Chapter 10

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“It’s trash.”

“It seems so.”

Mimic was full of all sorts of junk.

Junks that were in very bad condition, all kinds of junk.

Eun-hye was visibly disappointed, and Cheol-yi rummaged through the inside of the plate with the Mimic open.

“Everyone expected treasure, but it’s always junk.”

Even if you pick something up and sell it, it’s still a loss compared to the price of the Mimic.

However, I bought the Mimic because I thought it was worth the loss.

Cheol-yi continues to search for something in the Mimic.

But all that came out was junk.

Even if I turn it upside down or shake it off, it would still be the same.

“What a mess.”

“I guess so. That’s too bad.”

“Don’t be sad, girl. All Mimics are like this!”

I didn’t see anything special about it either.

I went next to Seol-ah and asked in a low voice like I was telling a secret.

“Seol-ah, is it still shining?”


“All right, old man.”


“Can you take this apart?”

“It’s not that hard.”

Cheol-yi took apart the Mimic.

It didn’t take as long as I thought.

“It’s done.”

It just looked like a disassembled box, but it wasn’t.

There are many variations among people with Mimics.

Those who are secretly hiding a rare object.

It cannot be recognized with the naked eye, and can only be found when completely crushed.

Since there weren’t many variants in the first place, it’s still not well known until 10 years after the collapse.

I secretly asked Seol-ah.

“Okay, Seol-ah. Which one do you want?”

“This one.”

I trusted Seol-ah.

What Seol-ah sensed was obviously Mana.

This mimic must have swallowed something that was containing mana.

I looked at the flat board that Seol-ah was pointing at.

‘It looks like one plate, but there are two connected.’

Borrowing Cheol-yi’s tool, he opened the gap between the two plates.

Then a hidden space was revealed, and something was visible.


“Oh, Mana Light.”

“A mana light?”

Small beads that glow.

It was mana light.

“A marble that emits light when it senses mana around it.”

“Is it that good?”

“It is usually used to find artifacts in dungeons. A must-have for top rank hunters.”

I looked at the mana light.

There were no scratches and it was in a very good condition.

“Even if we just sold it, it would be quite expensive.”

“How much?”

“Something like this?”


Eun-hye looked at my finger and hiccuped.

Considering the price of purchasing the Mimic, it was a hit.

Cheol-yi looked at me as if curiously.

“Hey, how did you find it?”

“The fairy told me.”


“Yes. A very cute fairy.”

* * *


The arrow is stuck in the tree.

It pierced a target made of paper accurately.

Perfectly centered.

“You’re a genius.”

“Seojun, your flattery skills have improved”

Within a few days, Eun-hye was perfectly accustomed to the compound bow.

At first, it was difficult because the sense of the recurve bow was different from the original recurve bow.

She seemed to be completely accustomed to it by now.

“It’s thanks to this bow.”

Eun-hye was humble.

She wasn’t just saying that, she actually thinks so.

The bow was amazing, so there couldn’t have been a better weapon.

If the hunters were the targets, they would have fallen by the nape of their necks.

“What are you going to teach me today? Teacher?”

“Uh-huh. Today we are going to imbue mana to weapons.”

“Ugh. It’s a shame because you’re playing.”

Eun-hye smirked.

In this way, they joke around.

It seems like we’re getting closer, honestly, I was happy.

“So, how are you doing?”

“I’ll show you a demonstration.”

I grabbed the spear.

Tooka deep breath and used my mana.

There are many ways hunters use their mana.

Among the basics, ‘Buyeo’ was the most basic.

“Using a weapon made of monster material or dungeon metal is because they war mana works well with the material.”

“You say mana works well?”

“Uhuh. Should the conductivity be high? I’m not a science major, but I can’t explain it well.”

The mana gathered at the fingertips flowed through the spear.

Mana enveloped the entire spear.

The light trembling aura proved it.

Seol-ah, who was watching, lit up her eyes.


“Right? That’s because mana is flowing.”

Even if she trained steadily, the mana she could condense was still low.

It may not be visible to the naked eye, but a hunter who succeeded in mana sensitivity could see it vaguely.

Eun-hye also nodded her head as if she felt it properly.

“But there is one problem.”

“What is it?”

“Eun-hye, your weapon is a bow.”


“You have to give mana to the arrows.”

It’s not the bow that attacks the monster, but the arrow.

Of course, adding mana to the bow will increase its power.

As she was still a beginner, the first thing to do was to give mana to the arrow.

“But Buyeo is easier if you keep in touch.”

I dropped the spear.

The spear that fell to the floor soon lost its light.

Mana was scattered and disappeared in an instant.

“It’s only a fleeting moment, but it takes time for an arrow to fly.”

“You mean you have to keep the Buyeo in the meantime, right?”

“Exactly. But it won’t be easy.”

“I’ll try it right away.”

Eun-hye moved quite actively.

After successfully responding to mana, she was showing some confidence.

It was a good thing.

Eun-hye took an arrow out of the quiver and focused.


How many minutes have you been groaning alone?

Light mana flashed briefly from the arrow.


I forgot about Seol-ah’s speed, but Eun-hye was a genius who succeeded in responding to mana very quickly.

Eun-hye, who had grunted while holding the arrow, sighed.

“It is difficult.”

“……What do I become if I say that?”


“Phew. Nothing.”

How long did it take me to use Buyeo?

Anyway, I couldn’t hide my disappointment and bitterness.

I explained all the tips I know.

“It’s convenient, if you think about it.”

“What do you mean you’re going to put it in?”

“There is a space inside this arrow, and you have to fill it with mana.”

“It fills the space.”

A few hours later, Eun-hye succeeded in using Buyeo.

I never thought I could do it in one day.

Did Seol-ah’s talents all come from Eun-hye?

It was insanely fast, but it was still too early to be happy.

It gave mana to the arrow, but it could not be maintained after it was shot.

“It will be difficult today.”

“That’s fast enough.”

“But, you succeeded.”

Eun-hye looked at me like she was angry.

I showed Eun-hye how to keep mana even after dropping the spear from her hand.

There was a situation where I had to throw a spear at times, so I was used to it.

But Eun-hye seemed to think that I had learned it in the meantime.

‘You have a ridiculous misunderstanding.’

I was a dunce that had spent a year on mana response.

I was able to do it only because I had the feeling before the regression.

Even the amount of mana it could contain was not much, so there was little practicality.

“Anyway, let’s get to this point for today.”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. I have to eat dinner too.”

Soon the sun was setting.

As I was tidying up, Seol-ah approached Eun-hye with a grin.


“Yes, Seol-ah. You’re hungry, aren’t you? I’ll be right back.”

“Yeah. No. Not that.”


“Seol-ah can teach you!”

Seol-ah smiled brightly.

Eun-hye smiled as if Seol-ah was cute.

And I picked up a branch the size of an arrow.

“Yes? Then, Seol-ah, please teach your mom.”

“Yes. You can do it.”

Seol-ah put her small hand on the back of Eun-hye’s hand.

A soft blue light emanated from between the palms and the backs of the hands.


Neither I nor Eun-hye could continue to speak.

This is because the branches were really imbued with mana.

Unlike when me and Eun-hye did it, mana was clear.

Not sure if she was surprised, Eunhye dropped a branch.


Mana was flowing from the branches that had fallen to the ground.

However, he did not think that the mana would scatter.

After about 30 seconds, the light gradually faded and disappeared.


I was so happy that I couldn’t speak.

It wasn’t an arrow made of dungeon material, it was just a branch that was rolling on the ground.

It’s not enough to grant mana to it, and it holds up for 30 seconds even after it falls out of your hand.

But Eun-hye’s reaction was strange.

“Seo, Seo-joon. Wait a minute.”

“Okay, Seol-ah. Come to dad.”


Eun-hye, who entrusted Seol-ah to me, hurriedly pulled out the arrow she had organized.

Hold the arrow like a branch and close your eyes calmly.


Arrows were imbued with mana.

He took out the compound bow and hung the arrow on the string.

The speed is not much different from that of a hunter who uses a bow.

Aiming at the tree in an instant, Eun-hye fired a paper target that wasn’t removed.


The arrow was fired in an instant.

I went to the tree to check.

If the mana had been given properly, it would have gone much deeper.


But the arrow was not embedded.

There is no way that Eun-hye could have gone wrong.

Seol-ah, who was held in my arms, reached out and removed the paper target.

‘What’s this?’

There was a small hole in it.

It was only natural for a hole to be drilled, as it hit the center several times.

This hole is a little different.

There’s a hole on the other side, right?’

As if something had pierced it, it had penetrated to the other side of the tree.

I made my way to the back of the tree.

And there the arrow of Eun-hye was found.

‘Woah. Now, it pierced it?’

The arrow of Eun-hye pierced the tree beyond it.

Even then, the mana was still there, and it was deeply embedded.

Fortunately, the specially made compound bow arrows were heavy and sturdy.

Having pulled out the arrow, I blankly estimated the trajectory.

‘No doubt about it.’

Eun-hye maintained the Buyeo to the arrow.

But now that doesn’t matter.

This destructive power.

‘I’m not at the level of a genius.’

I couldn’t believe it was done by an aspiring hunter who didn’t even get a license.

Not many bow hunters can do this.

I looked at Seol-ah quietly in my arms.

Seol-ah was playing with folding paper signs.

“You have to stand.”


“Afterwards, teach Dad what Mom did earlier.”

“I see!”

I didn’t know that our Seol-ah was our instructor.

Unable to contain my curiosity, Eun-hye came here.

I was told that I was successful.



“Oh yea!”

Eun-eun was genuinely fond of it and reached out to me.

I smiled and gave a high-five to Eun-hye’s palm.

Seol-ah also held out her hands in front of her.

“Even Seol-ah!”

“Great! Seol-ah!”

Excited Eun-hye gave a high-five even with Seol-ah.

Seol-ah smiled as if she liked it.

I couldn’t even fathom my daughter’s talent.

How the hell did you do it all at once?

‘Did I make you feel it?’

Most likely it was.

She didn’t seem to know, and it seemed like a sensuous act.

“My baby is so pretty.”


Eun-hye took Seol-ah from my arms.

After kissing in succession, they rub the cheeks against the soft cheeks.

To be honest, I was a little envious.

‘I have mana light too, would this be enough?’

I always opened the notepad on my smartphone.

It was a plan of what would happen in the future.

It’s a little early, but now is the time.

“It’s Eun-hye.”


“Tomorrow, let’s go to the dungeon.”






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