Chapter 1: When I realized I had become a creepy fatty

|| TL: Tori ||

I died.

Looking back, it was a short life.

But I have no regrets.

I have no childhood friends or loved ones. My parents passed away a long time ago, so I was just scraping by on my inheritance and salary, but my life ended when I was hit by a truck on my way home from work.

To forget my loneliness, I worked hard as a trainer at a gym, teaching people how to exercise and working out myself, but I will no longer be able to do that.

What awaits me after death?

Heaven? Hell? Paradise? Reincarnation?

Well, it doesn’t matter to me now where I go, I just let this feeling of floating in the sky take over my whole being.

Then, suddenly, everything around me brightened up.

And I was…

I woke up.

“….Huh? Where am I?”

What I see is a room that is littered with disorderly items. The walls are covered with posters of maids, anime, and idols, and on a desk monitor stands a character of a girl in revealing clothes. Probably some kind of MMORPG.

And next to the monitor are a few figures of anime characters.

This is it.

This is a picture-perfect otaku room.

As soon as I thought that, a sour smell that made me feel bad stimulated my nose. At the same time, I felt a tremendous weight on my body.


I opened my eyes and looked at my hand, but instead of the usual tight hand, there was a thick, mysterious, life-like object that reminded me of a pig’s foot.

Startled, I quickly got off the bed. I looked in the mirror against the mattress, which was dented by the weight, and exclaimed.


I, a toned, thin macho man, had become a freak.

This is terrible.

I’m about 6’5″ tall, a little high. And my weight, which is the most important thing, is my rough estimate, but it looks to be well over 120 kilograms.

Looking at my ugly figure, the memory of this guy before his reincarnation was overwritten in my mind.

“W-What the hell!?”

I couldn’t help but be amazed. This world…… the memories……that the main character has…….this feeling of deja vu must be that.

I had read an erotic manga a long time ago.

I think it was “The Story of a Childhood Friend of a Handsome guy in Class Who got Hypnotized and Sleeps With an Ugly Bastard”. Yeah, I think it was. I think that’s what it was. I don’t usually read such hard erotic books, but the main character was so disturbing that I gave it a try. Even now, I vividly remember the contents of this erotic manga.

“Tatsumi~ wake up~ breakfast is ready…”

As I was lost in contemplation, my mother knocked on the door and said that. Oh, by the way, this guy (Tatsumi Kondo) is alive and well with both of his parents.

“I’m coming.”

I replied and left the room to turn off the computer I had left on and eat breakfast.


“Oh my God, look at that! He stinks!”

“Yeah, he really stinks, doesn’t he?”

“I’d stay away from him anyway.”


As I was about to walk through the school gate, many men and women were looking at me with disdain.

I washed myself clean in every nook and cranny today, so unless I’m sweating, I don’t think I’m going to stink……

But the stereotypes that school guys have are not going to change anytime soon. Above all, Kondo himself has planted a negative impression on everyone in the school. So I can’t complain.

I let out a deep sigh, moved my heavy body, and headed for my class.

My position did not change when I entered the class. In fact, since we were in an enclosed space listening to class together, if I did anything even slightly conspicuous, I would be talked about behind my back in a place where I could be heard. Isn’t that not backbiting anymore?

So I sat down in my seat and put my textbook out on my desk.

“Oh, not another graffiti…….Give me a break, will you?”

I sighed and went to erase the graffiti, which was a denial of my existence, such as “ugly” and “die”.

Then the pre-bell rang and the teacher arrived. Then the class started.

“Well, for this problem, you can use this formula. It will be on the exam, so make sure you remember it.”

Some of the students were asleep, while others were secretly discussing. Of course, some of them are listening to the class seriously in order to get good marks.

One of these serious students seems to have dropped an eraser.

I pick it up out of reflex and look around. Then, in a whisper that only I can hear, someone says, “Um…….”

I look in the direction of the owner of the voice.

There was a girl with clear blue eyes.

And the girl shook her soft black hair and reached out her hand to me. She had a well-developed face, smooth, long legs and slender hips that arouse a man’s instincts. And her big tits that wouldn’t fit in a hand.

Yes. What is it that I am trying to disclose? She is Kanna Kanzaki, the main heroine of this erotic manga. She is a beautiful, pure and innocent girl, just as she is depicted in the picture.

I handed her the eraser I had found.

She smiles at me and thanks me again in a whisper that only I can hear.

“Thank you, Kondo-kun.”


She treated me kindly, without disrespecting me.

She is this kind of person by nature. She sits next to me, but unlike others, I have never seen her give me a contemptuous look. Sometimes she gives me a “I don’t like this guy a bit” look, but she never says or does anything to deny my existence.

I gave a small nod and immediately focused on the teacher’s class.

I think there’s someone in the corner staring at me, but I’m not going to worry about it right now.


As I was relaxing after the teacher’s class, a fresh, blonde-haired handsome guy suddenly came to my seat.

“Kondo, there’s something I want to talk to you about.”

“Oh, me?”

“Yes, it’s you. I’m on my break right now, so follow me.”

“Uhh yeah.”

He is the childhood friend of Kanna Kanzaki, Masato Hayama. I followed him to a landing area where people don’t usually pass by.

“So, the discussion was about……”

“Hey, why did you touch Kanna’s hand?”

 “Kanzaki-san, she dropped her eraser, so I just picked it up for her, that’s all.”

Hearing my words, Hayama wrinkled his brow.

“You’re disgusting, so don’t touch my childhood friend.”

“Huh? I’m just……”

“You’re disgusting, you fat fuck. I feel nauseous just being with you. I wish you would just go away.”


“I’ll say it again. I’ll tell you one more time, don’t touch my Kanna. If something like that happens again, you won’t get away with it.”

Hayama stared at me as if I were radioactive waste, then clicked his tongue and walked away. 


I see.

This works pretty well.

I now understand why Kondo Tatsumi tried to cuckold that guy’s childhood friend before I was reincarnated.

It’s one thing to read a doujin, it’s another to actually hear the words being spoken.

But I have no interest in cuckolding someone else’s childhood friend.

I like to work out.

I’ve been a gym trainer my whole life.

So I’m going to work out hard, lose weight, and be reborn.

Fortunately, my mom is beautiful and my dad is handsome.

As a former gym trainer who has trained many fat people, if my prediction is correct, if I can get my weight down to about 77 kilograms, I will definitely become a good-looking man.

I’ll do it.

I don’t care what Hayama and Kanzaki do.

I’m going my own way.

Summer vacation is coming soon. I’ll stop spending my spare time on games, anime, and idols, and use it for my body.

I make a clenched fist and start walking toward the class.

Somehow, my 120-kilogram frame feels lighter than before.

This is how the story of Kondo Tatsumi begins.






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  1. Souta Kun Avatar
    Souta Kun

    you open up for picking up novel suggest ?

  2. CupcakeNinja Avatar

    I like the premise, but mot the execution as much. Particularly his motivation, or rather thereof. He liked to work out. Sure. But there’s no mention of why so it falls flat. Maybe he describes the feeling later, but still.

    I mean I’ve seen characters like this before, those who work out alot. Hell, I’ve even written some. But those characters did so for vanity. They’re playboys, so it makes sense they enjoy being healthy and fit to attract and fuck women.

    I always disliked when the authors include wprling out as a beloved hobby for their MCs just didnt describe in detail WHY. Like they could describe an addiction to the adrenaline pumping in their veins. The satisfying burn as their muscles shudder and tear after an intense workout. That I’d be happy with. Its often neglected tho, and only done to make the MC a 15 yo swole beast pike some Jojo character.

    Done purely for aesthetic or for plot purposes seemingly.

    But im nitpicking and its not like im gonna stop reading just for one small gripe.

    1. name Avatar

      Might be as simple as his health. You don’t need some deep reason to not want to die at 50 from a heart attack.

  3. Alan Avatar

    Lo que me molesta de estás historias es que al protagonista original siempre lo ponen como el villano, no hay neutralidad.

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