Chapter 4: Summer Vacation Results

|| TL: Tori ||

The exercise began for us. In the morning when it is relatively cool, we do aerobic exercise outside; in the hot afternoon, we do muscle training at home; and in the evening, we have a review meeting. At first glance, the routine I set up seemed harsh, but I knew it had to be done to ensure results in a short period of time. Fortunately, Manabu and Keisuke followed my lead without giving up, even if they did show some weakness.

It takes a lot of effort to move my huge body weighing over 120 kilograms, but every time I check my weight, which is dropping day by day, I feel more and more motivated.

Thanks to the occasional absences of my mother and father, the three of us were able to talk about many things we had not been able to talk about before and encourage each other, and our bond gradually deepened.

And before I knew it, it was almost the end of summer vacation.

After we had gone through our usual routine, we were standing in front of the scale in the living room. The time is 5:50 p.m., just before we eat dinner.


“Yeah, I know.”

Biting my lip and placing a hand on my tense shoulder was Manabu, a macho man with an impressive, not thin, but well-trained body. He was wearing soft lenses instead of a pair of go-around glasses.

And Keisuke, with his impressive long hair, caught me with his clear eyes and nodded a huff.

I let out a short breath after seeing their reactions, and then climbed up on the scale.

[Seventy-seven kilograms.]

As soon as I see this number, my heart beats wildly and the corners of my mouth hangs open.

“I….Idid it! I did it!!”

Then I looked at my reflection in the mirror next to the scale.

I looked at myself in the mirror next to the scale. I had slightly long black hair, well-defined eyes, and a firm, inverted-triangular body with broad shoulders. My arms and chest are covered with firm-looking muscles, and has a six-pack on my stomach. My skin tone is white, and if I may say so myself, one of the best-looking men I have ever seen.

I was too happy and hugged both of them with their well-trained bodies. Then, Manabu, who had been a scrawny kid, opens his mouth.

“Yeah, a month ago, you were a fat kid in our class, and now you’re a good-looking guy.”

“You too.”

“Your parents have good-looking faces, so maybe there’s a genetic aspect to it.”

“Keisuke, you talk a lot more now than you used to.”

“Oh, really?”



The long-haired Keisuke looks at me with a smile on his face. 

“By the way, Tatsumi.”


“I’ve always wondered, did you used to do sports?”

“No, no, this is my first time.”

“I’ve always wondered if you’ve done any exercise in the past.”

“I’ve never done this before. I was just copying from videos on the Internet.”

I can’t tell them that I was a gym trainer before I was reborn.

As I am looking away from them, Keisuke, opens his mouth, his face scrunched up.



“I forgot to do my summer vacation homework…….”

“”What? !!!!!!!!!!.””

Ah, come to think of it, I’ve been so focused on muscle training and dieting that I forgot about it.

There is less than a week left until the end of summer vacation. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about it is that I naturally break out in a cold sweat from my forehead. At the same time, someone rang the doorbell.


I hear the sound of the bell and make a silly expression on my face. Then I heard a voice saying.

“Ah, it looks like you’re here.”

“Who is it?”

“Tatsumi……I thought you said we were going to eat outside today. Did you forget?”

“Tatsumi, Manabu and our family, a nice dinner…….”

“Oh, by the way……”

Today is the day we announce the results of our muscle training. So our mom and dad have been very thoughtful to celebrate us getting better day by day.

So, feeling my heart warming up, I turn to them and say,

“Let’s get dressed.”


I got dressed and opened the front door, and sure enough, our parents gave me a thumbs up with a smug look on their faces. Then my mom moves her glossy lips.

“We’re having a party at a pretty expensive barbecue joint today, for the three of you!”

We three look at each other, cheeks loose, as our mom smiles gently after saying that. Then she looked forward again and nodded vigorously.

One thing that caught my attention was a beautiful girl with bluish hair who was hiding behind Keisuke’s parents and discreetly glancing at me. Judging from the color of her hair, she was probably Keisuke’s younger sister or something.

I have known for a while that Keisuke has a younger sister, and she is quite cute. But she’s shy, just like her brother.


A yakiniku party with me, Manabu, Keisuke, Keisuke’s sister, my parents, and 10 other people. Manabu and Keisuke’s parents kept bowing down to me and thanking me for changing their son. Manabu, with his small frame, had been bullied in middle school, and his parents had always been concerned about him. Keisuke’s parents have asked for help from a mental health counselor for their son, who has an extreme communication problem, and have given him medication to ease his tension.

However, at this training camp, Manabu is a little smaller in stature, but he has put on some muscle. In addition, he looks good-looking because he is wearing lenses instead of his usual round glasses. Perhaps if only he could straighten his hair, which had been left long for a month, he would look pretty good.

In Keisuke’s case, he has become quite talkative. Of course, his communicative disorder has not been completely cured, but he is now able to express his opinions a little to people he trusts.

So their parents were holding my hand the whole time we were eating the yakiniku, and were saying thank you to me with moistened eyes.

Keisuke’s sister was silent and concentrating on her meal, while occasionally glancing at me. So I would smile at her when I looked at her, and she would suddenly look away and focus on her meal again.

We laughed and whispered in the soothing space.

School will be starting soon.

For some reason, my heart is pounding in my chest as I think about enjoying my school life with the three of them from now on.

I will no longer have to deal with Kanzaki, Hayama, and the other classmates who have always disrespected me. 

I will live my life with them.

But before I talk about my life, I think about the piles of homework I have to do.


Next time we will begin in earnest!






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