Chapter 14 – Thunder from outside and sparks from within 


Even though Murina’s reincarnation is now revealed, we decided to put off any further relevant talks, Lilishella somehow puts up with it and helps prepare our dinner. 

With the plate and fork carried to the dining table, I’m getting excited. It has been a while since I have eaten pasta!

…but that merry feelings only last for a moment. 

Maybe it’s just my feeling, however, I feel like the mood is somehow stiff. In some way, I sense some spark between the two “younger sisters”

“It has been a while since I’ve eaten this, but no doubt about it, it is still delicious!” 

I try to say casual words to soften the atmosphere.

“…I’m glad you like it, nii-sama!”

There was a pause before Murina answered. Perhaps it’s just my imagination, but it looks like she’s peeking at Lilishella for a split second… wait no, she’s staring at her. 

Hm, since Mi-chan’s revelation, doesn’t it feel like her demeanor’s getting weird? Aren’t Mi-chan [1] and Risa getting along with each other?

Did something happen when I wasn’t looking?  

“Yeah, it’s well done, I mean for this. It’s well done considering what was available” 

Lilishella is smiling… only on the surface, somehow her face is stiffening. It’s easy to read my former sister’s expression. 

I nodded silently. I nodded silently because I felt it would make things less messy. Another moment of silence, and then I continue to eat the meal in front of me.

When the food on the plate was reduced by half, Lilishera opened her mouth as if she remembered something.

“Oh yeah. Yukia, where should I sleep tonight? With Yukia?”

Facing Lilishella’s question, I instinctively said what I had in mind. 

“…wh- why? Haven’t you been sleeping with Murina until recently?”

“It’s because I’m your former real sister, so it’s no problem, right? May that be in our previous life or this life, we will still sleep together while we’re still kids. Or maybe… just because I’m your childhood friend now, you’re going to act like a wolf to me?

As expected from a former high school student. That’s not something a 10 years old kid would say. But not just that, I feel like she has a different aura than usual. 

In any case, I don’t think this atmosphere allowed these two women to sleep together obediently. If they were to do it anyway with no prior deliberation, wouldn’t it turn into a problematic situation?

“What stupid things are you saying in this age. Bu-… but it doesn’t really matter, the bed is small though” 

“That’s okay. But, I’ve grown considerably bigger compared to when we slept together last time, so the bed will get even narrower!”

I feel a little relieved, knowing Lilishella makes a happy face. I made a small sigh for a big relief.  

Gatsu! Gatsu!

A fairly loud sound echoed in the room, I and Lilishera were surprised.

“……excuse me”

It was the sound of Murina hitting a fork against a plate.

(I feel like something is terribly threatening, but what is it?)

Looking up from the tableware, Murina is glaring at me.

“Nii-sama … can I sleep with you too? I’m afraid of lightning.”

No, wait, until now Murina never has been afraid of thunder. What motivates her to say this?

Moreover, I’m scared of Murina. She creates an atmosphere where I can’t refuse her request. The pressure is dreadful. 

…don’t let yourself lose, me. 

“Why don’t you sleep in the larger bed?”

“Are you telling me that, nii-sama would dare to let your cute little sister be frightened by lightning?”

If this is a manga, I’m sure you’ll see a black aura coming out of Murina with a rumbling sound (ゴゴゴゴ)

(This is bad… If I refuse, will that fork fly at me?) 

Of course, I still believe it would be better if these two women slept together instead. Thinking so, I glanced at Lilishera’s face. Did she notice my gaze and returned a smile… no, her eyes aren’t smiling. 

… Yeah, I don’t think she will forgive me. My thoughts were seemingly have been read already. As expected of my former-sister who knew me well. 

I gave up, took a big sigh, and prepare myself for the worst. 

“Okay, let’s sleep with three people today. Don’t complain about it being cramped.”

“I understand!”

Murina’s face cleared up and Lilishera’s gaze turned a little dissatisfied. What should I do?

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  1. In the raw, her name was spelled as 美里菜 (Mirina) but it was accompanied by みーちゃん (Mi-chan) furigana. I decided to use Mi-chan whenever I encounter this name, just to simplify reading. 

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