Chapter 17 – The storm has ended

Translator: oayo

That stormy night has ended, and a calm morning has arrived.

Sleep-deprived, I’m being held tightly on both arm sides, my body is paralyzed. 

I have a mental age of a high school student, although I have no lust towards these two who are looking like 10 years old kids, I’m starting to have little despicable feelings, indescribable guilty feelings. 


I can hear Lilishella’s sleep talking sweetly beside my ear, mixed with other noises (TL: cute anime girl noises). 

I’m not a siscon, but those words were enough to give me a jolt-like feeling. 

(This is bad…)

While trying to get myself up, I realized they tied my arms on both sides like a rock, I can’t get up.  

Moreover, my upper legs were bound by their legs, I can’t move. This is a situation where I can only hope either one of them would wake up and let me free. 

Putting Murina aside, Lilishella… No, Risa hasn’t been very good at waking up since her previous life. I think I had a hard time even when I slept with her as a child in this life. If I had to wake someone up, Murina would be a better choice


Caught off guard, Murina’s lips grazed my cheek.

(Bad, this is bad!)

 As expected, an attack from these two people in the early morning is dangerous. Even though they’re my sisters, it seems like on my supposedly numb body, my lower half has a will of itself and reacted when it shouldn’t. If I’m careless, I might start making strange noises. 

However, as an older brother, I cannot lose here. 

I decided to wake up Murina first. I felt her eyes open thinly for a moment. Are you pretending to be asleep?

It was right after I suspected. Murina’s mouth was agape, and she was slowly closing in on me.

“Hey, if you’re awake, don’t play tricks on me”

I can’t just tolerate Murina’s behavior. Even so, when I moved my neck to avoid the approaching Murina, my head hit Lilishella’s forehead. Oops, I thought, but luckily she didn’t react while sleeping. 

Then, for now, Murina…

“If you don’t stop, I won’t listen to you anymore” 


With a regretful expression, Murina’s offensive stopped.

“C’mon, wakey wakey”

“Mu…” (TL: pouting noises)

Urging her, Murina finally reluctantly left and got up with a big yawn

“Nii-sama, Lilishella-nee-sama… has a difficulty of waking up, so please leave slowly as not to wake her up”

“I’ve known this since a long time ago. How many times have I suffered through bitter experience. Ah, Murina, could you change your clothes first? For this morning’s breakfast… for the time being, please buy us some bread… with your pocket money.

“Yes, I’ll buy it for you, but I’ll charge you a lot later”

Murina grinned. I’m blaming my parents for forgetting to stock up and leaving us any money, I’m going to charge them several times what we’ve spent. 

“Fufufu” she left with a scornful smile on her face and went to her room. 

“Well, then”

For the time being, I want to somehow free my left arm that was tightly held by Lilishera. Even if I try to stealthily pull it out, it doesn’t move even the slightest bit. 

I was wondering what to do, but then I got sleepy thanks to my lack of sleep. With the right half of my body free, I feel more relaxed and almost fall asleep. It’s a relief that today is a holiday, so I don’t have to go to school. Thinking that, I let out a big yawn.

I woke up to the sound of the front door closing from the first floor. Apparently, I fell asleep just like that. Looking to my left, Lilishella, who should have been sleeping, is no longer there. 


Murina’s voice can be heard from downstairs.

“C’mon, wake up wake up!” 

As soon as Lilishella entered the room, she took off my futon. 

“What is it, it’s your fault that I’m sleep deprived…” 

“What? You couldn’t sleep because you were so excited and couldn’t stop daydreaming about two cute girls?” 

She placed her hand on her lips and let out a chuckle (クックック). Rather than a little devil, she’s like a full-fledged devil instead. Where did yesterday’s attitude go? But alas. I can’t deny her words.

“…I was stuck on both sides, and it was tough because I couldn’t move.” 

“Hmph, be grateful. There’s no such thing as an opportunity to be sandwiched between two beautiful women!” 

She put her hand on her waist and said while pointing a finger at me. What kind of wicked woman are you? 

“Though it’s a child’s body…” 

“Wha… I’ll have a captivating body in a few more years! Hmm you pervert!” She turned sullenly away and Lilishella left her room.

After this, I changed my clothes and went downstairs, and the three of us stuffed our cheeks with the bread that Murina had bought. While thankful that the storm has passed. 

Our parents, who came back around noon, apologized, and Murina, who had managed to get her pocket money, was smiling.






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