Chapter 2: Someone that I don’t like

|| TL: Tori ||

I’m having lunch with two of my regular companions (a scrawny, too-thin, hard-working guy and a communication disordered, negative person) at our usual inconspicuous, secluded spot.



After eating his lunch, which his mother seems to have made for him, Tsutomu shines his glasses in a circular motion and speaks to me.

“Have you ever heard of a hypnosis app?”

Oh, you’re here.

As I recall, this is where I was told about the hypnosis app by Hosokawa Manabu, and I used it to bed Kanna Kanzaki with all my might. Incidentally, in the extra edition of the erotic manga, there is a scene in which these two also use the hypnosis application to fuck around.

“I’ve heard of that one. As I recall, it’s an app that allows you to control your partner at will…….”

“Oh, you know a lot about that, don’t you?”

“Oh, Shut it.”

In erotic mangas, I show interest, and we make a pact that I’m going to use this app during the summer vacation to tell them what I think of it.

I would never do something like that, something a criminal would do.

No matter how hard the reality is, I would never hypnotize someone to give in to my desires.

So, I opened my mouth to Hosokawa.

“If you install such a suspicious application, your cell phone will be hijacked.”

“Oh, if you ask me, it’s……”

“You know those ‘missed messages’ that are sent by people pretending to be delivery service providers? It’s similar to that.”

“I knew it was a scam after all. I’m not sure what to do with it, but I’m sure it will work. If my beloved wife Reneka, whom I have carefully nurtured, is hijacked, I will have no reason to live.”

“That’s a character from a smartphone game, isn’t it?”

I was so surprised that I told him. The reason is that I am the one who taught him about the game that has Reneka in it.

I was before my reincarnation.

But now I am Kondo Tatsumi after reincarnation. In other words, I have something I have to do.

“Anyway, do you want us to get some exercise?”


At my suggestion, both Hosokawa Manabu and Shizukawa Keisuke, who had been quiet all this time, rolled their eyes in surprise.

“We’ve been treated like a bunch of tumors at this school for a long time, so let’s work out during the summer vacation and have a better life.”

I tell them with a bitter expression, remembering the discrimination and disdain that Kondo and these two had suffered before my reincarnation.

Then, with his mouth trembling, Manabu said,

“I never thought I would hear the word “exercise” come out of your mouth…….”

It seems that Manabu was moved. I have a complicated feeling.

“I’m sure that the three of us will be able to make a difference. With the three of us, I felt like we could make a difference.”


The two of them twitched their upper bodies for a moment.

Then, Keisuke with long bangs spoke to me.


Trembling with emotion, the mute repeated the word “I” with a quiver on his lips.

I knew he had something to tell me, so I waited for him without cracking a smile.

“I……will do it.”

Oh, when was the last time this guy took me up on my story? He’d been out of school for a long time before he met me and Manabu.

This communication disordered boy was looking at me with a clenched fist. His bangs were too long to see much of his expression, but his gaze was fixed on me through the gap in his blue hair. I said something to him.

“If you train your body, you will gain self-confidence. You always wanted to get rid of your Communication disorder, didn’t you?”


“Let’s work hard.”


I give him a thumbs up with my porky hands and make a smug face. I probably look super creepy from a distance.

“Well, well, well, I guess I’ll have to join in on this one. Well, it’s a good thing I had nothing to do during summer vacation but study and play video games.”

Manabu-kun chuckled as he fiddled with the frames of his glasses.

I declared to the two of them.

“I’m going to be serious. If you’re going to give up, do it now.”

But their will was unwavering.


As we made plans with a fighting spirit, it was quickly after school and the three of us were heading home side by side.

As we were about to leave through the main gate, we were met with cold stares from those around us.

I apologize to the two of them.

If the two of them had kept quiet, they wouldn’t have been looked at with disdain. ……But now they’ve been caught in the crossfire because of my association.

As I was moving along, trying not to be aware of my surroundings, I noticed two people talking in a friendly manner.

They were Kanzaki and Hayama.

“Kanna, would you like to come over to my house today?”


“What’s up?”

“Is someone home?”

“No, it’s just me today.”

Hayama’s face was twitching, but he kept his smile on his face as he walked around looking at Kanzaki. 

She looked away from him and turned her head to the side.

“I recently bought a big TV set, so I was thinking of watching one of Kanna’s favorite movies…….”

“Then I’d rather go to the cinema.”

“……so do you want to go to the cinema with me during the summer holidays? It’s been a while since we’ve had a date.”

“Hmm……well, I’ll think about it.”

Hayama spoke to Kanzaki with his gaze swimming. The way he looked at her, the expression on his face, it smelled like he wasn’t just going to watch a movie.

Hayama and Kanzaki in this world do not have a relationship yet. But Kanzaki is the main heroine. She has long, soft, silky black hair, big breasts, a slender waist, and a voluptuous ass.

No matter how much she is a childhood friend, she can’t resist the instinct that rises up in her.

But in the manga’s story, Hayama and Kanzaki never have a relationship. Kanzaki, who was fully penetrated by me during the summer vacation, falls in love with me, body and soul, and the story ends when she finally confides her feelings to Hayama.

However, I have no intention of hypnotizing Kanzaki and doing whatever I want to her. There is a world between Kanzaki and Hayama that I cannot enter.

As I was stroking my chest and watching Kanzaki and Hayama’s backs, Hayama suddenly seemed to sense something and turned around.

Hayama gives me a contemptuous look with all his might. Seeing him staring at me with squinted eyes, the scrawny Manabu and commie Keisuke cowered their shoulders and slowed their pace.

After a few seconds of silence, Hayama turns to face forward and walks casually. But he is closer to Kanzaki than before.

It is true that he has a life of his own. So I don’t care what he does.


Let me say one thing.

I don’t like him.






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  1. CupcakeNinja Avatar

    These MCs are always so damn passive. “I wont get involved. I want to live my own life”
    Thats fine, but someone talks that much shit and they are still like that? I’d like them to have more active personalities, at least. Like being an absolute fuckin menace. Best if they have foul mouths and sharp tongues, too. “Ignore them, guys. I mean at least we’re going to try and better ourselves, right? But look at these petty little shits. What are THEY doing except being nosy twats, listening in and judging us like the bitches they are”

    Being quiet was never my style. Being the bigger person is nice and all, but i love talking shit when its called for

    1. DudeComesUp Avatar

      Maybe that’s your personality which makes you hate passive guy, and I respect that. But imo, I think that silence is the best punishment. Imagine the whole school hated the 3 of them just because 1 is too thin, 1 is too fat and 1 has a communication disorder. After the summer they become handsome, muscular and confident and completely become chads. Those shit will try to approach them for their benefits, but due to the actions those bitches did, they ignore them. They might think that the 3 chads are just 3 normal persons, but because they became famous, their position at school risen and those shitty dog are under them. Imagine the shame they have to bear when those they once hated now stand above them

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