Chapter 9

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His eyes met with Eun-hye.

He knew that Seol-ah used magic.

But according to Eun-hye, it’s because of her losing control of her emotions

She said she had never used magic of his own will.

What do you mean, you can feel Mana?

“Seol-ah you can feel mana?”

“Yes, here.”

Seol-ah politely held out her hands

Her palms were pointing towards the sky as if they were holding something.

He couldn’t help but be astonished as he looked over Seol-ah’s palm

‘… Mana?’

The translucent blue mass of gas placed on the small palm was obviously mana.

It was even compressed to the point of being visible to the naked eye.

He can’t even feel the mana, so he can’t imagine being able to collect it with this level of precision.

He was speechless and looked at Seol-ah.

‘My daughter, you’re not the final boss for nothing.’

It seems it was seen by Eun-hye.

Her eyes were worried that it might be dangerous rather than surprising.

But this is simply compressed mana, not magic.

Still, Eun-hye looked uneasy, so I stroked Seol-ah’s head and said.

“Well done. Our Seol-ah is amazing.”


“Yeah, but it’s dangerous, so stop scattering.”


Seol-ah separated her hands, which were gathering mana like spraying sand.

Then the mana scattered to the sides, and disappeared in an instant.

It didn’t actually disappear, it was unzipped and invisible.

Seol-ah looked at me with relief.

“It was just… … .”

“Huh. Really.”

“You should be careful. More to come.”


A week later.

As I was preparing a meal in the kitchen, I heard the door lock unlock.

Seol-ah, who had been quietly drawing a picture, went to the front door in bright colors.

“I’m here.”

“You’ve been there!”

“Oh. Our daughter. How are you?”

Wearing sportswear, around the eyes, looking a little tired.

Eun-hye, who looked tired, melted away as soon as she saw Seol-ah.

I hugged Seol-ah as if she was about to collapse, but it was closer to hugging her than to hugging her.

Seol-ah was proudly wiping the back of Eun-hye.

“Dinner is almost over. Wash up.”


“How was your performance today?”

Eun-eun had been clinging to mana sensitivity training all week.

Everything I can tell you has already been told.

Although she was pouring a lot of time into it, it seemed that there was no spiritual result.

But today, her expression was a little different.

She seemed to be trying to hide it, but he could see the corners of her lips twitching a little.

“It’s okay!”



“Good job!”

“Heh-heh. If I do it, will you do it again?”

Not only me, but Seol-ah also succeeded in responding to mana in no time.

When the two closest to each other went ahead, they seemed impatient.

Eunhyuk smiled with a stern smile.

“Mom is the best!”


When Seol-ah floats it from her side, Eun-hye smiles.

After all, because she is Seol-ah’s mother, she smiled the same way.

“I thought I was lagging behind.”

“A week goes by so fast.”

“You were successful right away, anyway. I’ll wash up.”

The Eun-hye was accepted without consideration.

I guess I thought I was just saying something.

What will I become when I succeed in mana response over the course of a year?

It was a very fast pace, belonging to the top 1% in a week.

In the case of Seol-ah, it was successful in just a few seconds.

He had a slightly different level of talent.

“Mom, you look so good.”

“If you ask me to buy you ice cream now, I might buy it.”


Seol-ah’s eyes widened as if she had achieved a great realization.

But Eun-hye was at the top of our heads.

Me and Seol-ah’s plans were discovered.

“Ice cream for dessert? Is it because I look good?”

“Dad, I got it.”

“Shh. You have to stand.”

“If you eat too often, you will have a stomach ache.”

Seol-ah bowed her head as if resigning.

Eunhye looked at her as if she was cute, and said reluctantly.

“Just this one time.”

* * *

We found Kang Cheol Lee’s workshop again.

Cheol-yi greeted us as if he had been waiting.

“Oh! Come on in.”

“Hello. Old man.”

“Okay. Come this way!”

Kang Chul-yi was originally a cheerful personality, but the feeling was a little different.

It would be right to see it as a little excited.

Afterwards, he greets Eun-hye and Seol-ah as well.

“Miss. Long time no see.”

“Long time no see. Old man.”

“Hello! Grandpa!”

“Uh-huh! Come in, come in.”

Cheol-yi dragged us into the studio in the studio.

The inside of the well-organized workroom was a mess.

In case it was dangerous, Eun-hye held Seol-ah in her arms.

Pushing the rubble on the floor with his feet, Cheol Yi headed inward.

“Now. Let me show you the compound bow first.”

I saw something covered with a cloth.

Cheol-i rolled up the cloth with curiosity.

Compound Bow appeared.


It was a compound bow with an elegant design made up of a single black color.

A pulley called a cam had three strings and chords.

A characteristic of the compound bow is that it shoots by adjusting the number of strands of the string according to the distance or the weight of the arrow.

Eunhye, who shed a sigh, involuntarily reached out and stroked the compound bow.

“I used a recurve bow as a test weapon. It will feel a little different.”

“Can I listen to it?”

“Then. Now that it’s yours, why do you need my permission?”

Eun-eun nodded and took the bow.

After lifting it a few times as if to measure the weight, he pulled the chord without an arrow.

Cheol-yi, who saw the posture, responded that it was quite interesting.

“Your wife, did you say it was your first time holding a bow?”

“Yes. That’s right.”

“You have talent.”

“Because learning anything is fast.”

Eun-hye seemed a little excited.

He couldn’t hide his excitement and looked at Kang Cheol.

“How does it fit so well?”

“Because the grip was tailored to the lady’s hand.”

“Like that. I love it!”

“I’m happy. It turned out pretty well.”

Cheol-yi looked at Eun-eun, whom he really liked.

He said it was a service, and he even brought a quiver, an extra arrow, and wax for string management.

His love for the weapon stood out in the way he explained the compound bow in detail.

While Eun-hye was excitedly examining the compound bow, Cheol-yi grabbed me.

“Now I must introduce you to your weapon.”


“I look forward to it. You are special.”

Cheol-yi smiled confidently and picked up the cloth next to her.

As I ordered, the length is 2 meters.

The spear blade was neat silver, and the hilt was black like a bow of Eun-hye.

The blade of the spear was a little long to make cutting as well as stabbing easier.

“The spear blade is made of an alloy of calimium and hallion silver.”

“I See. The design is what I think it is.”

“Because you ordered it. As we wished, the ends were further reinforced.”

“I really like it.”

I grabbed the window and couldn’t help but smile.

It’s not the same as the original one, but the length and thickness were similar.

It was then that I felt like I was holding a weapon in my hand.

The workmanship was, of course, flawless.

“I will pay extra.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

“Because you said you used an alloy of potassium and hallion silver.”

“What does that have to do with extra money?”

“Isn’t that the material that can be covered with the money I gave you?”

Cheol-yi looked at me as if in surprised and asked.

“Son, how do you know the value of that metal?”

“I don’t know much, but I have a shallow knowledge.”

Although I left the choice of the material, I used a fairly good material.

Kalimium and halion silver were both metals often used to make hunter’s weapons.

However, the weapons of Eun-hye and me were ordered in a cost-effective manner to replace them when they earn money.

At least they didn’t pay the price to make an alloy of two metals.

“Okay. I was enlightened too.”

“Awareness? Congratulations. But, that’s the old man’s… … .”

“No. Your spear is beyond my ability.”

I looked down at the windows in my hands.

Considering the lack of material, it was a fairly well-made weapon.

However, it was difficult to think that he was beyond the capabilities of the master Cheol Yi.

“When I made it according to the specifications you suggested, I got a strange feeling.”

“Is it a strange feeling?”

“How can I explain it? It was a little closer to the ideal form I was looking for.”


The spear I used before returning was also made by Cheol Lee.

It was not made to order, but over the years, the spear of Kang Chul-i has developed as a blacksmith.

I was just asking for the same standard, but it seems that it came to me as a realization to Kang Cheol.

“Anyway, I had an income.”

“Really, thank you. Old man.”

“You’re making me shy, You like it because you feel the sincerity.”

The workshop was too narrow to swing the spear.

I decided to go home and try it out, and I went out.

But Seol-ah, who was squatting, was watching something carefully.

“Grandpa, what is this?”

“Well? It is a mimic.”

Mimic was a monster that occasionally appeared in the dungeon.

A monster that mimics a closed box, etc., with an object that can arouse people’s curiosity.

It was a monster that novice hunters should be wary of, as a monster with its jaws wide open when approaching.

There was no material to use, but mimic had all kinds of things inside.

It was mostly rubbish, but occasionally rare metals and weapons were found.

“When Mimic dies, he shuts his mouth like this.”

“If you break it, you can damage the items inside, so I leave it to the blacksmith.”

“Right. It wasn’t a request, but someone who came a few days ago said it wasn’t enough money and handed it over.”

“I See.”

I watched Mimic carefully.

Mimics are like an unscratched lottery ticket.

There was a very high probability that it would crash.

So it wasn’t that expensive, either.

“Seol-ah you want that?”

“Yes. It’s not like that, but it’s shiny and pretty.”

“Is it shiny? This?”

The mimic of the workshop was in the shape of an ordinary box.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that there were no corners that could shine at all.

I had a strange feeling.

“Old man. This mimic, are you selling anything?”

“Yes. I’m sure there’ll be only junk. If I put it in the corner of the display case, I think it will be sold someday.”

“Then can I buy it?”

“Do you have any spare money?”

Cheol Yi looked a little worried.

Because of what Seol-ah said last time, it seems that they misunderstood that I was in debt.

It was understandable because there were a lot of people who challenged the hunter by taking a loan.

“Yeah, that’s fine.”

“I see. Shall I rip it off?”


“I do.”

While I was making an impulse purchase, the Eun-hye I was obsessed with compound bow came to me.

I averted my gaze.

“What did you buy?”


“What is that?”

I explained about mimics.

Fortunately, the price of the Mimic was quite cheap.

“What if I buy something like that without consulting?”

“I think Seol-ah felt something.”


Eunhye looked at Seol-ah.

Seol-ah quickly nodded her head.

He seemed to know his father was in trouble.

My daughter is the best

“Well, I’m ready to open it. Don’t be disappointed.”

Meanwhile, Kang Cheol brought a long iron plate.

The mimic is fixed, and the iron plate is forcibly inserted into the mouth of the box.

“Come this way. If you’re there, you might end up with shards.”

“Oh. Yes.”

Me and Eun-hye were taking Seol-ah at the same time, and Cheol-cheol backed away.

Cheol-yi lightly pressed the iron plate and stepped on it with all her might.


Mimic opened.

Cheol-yi arranged the plates one by one.

Meanwhile, Eun-hye and Seol-ah looked inside Mimic.

Eunhye blinked her eyes and muttered.

“What’s this?”






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