Chapter 13 – Lilishella’s monologue (Side: Lilishella) 

Translator: oayo

After that incident, I, Lilishella, was born in this world. 

And I had a question.

I wonder why I was born with Risa’s memory

My new life isn’t bad, but whenever I remember my previous family that I loved, I felt sad, and naturally I spilled tears. Seeing me cry, my parents tried to comfort me, but they can’t fill my loneliness. 

Did my onii-chan who had an accident with me survive? I believe he’s still alive because I heard his voice at the very end.

I have lived my life so far believing this in mind. 

Yukia next door was a nice person and always comforted me whenever I cried for remembering the old days. That kindness was somewhat nostalgic. 

I have always felt this way, until that time.

That time when I knew he was actually my onii-chan who had died with me. 

At that moment when I learned this fact, I was surprised, sad, joyful, and mixed various other emotions. It’s a pity that onii-chan died with me, but I was happy to know that he’s now by my side. After I find this sense of security, I have stopped crying. 

But this time, we’re not siblings. 

In my previous life, I met onii-chan every day and each time I went back home. But this time, he’s in a different house. Thus, our time together had decreased. There was such an indescribable loneliness. But even so, there’s one good thing coming out from all this. 

I can marry onii-chan! [1]

That’s how it is from outside perspective, I love onii-chan’s kind personality. To tell you the truth, I was actually a hidden brocon. 

I tried to hide it and make sure onii-chan didn’t know that, so he probably didn’t even notice it. 

It was my daily routine to kick off any approaching women to protect onii-chan.

Miri-chan was a good friend, but on the other hand, she was a strong rival also aiming for onii-chan. It was lonely when she moved away, but I also felt relieved that a rival was gone. 

Furthermore, that day when I had an accident was actually a date with onii-chan, it was supposed to be my reward day.

The appearance of Yukia in this world is similar to that of onii-chan from previous life, and I like it perfectly. And to top it all off, from within, he’s also onii-chan. 

This is the best!

Nevertheless, I must not show myself like a cheap woman… is something that I can’t do. I used to be a hidden brocon, so I don’t know how to make an approach. I’ve been confessed to by men so many times, but I refused them all because I was just not interested in any other guys, and I’ve never approached anyone myself.  

Miri-chan who was relentlessly clinging around had burned me with hostile emotions, jealously or rather envious feelings.

But so far, in case of onii-chan, it seems like he only saw me and Miri-chan as younger sisters. 

That’s why now I will have to give it all and try every possible way I could.  

When a threat (Murina) appears, I kissed him… on the cheek, though. 

Everyone at school think we are fiancées …it should be. 

I’m in the best position for onii-chan who loves childhood-friend settings… even though from within I’m still his younger sister.  

I left the role of countering bad bug to Murina-chan while I’m not around… wait, rather isn’t she the bad bug?

This should be fine… No, isn’t this bad?

I already know Murina loves Yukia. She has the best position to make an attack, she might kiss him when I’m not around, and she could marry him because she’s an adoptive sister.

Hmnnnnnn….. Somehow, I felt a little uneasy.

That was all in my mind until just now. 

Yes, only until just now. 

Now, I may look like I’m eating tomato sauce pasta happily, but actually from within, my heart is not calm. 

When I found out about Murina’s real identity just now, I reminded her close in her ear.

“I will never give onii-chan to you” 

Then, she replied.

“I have the positional advantage right now” 

Hearing that, I broke out in a cold sweat. 

This is dangerous, the enemy side may have the advantage. 

What should I do, today’s supper was also a credit to Murina. I just got the vegetables and took a bath. 

Until now, I’ve probably come across as a bit of a tsundere. I mean, did I ever have a “dere” to begin with?

Aaah, anyhow, I have to do something!

Oayooo. Surprise chap, or not. I’m doing this TL whenever I want, so there’s no real schedule anyway. TL Notes:


…Yes, there’s no real TL Notes, nothing to note about. This chap is as straightforward as it can be, but it’s still quite a surprise to see Lilishella’s perspective now. On to the next one. 

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