mikanase, and Enomoto. Are you okay?”

[TLN: author, sincerely, Fuck you. You just blue balled me and the readers of some amazing conflict.]

He speaks with an accent that is not going to be understood in foreign countries.

The same is true for regular classes, but I quietly realize that the English education in Japan is in its final stage when I do not feel the need to force myself to speak in English.

The two of us looked at each other and spoke at the same time.

““We’re sorry!””

Of course, it was Japenglish.

There was no particular problem after that and the sixth period ended without a hitch.

Gramps left the classroom and all that’s left is to finish the HR on the way home.

Idiot (MC) who advocated for studying in the sidelines packs only books that have homework in his bag and waits for the homeroom teacher to come.



Yura turned her whole body backwards, but he has no intentions of continuing the topic from earlier.

Making a blank expression, Yura clenched her fist.

“Will you remember me if I hit you?”

“I’m against violence”

“Huh? Don’t you like being beaten?”

“That’s not true. Violence, no, absolutely.”

“What if Hamamiya punches me?”

“It can’t be helped. Kaya-chan isn’t bad.”


“Uh, Dangerous!”

I catch her punch that has no force in it with my right hand.

“Let’s talk peacefully.”

I put her hands down on the desk and tried to release it, but she grabbed my arms instead.

Soft, fluffy, girlish hands. It’s an eternal mystery that a girl’s body feels soft even though she’s not fat.

“… what are you doing?”

I looked at my right arm, which was firmly held.

“You said you wanted to talk right?”

“I don’t think that answered my question?”

Yura sighed and moved the hand that’s holding my arms. Mozo mozo mozo mozo. When he came back to his senses, Iruka’s and Yura’s hands were intertwined in a lover’s hold. 


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