Chapter 11

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Golden holiday.

Lee Jae-hwan got up earlier than usual.

Today was the day his son, Lee Seo-joon, came.

It is said that his son, who had never contacted him before, suddenly called.

He gave him a phone call, but he probably had something to do.

Tick tock, tick tock.

He kept looking at the clock hanging on the wall.

Time seemed to flow slowly.

Soon after, the intercom rang loudly.

He quickly walked towards the intercom and looked at the screen.

‘He’s alone.’

He thought he’d bring him someone with him today.

Lee Seo-joon was alone again today.

‘The girl he brought with him when he was 20 years old was pretty and nice.’

But it’s been a while since the girl, Yoo Eun-hye and Lee Seo-joon, broke up.

Lee Jae-hwan clicked his tongue, and opened the front door.

After a while, the doorbell rang.

Lee Jae-hwan opened the front door.

“Father, hello.”

“Yes, come on in…… What?”

Lee Jae-hwan was confused.

It was because of the girl he found behind Lee Seo-joon

She looked like she was about five or six years old, she was hiding behind Seo-joon’s legs.

Seol-ah raised her head slightly and looked up at Lee Jae-hwan with curious eyes.

Lee Seo-joon Lee quietly put Seol-ah ahead and said.

“You have to say hi.”


Lee Jae-hwan’s face quickly hardened.

He looked at Lee Seo-joon as if asking for an explanation.

This time, Lee Seo-joon retreated as if hiding behind Seol-ah.

“Who is that kid?”

“She is my daughter.”

* * * 

Living room

I knelt before my father.

The reason for bringing Seol-ah to her father’s house was simple.

While Eun-hye and I were attacking a dungeon, I needed someone to take care of Seol-ah.

Nursery facilities such as daycare centers were a little difficult.

This is because Seol-ah was a special child who could use magic.

It had to be someone I could trust.

So it was my father who came to the conclusion.

“Lee Seo-joon.”

“Yes. Father.”

“Whose child is it?”

“She’s my daughter.”

“I meant her mother, you bastard.”

“It’s Eun-hye. Remember?”

“Eun-hye? I remember then.”

My father had met Eun-hye once.

When I was 20, I was drunk and Eun-hye took me home.

Fortunately, Eun-hye was kind to my father, and my father liked Eun-hye.

I think he sometimes told me to bring her to Saxie. (TL/N: I tried searching for saxie or saxy? Yeah nothing came up.)

“I didn’t know she’s five.”

“I didn’t know either.”

While I was explaining what happened, my father remained silent and listened to me.

Towards the end of my explanation, my father said to me.

“Are you married?”

“I proposed.”

“When are you going to do it?”

“I didn’t say it was successful.”


He proposed as soon as they met, but Eun-hye didn’t say anything about him.

The relationship between me and Eun-hye comes first before marriage.

Eunh-ye knew that too, so she wasn’t in a rush to answer.

“There are a lot of things I did wrong.”

After a few weeks of living with my daughter, I had a question.

Am I really worthy?

“I don’t want to burden you.”

“Tsk. If you say so, what can I even say?”

Fortunately, my father respected my opinion.

Then he turned his eyes to Seol-ah.

“Even so.. Hmmmm.. I didn’t expect to be a grandfather overnight.”

“Isn’t she pretty? Seol-ah you have to stand.”

I patted my knees.

Seol-ah, who came close to me as if she had been waiting for me, put her yangban legs in my arms. (TL/N: Yangban is the highest social class so ig you could say seol-ah’s legs are high class ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )[1]

The feeling of holding the world’s cutest creature in my arms was quite satisfying.

‘If you ask me if I still like my mom or dad, I’ll say I like her, but…’

At first, without hesitation, the answer came out, “Mom.”

However, he seemed to be somewhat worried these days.

If you buy well with ice cream, sometimes your dad will come out.

He habitually stroked his hair.

“Our Seol-ah, we waited patiently. It’s special.”

“Hi-Hi! Yes?”


My father coughed and looked at me.

His gaze was fixed on Seol-ah.

‘There is no one in the world who doesn’t like Seol-ah.’

It was like a grace passing by one day, but no matter how much I thought about it, it was true.

It was a normal thing to gather eyes even when walking on the street.

The kid is so pretty and the things she does are so unique and cute.

In order not to be fascinated by this little creature, the blood must first be blue.

“You have to Seol-ah, grandfather.”


Do you want to shake hands?

The father carefully reached out to Seol-ah.

Seol-ah, who was quietly looking down at her hand, bent down and placed her chin on her palm.


It is believed that the cause was that Eun-hye frequently touched Seol-ah’s soft cheeks.

The soft cheeks were caught in his father’s hand.


Father rubbed Seol-ah’s cheeks like glutinous rice cakes as if possessed by something.

The stern face I had seen was gone, and the raised corners of my lips twitched.

The father I remember was quite serious and strict.

He disarmed his father in just a few seconds.

My father, who had treated Seol-ah with a smile, looked at me again with a serious expression.

“So, did you come here to say that?”

“no. I’m here to ask you something.”


“We have a place to go for a while, but we don’t have anyone else to take care of… … .”

I frowned and looked into my father’s eyes.

According to his father’s personality, he might be kicked out by ranting, ‘Is this a daycare center?’

Sure enough, my father was looking at me with a very serious face.

“You mean to see me on a golden holiday now, Anna? Is this a daycare?”

“Well, if it’s difficult, I’ll find out separately.”

“no! I didn’t say it was hard!”

“How was your father?”

“You seem to have fallen in love with Seol-ah.”

“Shouldn’t I have gone with you?”

“it’s okay. I know what you will hear.”

I came to the department store with Eun-hye.

He said that he had come to prepare to go to the dungeon, but he had a different reason for coming here.

The first floor of the department store, which had just opened, was crowded with people.


“Sung Soo-hyun.”

“Sung Soo-hyun? That hunter?”

I knew without looking.

The crowd of women was Sung Soo-hyun’s fan club.

A hunter whose face is often shown in the broadcast media is no different than a celebrity.

Among them, Seong Soo-hyun’s popularity was skyrocketing thanks to his unusually handsome appearance.

“Shall we go take a look?”

“You rejected the Knights Templar.”

“Oh. right. Still, don’t you know?”

“I don’t have time for that.”

“a. Let’s see your face.”

“Because I don’t have time.”

Eun-eun followed me, grabbed my shoulder and turned me around.

Dark eyes stare straight at me.

“why are you like this?”


“Yeah, that was a little weird.”

“no it’s not?”

“That’s right.”

Eunhyuk looked at me anxiously.

Anyway, it’s pretty quick.

I mumbled, contemplating how to fret.

“Phew. I’m nervous.”

“what. It is a dungeon for beginners that aspirants can enter.”

“… … still.”

Even after saying that, I wouldn’t go to the beginner dungeon.

Now that mana response and grant were over, the dungeon for beginners was meaningless.

Eunhye smiled and tapped my chest with her clenched fist.

“it’s okay. This sister will protect you.”

“what the. What is your sister?”

“Can’t you be your brother and I’ll be your sister? I was born earlier than you?”

“How different.”

Actually, Eunhye had a birthday earlier than me.

Fortunately, it looked like it was well-done.

Eunhye lowered her voice a little and muttered.

“The monster you dealt with, it was said that it wasn’t something a beginner could deal with.”

“Critten Bull?”

“Huh. There are no such monsters in beginner dungeons. Don’t be too nervous.”

I looked intently at Eun-hye.

Eun-hye turned around, seemingly embarrassed by what she said.

Maybe he thought I was nervous because of something like trauma.

Could it be hereditary that Seol-ah behaves strangely?

laughter leaked out

‘I just didn’t like Sung Soo-hyun.’

I wasn’t weak enough to be traumatized by Cretton Bull.

Compared to the guys I was dealing with before returning, Critten Bull was cute.

Still, it wasn’t a bad feeling for Eun-eun to worry about her.

“Yes. Let’s go see Seol-ah after it’s over.”

“That’s a great idea. I’m already on the verge of withdrawal symptoms.”

“Geun-hye, you are addicted to seolah.”

We went inside exchanging silly jokes.

I checked the time, and there was still time.

“But the weapon was given to me by the old man Cheol Yi.”

“Not weapons, but consumables. I need several to attack the dungeon.”

“Why don’t you buy consumables at the market and at the department store?”

“In the case of consumables, the price is similar. The quality is sure.”

In the case of dungeons where the strategy was already known, only necessary items were sold as sets.

Of course, the strategy for the dungeon we are going to is not yet known, so we could not buy such a thing.

“Do this, and this and… … .”

I bought a watch strap, some raw medicinal herbs, a mountaineering rope and an oil zippo lighter.

The watch strap was attached to a mana light, and it was made in the shape of a wristwatch and worn.

If there was a magician sensitive to mana, it would be unnecessary.

Neither Eun-Geun nor I feel that mana is that sensitive yet.

‘I can’t bring Seol-ah into the dungeon dangerously.’

Seol-ah also has to prepare for the coming future.

But it wasn’t until me and Eun-Geun had the least power.

I was weak right now, and I couldn’t completely guarantee Seol-ah’s safety.

Furthermore, I was concerned about the unforeseen crack that appeared last time, the ‘butterfly effect’.

Nothing particularly strange has happened since then, but it could happen again.

“Seo Jun-ah.”


“What do you think so?”

Eunhye, who went to the bathroom, was standing in front of me.

I blinked my eyes and shook my head.

Now I had to focus.

“Let’s go down.”

“Did you buy them all?”

“Huh. Roughly.”

We took the escalator to the first floor of the department store.

On the first floor, more and more people gathered.



With a shout, someone entered the department store.

Seong Soo-hyun wearing sunglasses was coming in with a bodyguard.

To be honest, it was a little funny that the hunter was a bodyguard.

“When is the reservation time?”

Fortunately, Eun-hye had no interest in Seong-soo-hyun.

Instead, I look for my watch and check the time.

When I was 20, I often broke appointments.

I remembered what Eun-hye had cared for and cared for instead.

A smirk came out.

“Am I good at time now?”

“Aww. So, are you late today?”

“Hmmm. I was just talking to my father.”

“It’s not what you say. don’t be scared Idiot.”

I checked the time.

The hour hand was just before 2 o’clock.

The first person who sensed the strangeness was Seong Soo-hyun, not anyone else.

Seongsu-hyun, who raised his sunglasses slightly, looked around as if something was strange.

“Why is that?”

The mana light began to emit a soft light.

Eun-hye frowned as if she felt something.

A sensation that only hunters can feel, as if a needle made of mana pierces the skin.

Department stores began to shake.

Kugugugugu… … !


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