Chapter 10: Bless the writer who created the character that she is.

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“No, Maririn-chan was really an angel last night, wasn’t she?”

“She wasn’t an angel. She was more of a devil.”

The three of us got together and talked about what happened at the maid café yesterday while going under the main gate of the school in a friendly manner. Of course, I didn’t mention that Maririn-chan gave me the ID of her RINE account.

“I’m sure Keisuke would be happy to go there too!”

“……I’m kinda……”

“Ha ha ha! I know! I hope one day we can go together.”

“…….I hope one day we can go together. I want to play with you and Manabu too.”

As I warmly watched Manabu and Keisuke talking amicably, out of the corner of my eye I saw a familiar figure of an annoying blonde guy and his friend walking along, exchanging stories.

Hayama, the annoying blonde, seemed to have noticed my presence and stopped talking and looked at me for a moment. Incidentally, among my friends, there was a guy who was on duty with me yesterday.

Well, I don’t have any contact with them.

I moved my head to keep them out of the corner of my eye. Manabu spoke to me.



“What do you want to do today?”

“I……think I’m going to go to the gym after school today……and my parents are coming back late at night for a day trip, so I’m going to stop by the supermarket and buy some dinner.”

“I’m going to the gym……then I can’t go to the arcade after school……I’ve been trying to break the sound record for a long time.”

“I’d love to go to the arcade, but you’ve got to get your rear end in gear.”

“Well, people don’t change that quickly…….”

“Hey, think about where you were just a month ago.”

While I am pulling away from Manabu, Keisuke suddenly catches me with a meaningful look on his face.

“Tatsumi-kun’s parents……day trip……”

As he mutters this, his clear eyes, hidden by his long hair, light up.


“Ah! Tatsumi-kun, good morning!”

“Oh……Kanna? Good morning.”

On the way to class after separating from Manabu and Keisuke, the main heroine, Kanna, waved her hand in greeting and approached me.

The two of us are walking side by side in the corridor that is filled with the words of the students in the flow.

“You know……”


I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say, but I’m sure it’s something she wants to talk to me about.

I looked at her next to me and she fidgeted and tried to make her gaze wander, but her beautiful blue eyes caught me exactly. Then she opens her mouth.

“Did you have fun……yesterday?”


“Look! You said you had an appointment. Like playing with girls…….”

As she moves toward the back, Kanna speaks in a tone of voice that seems to have lost her confidence. However, the way she glances at me is kind of cute, like a small animal. Her body isn’t a small animal at all, though.

“Oh, It was fun. It’s been a long time since we played together, and it was a good memory.”

All the maids who work there are beautiful, and Maririn was very sweet, so yesterday was a good thing.

“So, so…….”

Kanna suddenly sank into a deep depression when she heard my comment.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“It’s nothing…..”

“No, it doesn’t look like nothing to me.”

I was worried and asked her, who was looking in the opposite direction. 

“She must be your girlfriend……”


“Tatsumi-kun, you turned out really good, and I expected that, but I’m a little worried……that you won’t fall for some strange girl…….”

Kanna sighs deeply with a resigned look on her face, then slows her pace a little.

No, wait. There’s absolutely nothing romantic or girlfriend-related in our conversation. What the hell is she talking about?



I told her what was going on.

“She’s a maid who works part-time……eh?

“Yeah. She’s not my girlfriend.”


“What are you mad about……?”

“It’s nothing.”

“No, it’s not nothing.”

Kanna had her cheeks puffed out and her arms crossed. ‘You’re not only making your breasts bigger, but your cheeks too……you’re trying to turn into some kind of balloon.

“As punishment for misleading me, I want you to do something for me, Tatsumi-kun.”

“I don’t understand anymore, what is it that you want me to do?”

She looks at me with a stern look in her eyes as she reaches into her skirt pocket and pulls out her cell phone and holds it out to me.

“Cell phone?”


“Oh, so that’s what this is about.”

“As a punishment, you will have to repay me for saving your life the other day.”

Last time, I think she means the time I saved her from that guy.

“Don’t worry about it. I just did what I had to do.”

“I don’t want to be helped all the time either. Give and take. I’ll return the favor.”


I’m sure Kanna’s parents must be very respectable people. I’d like to see them someday.

I let out a small breath with a slightly surprised expression on my face and then looked at her face. She bent down a little at the waist and looked up at me with an upward glance.

“I’ll be in touch with you about more than just returning the favor. Hehe.”


“I finished typing in your phone number.”

“Oh, r-right.”

She carefully takes the phone from my hand and touches it a few times. Then the phone in my pocket rings. She was probably calling me.

“Remember to sign up for mine.”


“I’ll go ahead then. Mm-hmm.”


She smiled a big smile and started to quicken her pace. I was watching her back in a daze.

Long black hair, thin waist, voluptuous hips. And beautifully shaped legs stretching out from her short skirt.

She was wearing a school uniform, but it was precisely because she was wearing a school uniform that her beauty seemed to stand out.

I found myself standing and looking at the hallway she had passed through when she disappeared.

The writer……is pretty good at creating a character like that, isn’t he?


After school I came to the mall after working out at my newly registered gym. My mom and dad were on a day trip and would be home late, so I had to make do with the money they gave me for dinner.

I usually have dinner with my family, but today I am alone for the first time in a while.

It’s been a long time. ……

Before my reincarnation, I often ate dinner alone. I am usually alone except when I have a relationship with a girl I picked up.

Dad, Mom, Manabu, Keisuke.

I think I was blessed with a lot of people in my past, although I was a creepy fat kid.

As I was thinking about this, my cell phone rang just as I was about to enter the supermarket.

I took out my cell phone and checked the screen to see what it was, and I received a RINE message from someone.

The person who sent it was


“Heh, that’s unusual. I can’t believe Keisuke sent it to me.”

I loosen my cheeks, unlock the phone, and check the message.

[Tatsumi-kun, have you eaten dinner yet?]

I quickly reply.

“Yes, I’m going to stop by the supermarket and get my dinner.”

I hit the send button and received a reply within seconds.



I tilted my neck, not understanding what he meant by the message he sent. Then I received another reply from Keisuke.

 [I want you to go home without buying anything. Otherwise, you’ll be cursed.]

“I’ll be cursed!?”

I was horrified by Keisuke’s message, which far exceeded my imagination.

“What does it mean? I’ll be damned if I don’t!”

But this time, no matter how long I waited, no reply came back. Well, I’m sure he’s reading it because it’s already been read.

The shopping street was filled with businessmen on their way home from work and students on their way home from cram school.

I stood in front of the supermarket and stared at my cell phone for a long time before I finally received a reply from him.



I roll my eyes in surprise. But the reply was so typical of Keisuke that I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

I replied with a chuckle.

“Roger that!”



I’m puzzled.

I decide to go along with Keisuke’s incomprehensible story, and when I come to the front of the house, I see a beautiful blue-haired girl standing there.

When she notices my presence, she looks at me and bows her head politely.

Then she raises her head and says

“Tatsumi-nii, we have been waiting for you.”

Her voice is clear and clear, reminiscent of a voice actor. Unlike Kanna and Maririn, she has not grown up yet. However, her neat face has a certain elegance to it.

When I saw her at a yakiniku party the other night, I was so intoxicated by the atmosphere that I didn’t pay much attention to her, but she is a very beautiful girl.

Here comes Keisuke’s younger sister. [TL/N: YOUNG GIRL LES GOOOOOOOOO]






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