Chapter 15 – For the first time in this world 

Translator: oayo

After the horrifying dinner time, Murina is taking a bath and Lilishella is cleaning up. Lilishella told me to sit down for the time being, so I sat while reading a book with one hand. 

Seriously, being swayed by these two sisters is enough to ruin my body’s health. 

“Now, if my dad comes home with a half-sister or something… I wouldn’t stay sane anymore”

I just took a sigh while complaining. 

“…are you setting up another weird flag?”


Lilishella who came back from washing dishes heard my own rumblings. I didn’t realize she was coming, and I turned my head at her sudden warning, I thought my heart was about to pop out. 

“Stop saying such a terrible thing. Dad wouldn’t do such a thing… maybe”

Giggling unintentionally, Lilishella placed down table-wares on the table and sat down next to me. 

“But it’s fine, isn’t it? Anyhow, regarding us, I still wonder how Miri-chan came here with her previous life memories still intact. And she’s someone close to us, no less.”

“You’re saying we’re pulling them in, is that it? Even if you think about it like that, we wouldn’t know anyway, and we can’t say the same thing will happen again later, can we?

“It would be a problem if this happens many times more later on… after all, it means when you die there, you will be here eventually…”

I stare at Lilishella’s profile. Her beautiful features look outstanding in the light of the lantern. There, I found Risa’s image, nostalgic memories come to mind. 

“Certainly, you’re right” 

What she said was right. Whether it’s us or Mirina, we died young, and that probably had to do with how we came here. If possible, hopefully, there won’t be any increase in number anymore.

“But …. that’s just me imposing my own selfish feelings … I’m glad that onii-chan is nearby.”

“I feel the same way …”

Before I could finish saying my line, the scent of freshly washed hair jumped at me. When I closed my eyes in amazement, something touched my lips immediately afterward. It’s something… soft… Yes, my lips. When I opened my eyes, Lilishela brought her hands around my neck and kissed me.

(Hmmmm !?)

For the first time in this world. Wait, I wonder if Risa did something similar mixed with mischief intentions in our previous life. No-no, there’s no way she did.

I can’t keep up with the sudden development. What should I do? My brain is panicking, and my body remains stiff and immobile. She slowly lifted her lips, leaving me trembling. After that, she was crying for some reason.

“What … what’s wrong?”

Her hands are still around my neck. I myself haven’t recovered from my mental shock, and in a hurry to calm her over her tears, I can’t come up with any good soothing words.

My heart is fluttering, and it seems like it’s about to pop out of my mouth. Even though I think she is just my former sister, her appearance as a beautiful girl is still too much destructive power for me. 

“I’ve been lonely ever since I realized I was reborn in this world, and I died from that world. I had no one to know, no one to hold my memories, and I had to start my life all over again. …… Until that moment, I had always wondered if my brother had survived. So when I found out that he had died with me and was here, I was sad but happy.”

Tears wet her cheeks, but her expression is gentle and calm. The color of her sorrow isn’t there.

(Oh, that’s how it is. ……)

I hugged Lilishela with both hands as hard as I could.

“I’ve been thinking the same thing. Thank you for being so close to me.”

I’ll always be grateful for that.

“Yeah, and I’ll be expecting your support from here on out as well”

“… Oh, me too”

I wipe her tears with one hand and stroke this precious imouto’s head. The strangely comfortable hair made me feel guilty. At this time, I will find out later that Lilishela’s mouth was forming a small devilish smile as usual.


I heard a door close across the hallway. It was probably Murina coming back. It will be complicated if she comes back and sees this scene. For the time being, we should be separated.

“Look, Murina is coming back.”


I’m sure she knows what I’m trying to do, but she doesn’t seem to let go despite her reply. But I don’t want to have to go through this any longer.

“We can do this again later”

With a pop and a light tap on the head, I push Lilishella away.

“Che …”

I felt like I heard a dissatisfied voice. Did she intend to make a fight with Murina? She wiped her tears and stood up, then disappeared into the kitchen with her dishes.






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