Chapter 14 – I’m the chief of the ship administration, and I’m inspecting the drawing of the young girl again

TL: miyakriko || ED: ghost of the lazy

“hmm? block construction method?”

“A drawing from fujimiya-sama again?”

it’s drawn in crayons so it’s definitely hers

it’s a bit problematic that the content of the drawing isn’t childish at all, but i’m not rude enough to point it out

even so, my position is quite problematic, and i’m not going to go out my way to incur the wrath of the lovely miya-sama

“umu. take a look”

挿絵(By みてみん)

illustrated(by mitemin)

“hohoho, this is…”

“it seems fujimiya-sama is focusing on mass production”

“its mass production by reducing the amount of man hours needed. if it was wartime mass production would be very much important”

“in the event of war, warships are pretty much doomed to sink”

“they’ll sink merchant ships too”

“you’re right. that’s why we have mass production”

japan’s economy relies on the rest of the world for most of its resources, and it could all dry up if merchant ships are sunk one after the other

“to mass produce ships in war, it’s important to reduce man hours needed for production”

“fumu, with reduced man hours it’ll also lead to shorter construction time”

“naturally the cost per ship will also go down, in other words the money needed to construct a ship is reduced”

“so it’s perfect to mass produce, though it’s quite a strange japanese word for less money”

it’s tempting to lower the cost per ship, and that would allow for more ships made with the money saved

besides fewer time to build means more ships in active service

with that thinking mass production would be a good thing

if i were to say a disadvantage i’d say the quality of the ships would be average at best? 

that’s a minor problem for merchant ships, but destroyers and coastal defense ships are needed in large numbers

“i guess it didn’t occur in that child’s mind”

“isn’t it quite funny”

“the contents of this drawing could put adults to shame”

“you could say that…”

the last time i saw the radio detector, it felt the inside of fujimiya-sama’s head was that of a adult with a high education

“But what about the keel?”

this isn’t a edo period ship even fishing boats have keels nowadays

“this is like a ring toss at a fair”

“ring toss?”

“yes. first you place down the keel, then fit the ring blocks of the hull on them”

I see. that makes sense 
(tl: no it does not, i don’t know anything about ships but that doesn’t make sense)

“or we could make the keel itself blockable”

“won’t it weaken the structural integrity?”

“you can just shift the keel 1/3 away from the block”


it’s a convex and concave fit. just like a block

So that’s why it’s called the block construction method. makes sense now

“the existing keel itself isn’t made of a single piece of steel”

“you can’t make something that’s 100 or 150 meters long in a whole single piece”

“the traditional joints done by ancient shrine carpenters are excellent”

“so it’s just the same whether its wood or steel”

“the rivets themselves are the nails”

“rivets… if only we could make more use of electric welding instead of rivets, the hull weight would be reduced…”

“the fourth fleet incident happened last year”


that accident was painful…

“the military commander that forced the exercise to happen also is a problem of itself”

“you’d thought it would be a training exercise for fleet operations in bad weather. and actually learned some lessons”

“the weather isn’t always good where we conduct combat operations”


the fourth fleet incident wasn’t a unnecessary sacrifice

also, if we did not think so,  would have been a waste of time to leave the officers and sailors left behind in the bow section of the Hatsuyuki and let her sink”

but it’s up to the person to apply the lessons learned

“During last year’s accident not only did the welding points break but also the rivets popped off”

“it’s obvious that the rivets and electric welding will break if they exceed the limit of their strength”

“the laws of physics can’t be broken”

“That’s how it is. but it would be a waste to stop using electric welding”

if the hulls could be joined together by welding, it would reduce both weight and man hours needed compared to using rivets.

How about we start using welding again, starting with the superstructure, which is not much related to the strength of the hull, as a way to improve our welding techniques?


“we also need to improve the quality of our workers, so i think we should do it”

if the quality of the workers improve, time will naturally solve the problem of inexperienced welding techniques

“let’s first start with small minesweepers and coastal defense ships”

“and while we’re at it let’s try this block construction method together too”

“umu. shipyards in yokosuka or kure should be fine, but a small private shipyard would be viable”

“alright. let’s talk to uraga dock”

“isn’t uraga blocked by the construction of the shiratsuyu class destroyers in the maru 2 program?”

“Now that you mentioned it. well then, I’ll call on tsurumi in asano”

“i’m counting on you”

fuu~ looks like we can make fujimiya-sama’s drawing come true

“however it’s quite frightening that fujiyama-sama understood so much”

“fujimiya-sama may be intelligent but she’s still 6 years old”

“when shokan was 6 he would be swinging around sticks” 

“perhaps someone in the navy is giving fujimiya-sama some ideas”

is it marshal fushimi because of his connections with the royal family?

no, with all due respect marshal fushimi is someone from the meiji era he would never come up with something like this

if so, it’s more reasonable to assume that its a idea of a young or middle class person

“you think he’s using the popularity of Fujimiya-sama for his own personal gain and advancement?”

“that could be so”

“I think it’s more of a scheme on your part?”

“even if its some personal motive, it’s pointing to the right direction”

“that’s true…”

“if it ultimately benefits the navy as well, i can’t say that it’s all about your scheme”

“was it a mistake to look at the trees and not the forest”

“that’s how it is”






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